6 ways to keep fit without going to the gym

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We’d all like to be fitter and healthier, but often we don’t have the time or money to spend on going to a gym. But there are so many changes you can make to your day-to-day life that can be just as effective in keeping you fit as a session on the treadmill.
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1. Walking to work

If you’re within walking distance of work, then you really should be ditching the car. Researchers found that those who walk or ride a bike to work have a lower BMI during their middle years than those who commute by car. Even walking from your home to a nearby bus stop is better for you than jumping in the car.

2. Going out dancing

If you need an excuse to go clubbing, here’s a good one. Dancing for an hour can burn off over 400 calories – that’s more than jogging for the same amount of time! Just make sure you don’t undo all your good work with excessive drinking and a trip to the kebab shop.

Speaking of kebabs, a new study found that Greek dancing has been recommended as a life-enhancing treatment for older people with heart failure. Scientists backed the idea after a trial found patients who learned the taverna tradition developed stronger legs and could walk further and jump higher.
Keep Fit
3. Raising a baby!

Anyone who’s had a baby knows how much hard work it is. They might appear to be tiny bundles of joy to everyone else, but you know how hard it can be to carry a 4kg baby for hours at a time.

Not only will you be burning around 230 calories an hour, but you’ll also be improving muscle tone on your arms, stomach and core. 

And once they start crawling an toddling around, you'll be running here, there and everywhere trying to catch them.

4. Enjoying some gardening

Get your hands dirty and yourself healthy with a bit of gardening. Whether you’re pushing the lawn mower around, pulling weeds or digging holes for new plants, it all helps you get fit. Even gentle gardening can help you burn 250 calories an hour - that’s the equivalent of a fast food burger.
Keep Fit
5. Clean your house

We’re not talking giving the surfaces a gentle wipe, we’re talking a complete top to bottom clean that includes scrubbing floors, pushing the vacuum cleaner around and moving furniture. All of this can add up to the equivalent of a good workout at the gym.

6. Play musical instruments

From violins to flutes, each one is like a mini workout. Bow instruments work out your arms and neck muscles, while wind instruments help boost your lung capacity. The biggest calorie burner is playing the drums, which can burn off 200 calories an hour. But your neighbours might not be so happy!


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