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Recent years have seen a revival of socks as a fashion accessory with colours, stripes and patterns becoming more common – especially among men.

But some brands have gone a step further, creating outlandish new designs, adding technology and more.

We look at some of the more unusual socks on the market… and some that are still in development. 

1. Gloves for the feet

Toes used to snuggle alongside each other at the bottom of your socks, but now they’ve each got their own little socks with the advent of toe socks.

Like a glove for the feet, toe socks come a variety of shapes and sizes.

For cosy feet, go for the ToeSox range. These include open front socks, and even toeless versions, which offer even more balance and flexibility in yoga and ballet lessons.

2. Get arty

HotSox feels feet aren’t just made for walking – they’re also for learning.

Designed with culture vultures in mind, these classic cotton socks mean you can have your favourite art work at your fingertips…well, toe tips.

With a range including everything from Van Gogh’s Mona Lisa, you’ll make quite the impression at the gallery with these feet warmers.

3. Where are they?

For those wanting a more practical sock, or who are simply a little bit more modest, stick on some secret socks or shoe liners. These do the hard graft of an everyday sock, but without all the showing off.

They come in a range of sizes from pairs that just peak out over your trainers and cover the balls and heel and not much else.

They’ll keep your feet dry and fresh without taking away from your overall look.

4. Get smart

We’ve had apps that track our fitness and even wearable technology to monitor everything from our heart beat to running speed.

Now socks are getting in on the hi-tech market.

Sensoria has launched a range of smart socks that include a textile sensor. This measures how you’re running, the shape of your foot as it lands and more.

Surely, it makes sense to have a pedometer on your feet. 

5. The reversible sock

I’m sure your Dad will joke that the best way to get more wear from your underwear is to turn them inside out. But, this could actually be the future of footwear.

Bizcaz is currently trying to fund these magical socks on Kickstarter. Their claim? You can wear these reversible socks for 2 days in a row thanks to an additional layer inside and ‘anti-stink’ technology. 

Whether this will work in the real world is yet to be seen, but we’ve got our fingers (and toes) crossed.


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