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Posted by Katrina

Jokes about receiving socks at Christmas – we hear the same old ones every year, and it has resulted in sock Christmas gifts gaining a pretty bad reputation. We get it - there are only so many times you can look under the Christmas tree and discover a badly made pair of musical Christmas socks staring up at you!

But we at SockShop are pretty darn passionate at changing this attitude, and want demonstrate to the lovely people of Great Britain that socks can be a welcome gift that will bring warmth, comfort and style to the wearer. And what better way to do this then via the medium of a lovely Christmas gift guide?! Also, I admit rather cheekily, I’m going to take the opportunity to show what other non-sock related items that are available, just cuz. 

For mums

Actually, the first item on our gift guide isn’t socks! I want to highlight this beautiful floral Cashmink scarf by Fraas, which I think would make a fantastic present for mums. Why do I think that? Because I bought it for my mum for her birthday and she loved it, that’s why! It comes in three colours and is available for £19.00.   

Fraas floral Cashmink scarf

Heat Holders

For dads

Hands up, who finds it difficult to get their dad something for Christmas every year? If you are once again having that head-scratching moment of confusion, I have two words for you: Heat Holders. These thermal socks are seriously warm and soft, and are loved by people across the land because of their ability to keep feet warm and toasty in seriously cold conditions. So if your dad is an outdoors enthusiast, a keen gardener or even if he just nips out to take the dog for a walk, then he will love these fantastic thermal socks. 

For brothers

I don’t know about you, but my brother is definitely the most tech-savvy person in the family! His smart phone has helped us navigate roads, check train times, and find out those annoying, niggly questions like, ‘who was it again that played the lead character in the 1996 film Twister?’ (Bill Paxton if you’re interested). So the Isotoner smarTouch gloves are a perfect present for him, and I suspect, many other brothers out there! They are touchscreen compatible, so when your brother is out and about in the cold, he can access his phone without having to get his hands cold, splendid! These gloves are also available for ladies, and come in a variety of styles, with prices ranging from £12.00 to £15.00.

Isotoner smarTouch glvoes
Elle slipper socks

For sisters

Now I don’t have a sister, but if I did, I would totally get her these Elle spotty slipper socks. They come in three gorgeous colours – my particular favourite being Smoke – and are seriously soft to touch. The design stands out in a sea of Nordic colours and patterns this season, and did I mention how soft they were? At £9.00 a pair they are also a bit of a bargain considering how good quality they are.   

(By the way, can anyone tell that this is a poorly-disguised oh-so-subtle hint to my boyfriend on what to get me for Christmas? No? Good.) 

For the kids

Never cooed over slippers? Then check out these boys and are £10.00 a pair.
Totes tots

Katrina x


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