Doing our bit for Battersea

Posted by Katrina

You are probably familiar with Battersea Dogs and Cats Home; they have a very long history of rehoming cats and dogs and are definitely a much-loved charity, not just in London but all over the country.

Like most charities, Battersea relies on the kindness of volunteers to help keep things ticking over, and one of the ways the volunteers assist them is by taking all the lovely dogs currently being cared for at Battersea out for walks.

Now I’m sure you’ve not failed to notice this rather relentless cold snap that we’re having, and if you are a dog owner (or dog walker), you migh expeience some serious cold feet as you go out with your beloved pooch.

So we thought we’d send out a selection of Heat Holders products to Battersea for their volunteers to use as they head out and about with the dogs.

We are looking forward to hearing how the dog walkers get on with their Heat Holders, although judging from the pictures below, they might struggle to get their hands on them!





Katrina x


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