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Imagine a world without socks

Posted by Katrina

Today I found out that Albert Einstein, ‘the father of modern physics’, one of the most prolific intellects of modern history, did not wear socks.

This great, albeit dishevelled, man did not consider it important to dress his feet for any occasion.

Albert Einstein No socks

And it got me thinking, what if Einstein’s attitude to socks had, excuse the pun, cottoned  on?

If we lived in a world without socks, and our sensitive feet were exposed to the harsh elements of the inside of a shoe, it would be a much smellier, sweatier place.

Smelly feet
Cold in bed

Feet would be colder. Imagine that on a freezing winter’s day, you couldn’t slip on your Heat Holders. Or, when you’re about to crawl into a cold bed for the night, you wouldn’t have your Slipper Socks to take the chill off.

Exercise would be harder too. Can you picture going on a six mile run without wearing your Cushioned Socks? Your feet would be so blistered and sore that you wouldn’t be able to tackle that last mile, or final uphill climb.

Running up a hill
Boring suit

And at work, you would have to stick to your same old dreary suits and not be able to show your personality through flashes of red, greenspots, or novelty designs.

So I think we can all agree, Einstein was wrong on this one!


Katrina x (author and, ahem, artist)


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