Men's sock rules - in the spirit of Fashion Week!

Posted by Danielle

As the guys take to the catwalks in the capital for Men’s Fashion Week, we thought we’d shine a light on the way to wear (you guessed it!) in the wonderful world of men’s fashion!

While women can team bright ankle socks with a pair of open toed shoes or pull on a pair of coloured tights that clash with their outfit until the cows come home, when it comes to socks, men have to follow all kinds of rules. So for the fashion-concscious among you, here are a few tips to keep your feet looking sweet!

White socks - stick to sports... unless you're impersonating Michael Jackson!

A regularly infringed rule of men's fashion, but when it comes to white socks, save them for the gym! Unless you're heading to a fancy dress party as the King of Pop! Hitting the yellow socks to the gym, just keep the white socks exclusively for sports and leisure!)

Patterned socks - try the contrast look

If you're heading for the patterned section of your sock drawer, try them with a plain outfit! Or, if you're going to go for pattern with pattern, don't attempt to match your socks with a pattern you're already wearing (eg. stripey socks with a stripey t-shirt); you don't want to look too overly coordinated.

Mens patterned socks


Dress shoes need dress socks

If you're dressing up, then go the whole hog and team your dress shoes with a pair of fine, quality leisure or ribbed athletic socks underneath a pair of smart shoes.

Don't roll or fold your socks

Unless you're going for a chunky boot sock, rolling down or folding your socks around your ankle is a bit of a sloppy look. Get the full benefit of the sock's look and feel by pulling them up so they're nice and neat.

Mens fashion pulled up socks


Try to avoid socks with shorts (unless you're working out)

Following on from the last point, socks pulled half way up your calf with a pair of shorts covering the other half of your leg is not a great look (unless you're working out, because pretty much any look is acceptable when you're slogging your body to it's max!) shoe liners are perfect for teaming up with a pair of shorts; all the comfort of a sock with the illusion of a barefoot in your shoes or trainers!


Last but not least, don't get too attached

We've all got a favourite pair of socks but a holey sock is not a great look (unless it's a pair of these quirky Dare to Wear beauties!) If your toes are peeping through the ends, it's time to bin them! Treat yourselves to some fresh new socks every so often! You don't always have to wait for Christmas or your birthday for new socks... That's what we're here for!


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