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When socks are more than socks part 1: The hair accessory

Posted by Katrina

In my time as a SockShop team member, I have on occasion come across a number of people - either friends, family, or social media folk - who on finding out what I do exclaim that ‘socks are just socks!’

Naturally, they are politely but firmly informed of just how fab socks are, and can be. But now I feel the need to demonstrate on here all the cool and daft things you can do with socks (aside from wear them on your feet).

So first up, the sock bun - a smart hairstyle which looks great paired with a stylish outfit on a night out. 

To do it you will need:

  • 1 sock that closely matches your hair colour
  • A pair of scissors
  • Some hair pins

1) Tie your hair into a ponytail and secure it close to the crown of your head using an elastic hairband.


2) Find a spare sock that you aren’t going to wear again - maybe one of those stray odd socks that have been hanging around for a while?

3) Cut off the toe, or foot if like us you are using a knee-high, and roll into a donut shape.



4) Place the donut on the edge of the ponytail and pull the tips of the hair through the centre hole. Smooth the hair over the donut and tuck underneath. 

5) Slowly roll the sock and hair down the ponytail, remembering to tuck loose strands into the donut as you go, until you reach the base. If needed, spread the hair around the bun structure if there are any gaps.


6) Secure in place with a few hair pins and you’re done! 


Katrina x 


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