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Summer Holidays: Get crafty with your old socks

Posted by Danielle

We hate to see socks go to waste... even the old (and especially the bright and pretty) ones! As you know, we love to give you tips on what to do with your old socks; whether you're turning them into household cleaners and trendy accessories or using them to create a slick hairstyle!
Sock Bun
Now the Summer Holidays are upon us and one thing they can bring (though we certainly hope they don't) is bored children! Though if you do happen to get stuck for activities, why not recycle your old socks and see what of crafty things you can do with them?! 

You'd be amazed what you can rustle up out of an old pair of socks, some string and a bit of glue! Check out some of the awesome crafty sock ideas we came across; from colourful sock puppets, monkeys and dolls, to Christmas wreaths and even hobby horses!
  Get crafty with your socks
  1. Sock Chicken
2. Mismatched Sock Snake
3. Cookie Monster Sock Puppet
4. Sock Hobby Horse

For more ideas on how to get crafty with your old socks, check out our crafty socks Pinterest board for plenty of fun and creative sock crafts by clicking here.


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