Packing for a festival

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You might only be going for a few nights, but you’d be surprised how much stuff people take to festivals, lugging huge bags from train stations or car parks to the ‘perfect’ camping spot.
Packing for a festival

Choosing your tent
This is important as it’ll be your home for the next few days. We’d suggest buying a new one as the one you used last year probably wasn’t packed away properly and will be rotten by now.

Go for a 1 or 2 person tent that’s fully sealed. Make sure it packs away easily, is light and goes up with little trouble. Remember, the weather will swing from roasting hot to downpours – your tent needs to stand up to it all.

Don’t over pack
When it comes to clothing, the temptation is always to over pack – just in case. But try and resist. After all, you’ll only be gone a few days. And yes, you might get wet and muddy and you won’t be showering, but you can assume it’ll be a bit warm.

Go for simple t-shirts and shorts for the bulk of your outfits along with a warm jumper and jeans if it gets cold, and a waterproof jacket or poncho for when it rains (because it will).

And leave any valuables at home – that includes favourite tops, expensive accessories and shoes that will most likely get destroyed.

A good tip when packing for any holiday is to lay out all the clothes you want to take, then half that pile – this is what you’ll actually need.

Keeping feet happy
It’s tempting to take a pair of sandals, but these make traipsing around a festival site or jumping in a crowd of people near impossible. Instead, pack a pair of comfy and reliable trainers and a trusty pair of wellies.

Make sure you’ve got at least a pair (ideally two) of socks for every day – as changing them in the afternoon is a good way to keep your feet feeling fresh and give you a much-needed new lease of life. Go for breathable materials like welly socks.

Packing for a festival

Some essentials
Here are a few more essentials you should be sticking in your bag:

  • Torch – for late night trips around the site
  • First aid kit – just in case
  • Bathroom bag – including toothbrush, toothpaste, dry shampoo, deodorant, sunscreen, hand sanitiser
  • Small towel – to keep you dry and wash your face
  • Ear plugs – for a good night’s sleep
  • Toilet paper – because you never know
  • Plastic bags - for storing wet items
  • Pegs - for drying wet items
  • Matches – to light a fire
  • Wet wipes – a great way to keep clean
  • High energy snacks - like nuts for an energy boost
  • Batteries – for torches, radios etc.


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