Introducing... 'This week's handpicked'

Posted by Katrina

Can too much choice be a bad thing? We don’t think so! But it can be a little bit confusing, which is why we’ve decided to introduce ‘This week’s handpicked’ to the SockShop site.

The title is pretty self-explanatory – every week we will select one item available to buy at SockShop which is new, relevant, or just so-darn-pretty we think you have to see it.

Our handpicked items will be adorned with this rather fetching stamp...

handpicked_stamp1.jpg signify that it deserves some special attention from you, then in the product description box we’ll happily let you know just what it is about the ‘chosen one’ that we’re loving. 

So check back every Monday to see which item we’re putting the spotlight on and why. 

Katrina x 


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