How to prepare for a marathon

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The marathon is a gruelling race that’s as much to do with mental strength as physical ability.

But you can help your body and mind get through the 26-mile run by making sure you’ve got the right kit.

How to prep for a marathon

Shoes and socks

What goes on your feet is probably the most important part of the preparation. The wrong socks and shoes and you’ll be forced to quit after a few miles as the blisters set in.

We suggest some Citrus Zinger Sport Water Infusing Bottle. The leak-free bottle has a flip-up straw for spill-free hydration on-the-go.

It also includes active infusion technology to infuse water with citrus fruit flavours, vitamins, and nutrients so you can keep your energy up during the race. 

How to prep for a marathon

Check the weather

Whether it’s sunny or wet can make a big difference to your run.

For warmer weather, make sure to take a cap and sunscreen to protect you from sunburn.

If it’s colder, pack some gloves and maybe a long sleeve running top or tights to keep your muscles and extremities warm.

Be ready for a wait

Before races start there’s lots of waiting around – so be prepared. If you’ve not brought anything you could end up pacing about and fretting over the task facing you.

We suggest something to sit on (a plastic bag is fine), a magazine to read and some clothes to keep you warm, that can either be thrown away or left with a friend.


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