The benefits of walking for body and mind

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Our society has never been as enthusiastic about exercise as it is today, and the passion for moving is catching. From yoga and tai chi to hill sprints and spinning, there’s an exercise for everyone, whether you want to build strength, lose weight or get fit.

But underneath all this, there’s a walking movement gaining momentum. People are more and more realising the benefits of the oldest exercise of all – a good stroll. Whether you’re young or old, have an injury or need to build up your fitness, walking is great exercise.

The benefits of walking for body and mind

Here’s what getting your daily 10,000 steps can do for your health…

It lifts your mood
Most people know that a long walk improves their mood. Whether you’re in need of motivation or some time to think through a problem, there are few things a good stroll won’t solve. The reason? Walking releases endorphins, which boost your mood, reduce stress and alleviate anxiety.

It tackles dementia
There’s not just a link between walking and happiness: a stroll has a profound effect on your brain in general, including cognitive impairments like dementia. One study showed that people with dementia and other vascular cognitive impairments who took brisk strolls over a six month period displayed improved levels of brain function, and there’s plenty of other research that’s touted the effects of a walk in preventing such diseases in the first place.

It can improve your chances against cancer
A recent study by the American Society for Clinical Oncology showed that women who had been diagnosed with breast cancer who walked for 180 minutes a week cut their chances of succumbing to the disease by half. The same study, conducted with people with bowel cancer, came to a similar conclusion. Just 25 minutes a day is enough to get the benefits.

The benefits of walking for body and mind

It fights against heart disease
Walking works the heart hard and gets your blood pumping just like any other exercise, but it has the added benefit of not putting undue strain on the organ. It’s no wonder, then, that a stroll is so good for your heart health: regular walking has been found to reduce the likelihood of heart failure, angina, strokes and heart attacks among other cardiovascular diseases.

It speeds up your digestion
Never mind sipping a peppermint tea after a big meal: get out for a half-hour stroll and you’ll feel far more refreshed. Walking helps speed up the digestive process after you eat, meaning that you’ll feel less bloated and experience fewer gut-related symptoms post-meal.

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