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Here at , we have the world's largest selection of socks, from bright and stylish socks, to specialised and functional socks... And even a bit of both!
With around three million people in the UK now diagnosed with either Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes, anything that helps to live more comfortably is a plus, right?
In among our hundreds of specially designed socks is our collection of Diabetic Socks, including both socks specially designed for people with Diabetes in mind and socks whose features meet the needs of comfortable footwear required by Diabetics.
1000 Mile Foothealth 'Tactel' Diabetic Sock HJ Hall Diabetic Socks

1000 Mile Foothealth 'Tactel' Ladies' Diabetic Sock

HJ Hall Diabetic Socks - Ladies' in 2 colours

Our range of Diabetic socks have been engineered so that they do not rub the skin causing blisters, and also feature smooth seam which is not bulky on the toes and completely smooth to avoid abrasion.
Gentle grip cuffs are also a feature of many of our Diabetic socks. Gentle grip socks feature a more comfortable cuff whose elastic will not cut into the skin, avoiding circulation restriction and putting less pressure on the lower legs.
For the more fashion conscious among you, there are also a couple of colourful and patterned options! Both style and substance wins.
Mens 3 Pair SockShop Gentle Grip Plain Bamboo Socks In 4 Colours Ladies 3 Pair SockShop Gentle Grip Purple Stripe Bamboo Socks
Plain Bamboo Socks In 4 Colours Purple Stripe Bamboo Socks
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