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Sock drawer organisers: the endless uses... and fun!

Posted by Danielle

Ever get a messy sock drawer? Mismatched socks here, tights there... the odd rogue pair of underwear sneaking over from the wrong drawer? We have the perfect solution... with many uses!
At SockShop we realise many of you may have more pairs of socks and tights than you can count on your toes! So we introduce our new fold out sock drawer organisers... With endless uses and fun to be had... Plus, they fit neatly into your sock drawer!
Naturally, these babies do exactly what they say on the tin, as demonstrated below by yours truly. I wear tights a lot so have pairs flung all over the place as well as my rather large collection of colourfulcartoonyChristmassy and cozy socks, so being able to separate and neaten them all up is actually a really big help! You easily fit two or three pairs of socks into each compartment and in the longer option, two or three pairs of tights fit no problem!
Danielle's organised sock drawer!

(Pink organisers provided as prototype samples)
We also discovered some other fun things to do with your sock drawer organiser... 

The 16 compartment Sophia option...
You can create your very own version of sock-themed whack-a-mole! (Hammer not included. No Cookie Monsters were harmed in the making of this blog post.)
Connect 4
Why not have some fun with sock connect 4?! Here we've teamed up Marvel and DC super heroes and pit them against The Muppets in this heated match, but you're free to improvise teams with whatever socks you have available!
If it's not just the sock department in which you're disorganised then we have the 7 compartment Kerry option with longer slots. Go nuts and organise your tights, underwear, belts, purses, scarves... The options are endless... Well, maybe not endless but there are certainly lots of them!
Get organised!

Danielle x


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