Let's play dress up!

Posted by Danielle

Aaaaah Halloween. The kids act like kids, the grown ups act like kids. Everybody begs for sweets, watches scary films and it's the one time of year people actually seem to want their house to be covered in cobwebs!
But one of the main draws of Halloween is the dress up! Zombies, cats, witches, bats... Freddie Krueger? Putting together a costume can be a tough challenge but fear not... SockShop is here to help!
That pair of tights or those socks can make every bit the difference to your get-up (plus, we've got some effortless costumes for those of you who wish to throw something on and still look like you're in the spirit of Halloween!)

Ringer tights >

For whatever reason, multi-coloured ringer tights always seem to rear their head at Halloween! In purple and black to add the final touch to that witch's outfit or even in the classic Halloween colour combo of orange and black; instant Hallow-costume! Team them up with a pair of novelty glasses - like our lovely model Janine - or a themed hat and you're good to go! And with TEN colours to choose from, these Ladies 1 Pair Silky Scarlet Ringer Striped Tights are a top choice!


Halloween at SockShop >

Just add an LBD

This collection of Halloween tattoo tights from Silky just screams "LBD"! If you'd prefer to go for a trendier look this Halloween - as opposed to the haggered zombie bride - then this is the choice for you! Team a pair of these fabulous tights with a stylish little black dress and a pair of "killer" heels (see what we did there) and there you have it - Hallow-chic! 

The themed tights even make a great addition to any other costume, rounding off your look!
Shop Halloween tattoo tights from Silky at SockShop >

The "yes, I have made an effort" approach

We call this a minimalistic touch!  Your socks can say it all... be it fun patterns or secret identities!

Men's Corgi Skull & Crossbones

Mens 1 Pair Corgi 100% Cotton
Skull Socks In 4 Colours

Mens 1 Pair Corgi Skull
& Crossbones Fine Cotton Socks
Batman and Superman socks

Mens 2 Pair SockShop DC Comics
Mix Batman Socks
Mens 2 Pair SockShop DC Comics
Mix Superman Socks

The animalistic approach

If you're going for the animalistic approach, we've got the perfect tights to add that little something extra to your costume!

Animal tights at SockShop >

Something for the kids >

If your kids don't want to dress up, character socks are a great way to get them involved! We've got tons of socks starring their favourite cartoon heroes to choose from!
Kids at Halloween

Girls 4 Pair TM Disney Princesses Socks Boys 3 Pair Marvel Heroes Socks -
Captain America, Spiderman
& Wolverine In 2 Assortments

So there you have it, dress up solutions... just add socks and tights!

Happy Halloween!

Danielle x


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