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Posted by Danielle

It's mid September, the summer's gone, the kids are back at school... but the freshers are heading to a whole different type of school. Before you head off to uni to study for your dream job, meet all sorts of people and start the rest of your life, check out the SockShop 'freshers check list' is here for those bits and bobs you might have forgotten!

Personalised socks

At SockShop, we have fab ranges of personalised socks for socks to remind you of the day so you know which lecture to attend... (or which club to head to!)
name socks > Make sure you know what day it is! Men's & ladies' available >

With plenty of underwear brands to browse, stock up on essentials and don't risk running out until you can get home to do the washing!! With tonnes of special offers, you'd be silly not to!

Men's magic boxer shorts >

Running out of space? Try these magic boxer shorts! When you need them, just add water... (and leave time for them to dry!)

Nothing makes you feel cozy and at home like a pair of comfy slippers! So why not invest in some new ones for uni - they'll come in handy if the cleaning rota goes to pot and you don't fancy setting a bare foot on the kitchen floor!


Shop ladies' slippers >

Flip flops >

This may sound crazy as we're heading into winter but, flip flops are a fab uni investment for making those trips from your room to the showers... particularly if you don't quite trust the cleaners (usually you and your flat mates!)


In case the student life hits and you can't reach for the central heating, make sure you've got a pair of Heat Holders handy for the nights you make it to bed!

We know not all students love to party but there's no doubt many of you will spend plenty of nights partying in 5-inch heels! Be sure you've got a pair of Tipsy Feet handy (they even come with a bag to put your heels in!)

Watch the video and find out how tipsy feet work!

iPad Cases & Bags

These awesome new iPad cases from matching messenger bags!

So there you have it... a few SockShop survival tips and bits for the big, wide world of higher education!

We couldn't let you go without the final cheesy point on our Freshers Check List... Have the time of your lives!!

Danielle x 


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