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Students get first taste of world of fashion
02nd June 2015

The great and good from the world of fashion have been gathering in London for a prestigious event ...

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Patterned tights 'by royal appointment'

Patterned tights 'by royal appointment'
The Duchess of York has bought into the increasingly popular fashion for patterned tights, it has emerged.

Attending a Valentine's Day themed ball for charity Chain of Hope, the mother of two wore a black skirt and shirt combo with an elegant plush velvet coat, the Daily Mail reported.

It stated that Sarah Ferguson was dressed down compared to many of the other ballgown-clad guests.

However, she added an elegant touch to the outfit with a pair of sheer tights emblazoned with a rose motif crawling up one leg.

The newspaper claimed: "Sarah Ferguson turned back the clock as she revisited her eighties fashion past in London last night."

Fans of patterned legwear need not worry that the look is outdated, however.

Creative director of the stylish label Diesel Wilbert Das recently told news resource Forbes that its latest catwalk offerings have been partly inspired by the 80s power-dressing trend.

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"Punk princess" Paris shows lavish legwear

"Punk princess" Paris shows lavish legwear
Celebrity heiress Paris Hilton has stunned on-lookers at her recent birthday bash by showing up in a spectacular set of patterned tights as part of a "punk princess" outfit, according to reports.

Hilton, who is famed for her lavish lifestyle and is seen by many as a fashion icon, dyed her hair to match the patterns of her tights and handbag.

Despite being among the world's most photographed people, the star of reality TV show the Simple Life could hardly be recognised as she arrived to celebrate her birthday at a nightclub in Los Angeles, report the Daily Mail.

After welcoming guests and opening a range of gifts , Hilton reportedly danced into the night in her stiletto-heeled shoes and her stunning legwear.

Hilton is starring in a soon-to-be-released movie entitled The Hottie and the Nottie, in which she plays a popular young girl who has vowed not to date until her best friend can find a boyfriend of her own.

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Lily Allen's legwear 'cause for comment'

Lily Allen's legwear 'cause for comment'
Lily Allen has bowed to the current fashion for sheer tights, matching them with a floaty dress and platforms so high she could fall to her death.

Fashion and socialising website reports that the songstress glammed up for a trip down Bond Street.

"She looks great. Not very comfy but - as Frenchie says to Sandy in Grease - 'Beauty is pain.' Amen to that, sisters," the style source notes.

Lily's legs have attracted the website's attention before. Last week it noted that she had chosen opaque tights with a blue dress and suggested she is adopting the fashion taste of Lindsay Lohan.

She could be finding her ideas at London Fashion Week , which has been exhibiting a wealth of exciting hosiery.

Lily was spotted at the front row of PPQ's display of autumn and winter fashion , which featured many of its trademark puff-ball skirts and mini dresses.

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Lily Allen slips a sight of stockings

Lily Allen slips a sight of stockings
Lily Allen is rarely out of the news but for the last few weeks there has been a startling amount of coverage of her hosiery.

The theme continued today with the Daily Mail highlighting Lily's black stockings - worn elegantly underneath an above-the-knees red dress.

Her elegant look came a cropper, however, as the pop star struggled out of her Mini, flashing the onlookers and waiting paparazzi a quick glimpse of elastic.

The newspaper remarks that Lily is cultivating a slightly more sophisticated , glamorous secretary look.

"The stockings were out again as the Smile star stepped out in a dark, tailored skirt suit, bright top and a slick of red lippy to visit a flooring showroom near her north London home," it noted.

Maybe Lily should invest some time into discovering the best way to leave a car with one's dignity intact.

Publicly-edited online manual WikiHow acknowledges that leaving a car gracefully can be difficult.

It suggests ladies keep their knees together throughout the exit, placing feet on the ground as quickly as possible.

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Socks on screen as opera opens

Socks on screen as opera opens
Some people may think legwear and opera do not naturally go hand in hand but one brave young company has thrust them into the limelight they so richly deserve by casting two grey socks as the lovers in its new production.

The Perfect Match is a made-for-TV film commissioned by Bravo, which follows the beautiful and heartwarming tale of two single grey socks who believe they are alone in the world and will never discover the companionship they crave.

It was recently aired at a Tapestry New Opera Works event and John Terauds - a classical music critic for the US publication the Star - reported that the five-minute film was packed with creativity.

He said it was a "funny and charming love story about two single grey socks who can finally end their lives of loneliness". Who knew socks suffered?

Tapestry's marketing and communications director Anna commented in her blog that the film showcases the "universal search for companionship".

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Sock serenade promised for Peaches

Sock serenade promised for Peaches
Peaches Geldoff could be in for a treat as Stuart Purvey, singer with indie band The Law, has claimed he would don a fresh pair of socks if it would help him win her heart.

He made his rather baffling remark to the Daily Record as he explained that the band will be playing the prestigious West Rocks event in London, known to have attracted stars such as the Arctic Monkeys and the Geldof sisters in the past.

"Tonight should be pretty impressive. I'm hoping to have a shot at pulling Peaches Geldof and you never know - I might even change my socks," he said.

And how could anyone refuse an offer like that?

Recently, the Sisters Geldof made the papers with their unique dress sense. Attending the Elle Style awards earlier this month, Peaches wore a glamorous gothic outfit with ripped tights.

Her sister Pixie wore a summery tennis skirt with black ankle socks and patent leather shoes.

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Luck of the Irish for Charlize

Luck of the Irish for Charlize
The Meteor Ireland Music Awards took place at the RDS in Dublin and the glitterati were out in full force.

Among the stars on the red carpet was Oscar-winning actress Charlize Theron and her current squeeze Stuart Townsend.

Publication Galway First notes that Charlize and her man turned up without an entourage and were more than happy to talk to the press.

She may have been eager to show off some new additions to her wardrobe as the publication notes she was decked out in black tights under a "very trendy" black and gold one-shoulder knee-length dress.

The South African star was said to be clinging to her man, who is most well-known for his role as Dorian Gray in 2003's League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

While she may have been looking glamorous at the Irish event, Charlize stated that she'll be staying at home and missing the Oscars this year as she has not been nominated.

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Singer in 80s sock-envy

Singer in 80s sock-envy
A performer starring in the stage production of The Wedding Singer has spoken of his love of 80s fashion, dazzling socks and all.

Jonathan Wilkes, who plays a lead role in the staged performance of the blockbuster, told the Chorley Citizen that the 80s fashions were brilliant, even though he was only a child at the time.

"I can remember all the big barnets and seeing my sister going out with a Wham 'Relax' T-shirt and fluorescent socks and thinking 'I have got to get some of those'," he confessed.

Wilkes could be cheered to know that on many recent catwalks, the 80s look had firmly returned, although showcasing fluorescent tights rather than socks .

Following retro fashion offerings by style guru Phi at the recent New York Fashion Week, TV's Padma Lakshmi told the Dallas News that the designer has successfully combined Day-Glo tights with fishnets, creating a dark, edgy but sexy look.

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Renee kicks off socks at Oscars rehearsals

Renee kicks off socks at Oscars rehearsals
Renee Zellweger caught the press attention when she unceremoniously kicked off her socks during an Oscars rehearsal.

The Bridget Jones star arrived at the run-through wearing jeans and trainers but slipped off her footwear to don a pair of glamorous heels when it was her turn to practice presenting one of the prestigious awards, the Associated Press reported.

However, it noted that the sparkling celebrity was grateful to slide her feet back into socks and shoes after the run through, muttering: "Well, that's enough of these things for today," as she took off her heels.

By the time the event began, though, Renee was dressed to impress with rather more frock than sock on show.

The Times reports that she was the only woman at the event dressed in sparkling fabric, in a daring dress with a high split.

According to publication The Australian, Renee was one of many starlets showing off "perfectly toned arms" with their strapless ensembles.

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Socks for soldiers as treats for troops

Socks for soldiers as treats for troops
British troops may have to put up with basic conditions when serving in Afghanistan but thanks to one county, they will at least have warm feet.

A Wiltshire-based Royal British Legion campaign called Treats for Troops has called upon local people to parcel up creature comforts for the men and women serving overseas, local news resource This Is Wiltshire reports.

They are being encouraged to send everything from socks and boxer shorts to noodle snacks and shaving foam, it notes.

Legion member Dave Bland told the publication: "It seems silly to call pants and socks a luxury but some of the service personnel in Afghanistan have been there for months and brand new underwear and new socks will be appreciated."

The Royal British Legion offers both current and ex-service personnel support ranging from financial help to social and motivational assistance.

It reports that almost 10.5 million people in Britain are eligible for its support.

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Singing Scottish socks on tour

Singing Scottish socks on tour
The inimitable Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre is conducting a startlingly successful "world tour" of Britain over the next few months.

Brainchild of comedian Kev Sutherfield, the puppet show sprang to fame following extensive tours and an increasingly cult following on YouTube.

The show has everything; singing, sketching socks and Scots and includes dialogue from William Shakespeare - well why wouldn't it?

Parents should be warned, though, the sock puppets may be charming and the music whimsical but this show is definitely not one for more innocent ears and only people aged 16 and above are allowed to attend.

Following the show, one reviewer from the Scotsman said that those who find "the sight of two mangy socks sloppily fitted with little beady eyes bickering in high, squeaky voices ... intrinsically funny ... should probably seek professional help".

Meanwhile, the Stage stated that the socks manage to build an "excellent audience rapport".

Details of the tour can be found at the Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre's MySpace profile.

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Orlando's socks 'smell blooming awful'

Orlando's socks 'smell blooming awful'
Despite many women being willing to worship at his feet, one woman has told Orlando Bloom to wash them.

It has been reported that the Pirates of the Caribbean star's girlfriend Miranda Kerr has told him to clean up his act, complaining that his socks are too smelly.

A source has claimed the heart throb often refuses to wash when he is not on set.

"He'll wear the same jeans for a week before he throws them in the washer. Same goes for his sweaters, T-shirts and socks," they added.

Perhaps Bloom's loved ones are hoping the new self-cleaning material created by boffins from China and Australia could help control the alleged pongy problem.

Recently the scientists declared that they had created a fabric which cleans itself in the sunlight using nanotechnology.

Self-cleaning fabrics could fix the clothing problem but Miranda may still want to persuade her other half to kick his dog, Sidi, out of bed if he is to clean up his act.

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Fishnets urged by Brit style specialists

Fishnets urged by Brit style specialists
British style gurus Trinny and Susannah have descended upon an unsuspecting New Zealand to revamp their style and dress up their wardrobes.

The fashion victors hit Auckland's shopping precincts and encouraged passing women to ditch the drab and don the dapper.

One passing office worker, Wendy Stewart, was urged to be a little more adventurous in order to take advantage of her shape.

"They said, 'You should be flashing your boobs more and wearing fishnet stockings and I went, 'Oh my God'," she told the New Zealand Herald.

However, Ms Stewart had a less intrusive fashion experience than others, as Trinny and Susannah flung up the skirt of a passing nurse and scrutinised her underwear.

The health professional told the newspaper she "didn't love" that part of their service.

Stylists Trinny and Susannah wrote for the Daily Telegraph's style pages for many years and then presented the BBC's What Not To Wear.

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Kate Beckinsale in 'sensual' stripy socks

Kate Beckinsale in 'sensual' stripy socks
Kate Beckinsale has been posing wearing stripy, woollen socks and a sultry pout, it has been reported.

According to the Mirror, the star was posing for Mean magazine and chose an unusual outfit, matching a bright orange blouse and rolling on above-the-knee stripy socks .

The newspaper claims that Kate made the fun socks look extremely sexy .

However, an interview with the star of Underworld revealed that despite her near-perfect body and elegant cheekbones, as a child Kate believed she was unsightly.

She remarked: "I was monumentally ugly until I was 15. I still have that mindset."

Despite her comments, the red-top confessed that her "socks appeal" had certainly hit the mark with its reporters!

Kate was recently spotted by the reporters of online blog clad in opaque black tights matched with shorts and boots.

However, the hard-to-please fashion reporter suggested the heeled boots should have been replaced with a chunkier platform.

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Lily Allen's "walk of shame"

Lily Allen's "walk of shame"
Lily Allen has been spotted wearing the same clothes two nights in a row, a social solecism picked up on by more than one celebrity blog.

A reporter for online fashion blog snapped Lily's "walk of shame" as the tired-looking starlet headed home to change.

However, the blog acknowledged that when she emerged from her home a few hours later to head to a restaurant, the singer once again looked "fantastic".

It noted: "Her simple black dress and tuxedo jacket both looked fantastic teamed with opaque black tights and simple pumps. And I especially like her oversized sequinned bag," before quipping that all the outfit needed was an extra eight-hours sleep.

Poor Lily's outfits are often reported on, which could be considered a compliment to her excellent dress sense.

Recently, the Daily Mail suggested that the singer is cultivating a more glamorous and adult look, stepping out in tailored suits and stockings.

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Denise 'in control' at awards ceremony

Denise 'in control' at awards ceremony
Control tights are a valuable asset for women of all ages, however, they are not always something people want to show off.

Following the Royal Television Society Awards, Carol McGriffin and Denise Welch - they of Loose Women lunchtime fame - were clearly feeling a little playful.

The Sun reports that Carol cheekily raised her skirt and flashed the assembled paparazzi - and her co-host shortly followed suit.

However, the red-top gleefully proclaimed that when poor Denise did so, it quickly became apparent that, unlike her friend's elegant lace undies, she was clad in thigh-shaping control tights.

Such tights can be a useful asset in the battle to fit a certain skirt or to create the perfect silhouette when slinking about in a dress to die for.

Online shopping advice resource Celebrity Lingerie explains that control tights can help create a "very beautiful" shape, usually flattening the tummy and firming the backside.

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"Sock-gate" shame for threadbare foot

"Sock-gate" shame for threadbare foot
Politicians are often seen as fair targets by the world's press and recently, the shocking affair of "sock-gate" has been unveiled by one local newspaper.

The Peterborough Evening Telegraph snapped health secretary Alan Johnson as he removed his shoes on a hospital tour in order to be measured.

However, the newspaper noted that as the minister kicked off his shoes, the assembled crowds saw that his black socks were threadbare, with one toe poking its way through accusingly.

While many people simply discard their holey socks, a forum hosted by MoneySavingExpert highlighted the many potential uses for such legwear.

Its members suggested old socks can be useful to wax the car with, as slip-on dusters and even to protect walls from marks when leaning ladders against them.

DIY-ers can simply slip the old socks over the ladder tops to protect paint or wallpaper from scuffing.

Perhaps if Mr Johnson considered the many additional uses socks offer once they are past their best, he would be less unwilling to part with his threadbare footwear.

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Kate Moss reveals more than she means to

Kate Moss reveals more than she means to
Opaque tights may not be the fabric of choice for most when it comes to covering up but they helped spare Kate Moss' blushes, it has been reported.

The model recently left her house in a glamorous outfit made up of a stripy tunic dress, tuxedo jacket and boots, all in black and white, the Daily Mail explained.

Unfortunately for the style icon, her mini skirt rode up, leaving her black tights alone to protect her modesty and providing the newspaper's waiting paparazzo with a choice snap of her "tiny derriere".

Perhaps Kate should have ventured out in one of her own range of dresses.

Recently the Mirror reviewed the model's summer wardrobe offerings for Topshop and flagged up a rather stunning vintage black beaded dress as being a particularly must-have outfit.

It added that the dress would be perfect matched with "killer heels" and would be "ideal with bare legs or a pair of opaque black tights".

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David Cameron and the bag of socks

David Cameron and the bag of socks
David Cameron was recently questioned over the contents of his bicycle bag and had to confess that it contained his pants and socks.

It cannot be easy being the leader of the opposition on a normal day but to add to the pressure, the Daily Mirror recently sent one of its journalists cycling after him as he rode to work.

Intrepid newshound Julie McCaffrey bravely biked after the Tory boss, remarking on his "strong thighs" and questioning him on the contents of his bag.

"Er... my pants and socks. I always have clean shirts in the office," Mr Cameron responded.

He is not the only politician to have been fielding questions over his legwear recently.

Alan Johnson, the health secretary, was recently photographed by Peterborough newspaper the Evening Telegraph sporting a very undistinguished hole in his sock through which his big toe was making a break for freedom.

The publication urged Mr Johnson to take the time to purchase a new pair of socks.

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Duffy in bright red 'school socks'

Duffy in bright red 'school socks'
Welsh songstress Duffy has been spotted sporting some unusual bright red patterned socks.

Fashion resource described the legwear as being red reincarnations of those knee-high holey white socks youngsters wear to school.

However, it noted that the quilted coat-clad Duffy was filming a video for her new single and expressed admiration for her bold new quirky style.

"And - duh! - it's not a granny coat and school socks but a v chic homage to quirky sixties style," the Bridget Jones-esque reporter continued.

The celebrity fashion blog spends considerable page space documenting the legwear of the world's favourite celebs.

It recently highlighted that troubled Britney Spears wore the same torn fishnet tights for two days in a row, satirically suggesting her hosiery choice could be considered a "cry for help".

The publication is not always so scathing, however. Recently it praised the legwear choice of Paris Hilton, who donned an elegant silver dress combined with startlingly bright tights.

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