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Bare-legs 'banned at Ascot'

Bare-legs 'banned at Ascot'
Women who plan to have a classy flutter on gee-gees at Ascot should stock up on hosiery before they go as the organisation has clamped down on casual dress.

Liz Jones, writing for the Daily Mail, has praised the prestigious horse-fest for making a stand against "bum-skimming skirts" and stilettos with bare legs.

She highlighted that the rules for the event state that ladies must wear hats or fascinators and cannot stroll about the enclosure with uncovered legs.

Ascot's rules are not for fear that naked flesh might startle the horses but - it explains - to ensure everyone is dressed with appropriate formality for an event at which royalty may be present.

Ms Jones agrees wholeheartedly with the stance.

"I do think you enjoy an outing infinitely more if you dress up for it and can see everyone else has, too," she explained, adding: "I find the propensity nowadays for always dressing down deeply insulting."

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Hosiery humans transformed out of tights

Hosiery humans transformed out of tights
So often we females short-sightedly believe that tights offer nothing more than fashion and comfort - when actually hosiery can be useful for an array of artistic endeavours.

Deborah Goehring, writing for online news resource Mother Earth News, highlighted the creative potential in the old pieces of torn tights she had carefully bagged up in the hope of one day re-using.

She experimented with stuffing the hosiery with other pieces of fabric.

"Before long I found myself holding an odd little person fashioned from the piece of stuffed legwear. I went on to add arms and legs ... and decked out the 'stocking being' in homemade clothes," Ms Goehring enthused. Each to their own, Deborah.

However, the artist ended up selling her creations for a tidy sum, proving that making the most of old hosiery offers more than creative satisfaction.

Ms Goehring is not alone in finding arty ways to use old legwear. Earlier this year, British artist Robert Bowers used tights stretched over frames and coated with resin to create shapely sculptures without any need for chiselling rock.

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Do fishermen dream of electric socks?

Do fishermen dream of electric socks?
US fishermen are being offered a chance to clothe their chilly feet with electric socks in the battle to keep their toes toasty.

Gadget news resource Gizmodo explains that the woollen socks are kitted out with wiring and thin resistors which run from the battery mounted (rather prominently) at the top of the sock.

However, the socks are far from perfect as they can leave the foot feeling uncomfortably hot and sweaty, the reviewer explained.

Furthermore, the battery causes the elastic to sag after a while, meaning the socks fall down and bunch up, the website added.

Those who want to venture outdoors in the cold but do not fancy the idea of strapping an electric device to their feet before going near the water may want to consider alternative foot-warming tips. urges outdoorsy people to keep their feet dry to keep them warm, suggesting they don breathable but waterproof boots.

Furthermore, it states that they should invest in winter winter socks, ideally made from wool or fleece as these do not lose their insulating properties when wet or sweaty.

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Singer's socks 'glittery and magical'

Singer's socks 'glittery and magical'
A rock singer from Vancouver has explained that she cannot go on tour without her favourite pair of striped glittery socks.

Cassandra Ford, performer in the punk-goth-cabaret band Vincent Black Shadow, made her sock-loving statement to, explaining that one particular pair of socks hold a special place in her heart and wardrobe.

When asked about her must-have item for going on tour, she replied that her stripy socks are the most important comfort.

"I love socks. These socks I love the most. They go up to the knee. They are really warm and have magic powers," Cassandra explained.

The singer failed to specify what the magical powers conferred by the legwear are.

Vincent Black Shadow have yet to storm British shores but are growing a cult-following in their native US and - following a recent signing - could be on their way to the UK soon, socks and all.

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Socks appeal of knee-high woollies

Socks appeal of knee-high woollies
Women across Britain are being urged to dig out their knee-high woolly socks and join in the latest trend.

Lindsay Clydesdale, fashion reporter for the Daily Record, has highlighted that some of the most stylish celebs are donning bright and long socks .

She warned wearers that the look takes some considerable confidence to pull off but that the legwear trend can do great things for the nation's legs.

Toning shades can make pins appear longer but the truly bold may want to embrace the current fashion for clashing colours, Ms Clydesdale continued.

"Soul singer Duffy, model Agyness Deyn and actress Hilary Duff all love the knee-high look, while fashion icon Sarah Jessica Parker chose over-the-knee woollies for scenes in the new Sex And The City film," she added.

Last month, the glitterati descended upon Canada for the L'Oreal Fashion Week event, with several designers doing exciting things with knee-highs.

Blogger haven blogTO carried an enthusiastic post about the Prada-influenced two-tone socks on show.

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When confused 'dress legs in nude colours'

When confused 'dress legs in nude colours'
When in doubt of what shade to wear, skin coloured tights are best, an expert has commented.

Fashion adviser Jean Patteson, writing for the Orlando Sentinel, made the suggestion when a troubled tights-wearer wrote to her asking for advice.

The woman was concerned as she had bought a cream suit printed with light yellow roses and was not sure whether she should match it with off-white tights and black or cream shoes.

Fortunately, reporter Ms Patteson was refreshingly assertive about the most suitable option for the concerned consumer.

"When in doubt, wear nude hose. That's my rule of thumb. And nude, by the way, means the same shade as your skin," she stated.

However, such advice flouts the latest tights trends, after a number of prestigious designers have wrapped their models' legs in bold, bright and patterned tights at many of the recent fashion events.

One designer even sent a model down the catwalk in brightly-coloured hosiery with chunks of glass strapped to the sides - a far cry indeed from nude legwear.

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Patterned tights for KT Tunstall

Patterned tights for KT Tunstall
KT Tunstall has been showing off her legs in a pair of rather unusual tights as she performed at the launch of the cruise ship Poesia.

The songstress donned zig-zag patterned tights as she rocked through a "dizzying" set, the Daily Record reports.

She was joined by Andrea Bocelli, Sophia Loren and Prince and Princess Michael of Kent to launch the ship in style, it adds.

Fashion followers will have noticed that the trend for patterned tights shows no sign of abating, in fact, the drab spring has encouraged women to keep wearing daringly-designed tights as few seem ready for bare legs.

Recently, Sanhita Reddy, writing for the Statesman, suggested that it is important to look ready for spring even during such gloomy months.

"Short skirts and Uggs don't show you're ready for spring—it shows you're confused about it. Rather, if you really want to wear that skirt, wear fun, white patterned tights and flats," she urged.

Furthermore, the fashion reporter added, it is time to start wearing colours to encourage spring along.

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The style crime of pattern overuse

The style crime of pattern overuse
Fashionable men should not overdo their use of pattern, a style guru has commented.

Ed Biado, writing for the Manila Standard Today, remarked that many men overuse both colour and pattern, leading to a cluttered and mismatched look instead of the elegant coolness they may wish to exude.

Solids are safe, he commented and stripes, herringbones and other patterns can be a good addition to an outfit but must be limited to avoid a style solecism.

Mr Biado added: "Stripes, herringbones and argyle are fine as long as they make it onto your outfit on their own ... For an added kick, match the patterns of your tie and socks."

Recently, a troubled fashion fan wrote to asking whether he should match his socks to his shirts for casual dress.

The publication suggested that socks did not just have to be picked to match a shirt colour but could also be selected to match a jumper, a person's car or even their eyes.

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Ankle socks 'spot on for spring'

Ankle socks 'spot on for spring'
Ankle socks are both warmer than bare legs and more summery than tights, making them the ideal legwear for the current cold climate, an expert has asserted.

Style commentator Katy Smail made her remarks in an article for clothing resource My Fashion Life, adding that spring might be considered sprung but the blizzard she just battled begs to differ.

Ankle socks can be quirky, preppy or coquettish, depending on their design, she continued, making them a useful and versatile addition to a wardrobe.

"They sound like the best thing since black tights but in reality there are a couple of small print issues. Namely, your ankles may be toasty but they still leave a large portion of the leg exposed," Ms Smail added.

However, she concluded that in pursuit of perfect style, chilly knees are a sacrifice worth making.

Recently, many British women have been ditching their hosiery in favour of socks, with a particular current trend for knee-high woollies - legwear which certainly will keep the wearer's knees toasty!

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In a tight spot over chilly spring?

In a tight spot over chilly spring?
The bitingly cold spring has led to many dedicated followers of fashion questioning what they should do to keep their legs warm but their outfits cool.

Style guru Vi-An Nguyen, writing for the North by Northwestern, has urged women not to ditch their hosiery but to consider putting wintry tights at the back of a drawer to await the next cold snap.

Girls who want to look full of the joys of spring need to ditch their Uggs but can wear leather boots with floaty skirts to create a warm but trendy appearance, she continued.

However, bravely baring arms for the spring does not necessitate goose-pimply pins, Ms Nguyen stated.

"Tights still make short dresses and skirts classier and can be a temporary remedy to those pale legs you've been hiding all winter," she added.

Recently, online style and trend resource BuzzFeed noted that the spring look is all about sheer hosiery rather than opaque tights.

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Football team take a step back in sock history

Football team take a step back in sock history
A change in footwear is to see one Premiership football side revert to its old sock colours, it has been revealed.

Launching their new home kit for the 2008-09 season, Sunderland AFC, also known as the Black Cats, are once again to sport red socks.

It will be the first time this colour of sock will be worn since their last season playing at Roker Park.

Following the club's move to their new Stadium of Light ground 11 years ago, black socks have been adopted into the home kit.

Commenting on the new strip, Sunderland boss Roy Keane said: "It's always great to see so many fans in their colours at games."

The manager, who used to be the captain of Manchester United, added that supporters of the Black Cats are sure to "love the new design".

The sport socks, along with the rest of the new kit, go on sale from May 7th and are available via mail order or through any of the official Sunderland club stores.

Meanwhile, in response to a recent letter, the Sock Shop Stylist advised that "socks are an important part of your gym kit" and that they can be useful in protecting feet from overheating.

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"Pay attention" to patterned tights

"Pay attention" to patterned tights
It is always a good day when a well-loved accessory or piece of clothing comes back into fashion.

Jessica Horbach, features editor for online publication, acknowledged that some fashion disasters should stay firmly in the past but expressed her delight at the return to the catwalk of a hosiery legend – patterned tights.

"We are all old enough to remember wearing them to elementary school," she explained, adding that back then she had not liked them much.

However, Ms Horbach's taste has certainly matured with age as patterned tights are currently one of the hottest legwear looks this spring.

Recently, fashion advice published by the Statesman noted that fun hosiery, such as white patterned tights, could make an outfit look ready for spring while still keeping the wearer warm.

It suggested fashion followers team up patterned tights with a pair of flat shoes - meaning that finally, comfort and style have combined.

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Hikers urged to consider foot comfort

Hikers urged to consider foot comfort
Once the weather is fine, many people will begin to go hiking but a large number will fail to consider the comfort of their feet, an expert has commented.

Dr Paul Collins, writing for McClatchy Newspapers, warned that while many hikers will invest in top of the range walking boots, which support and cushion the foot, few will consider their socks in such detail.

Wearing an unsuited pair of socks can lead to blisters, which can be very painful, the doctor continued, making them very important.

Hikers require socks which do not cause too much friction and which help carry moisture away from the foot, he explained.

"Another trick is to use two pairs of socks and allow the friction to be between the socks and not on the foot," Dr Collins suggested.

Fortunately for those fans of walking who are fearful of blisters, it is possible to invest in a pair of walking socks, specifically designed to look after feet during a trek.

There are even endurance socks available, for comfort during the longest and sweatiest climb.

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Runners reassured on elegant exercise

Runners reassured on elegant exercise
With a range of outfits and accessories on offer, there is no excuse for not looking fashionable while running, an expert has claimed.

The Daily Record's fashion writer Fiona Russell highlighted that exercise clothing brands, including accessories such as sports socks, water bottles and watches, are now so attractive they deserve their own catwalk.

Socks can add a colourful detail to a running ensemble, and allow pattern and fabric coordination, the article suggested.

"Try a pair of breathable, well-fitting running socks and you'll never look back," Ms Russell advised joggers, sprinters and power-walkers.

Britons should feel reassured that just because they are exercising, they do not need to leave their fashion sense at home.

It is widely believed that when a person knows they look good, they feel better about themselves, potentially providing a boost to a runner's motivation.

Stephanie Gabriel Boyden, personal trainer at Canyon Ranch, recently told online resource YourTotalHealth that gym newbies should dress with their usual style when exercising and wear clothes they feel comfortable in.

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Lily Allen's look 'a baggy hospital gown'

Lily Allen's look 'a baggy hospital gown'
Lily Allens fashion sense has been accused of widely missing the mark after the songstress attended a premier dressed with less than her usual pizzazz.

The Daily Mail described Lily's smock-like shirt-dress as like a baggy hospital gown than a sleek red-carpet frock" when she and brother Alfie attended the premier of Flashbacks of a Fool.

Her powder blue garment was matched by attractive flats in the same colour with a red trim and a pair of appealing black stockings which the newspaper's fashion writer did not criticise.

Despite her appealing legwear, though, the articles dubbed Lily a "fashion casualty" as she romped up the red carpet alongside the casual elegance of stars such as Emilia Fox - clad in an elegant red frock matched with black tights and peep-toe shoes.

It has been a turbulent few months for the singer's wardrobe as her tastes are routinely lambasted and lauded through a number of style sources.

Last month, praised Lily's dress sense after she emerged wearing a floaty dress, sky-high platforms and sheer black tights.

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Looking good? Legal legwear row erupts

Looking good? Legal legwear row erupts
Legwear can be many things - stylish, smart and shaping to name just a few - but rarely is it considered controversial.

However, one City law firm has dragged it into the spotlight by declaring fishnet tights unsuitable for the workplace, banning female employees (and presumably male staff by default!) from wearing such saucy hosiery in the office.

The Daily Mail reports that an unidentified firm has suggested fishnets distract male colleagues and appear unprofessional, following claims by a whistleblower on a legal website.

However, the tights have the support of the newspaper's fashion editor who suggested such hosiery offers an excellent alternative to opaque legwear during the summer months.

She suggested it is the connotations of fishnets that is the issue but added: "They have come a long way from the Moulin Rouge can-can dancers - and are now a wardrobe staple.

"Those men should learn to focus more on their work."

Responding to the discussion on the Legal Week website, one woman asserted that a well-presented female employee in a short skirt and "nicely cut top" was an asset to any legal firm.

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Sensible shoppers 'secure stylish stockings'

Sensible shoppers 'secure stylish stockings'
The tedium of a slowing economy is pulling purse-strings tight for many women and causing many to begin shopping "like a man", it has been claimed.

Sarah Mower, writing for the Daily Telegraph, urged Britain's fashion-conscious females not to despair because they can no longer afford to make impulse purchases.

Rather, women should adopt more 'manly' retail characteristics and hunt out long-term bargains, items that will remain part of a wardrobe for years, she urged.

Instead of buying a statement dress which will be out of style within a matter of months, use bright and exciting hosiery to liven up an outfit, the reporter continued.

"Most men, if they fancy colour or pattern, limit it to shirts, scarves and socks. You're allowed tights," Ms Mower explained.

Kimberly Foster, writing for online resource Helium, recently referred to hosiery as a "fashion smorgasbord" offering a massive variety of colour and style.

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Tight trends: Footless and fancy-free

Tight trends: Footless and fancy-free
Footless tights are set to continue their domination of hosiery trends, if one style source is to be believed.

Thread - an online fashion and culture publication from New Zealand - has noted that even in high heeled shoes, footless tights can add an attractive and unusual appeal.

Furthermore, there are a variety of colours and patterns with which women can transform the look and style of their outfits.

Pairing a pair of brightly coloured or brassy tights with a plain black outfit can turn a simple look into a smoulderingly sophisticated set-up, the online magazine noted.

Furthermore, hosiery can keep people warm while the weather stays chilly, it suggested.

"Patterned and herringbone wool tights and sheers, opaques, stay-ups and knee highs will have you keeping warm and stylish," Thread promised.

Last month, fashion commentator Jan Shutt told local paper This is Lancashire that footless tights are the "greatest fashion invention of all time" as they are suitable for so many different occasions.

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Legwear 'lends ladies elegance'

Legwear 'lends ladies elegance'
Women can add a further touch of elegance to their cocktail dress or formal evening wear by selecting the right pair of tights to match it, an expert has commented.

Joe Wallace, writing for LifeTips, has reminded fashion-conscious females that when they look sexy, they feel sexy, making choosing the right hosiery particularly important.

He suggested that to "enhance the elegance" of black tights, women should choose legwear which has a touch of silk to increase the shimmer.

Selecting a very translucent pair of black tights to wear during the evening can add to an outfit's chic, the style reporter continued.

"A simple line down the back of the stocking or a hint of shimmer in the fabric offers a stylish - and much sexier - look," he added.

Often, tights can make an outfit appear more formal, which can be useful for smarter social affairs.

Recently, the Daily Mail reported that Ascot had reiterated its ban on bare legs among women attending the races.

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Kate Moss and the highland hosiery

Kate Moss and the highland hosiery
Catwalk queen Kate Moss has been showing Edinburgh the London look by dining out in a top restaurant wearing a simple but elegant ensemble.

The supermodel followed her boyfriend's band The Kills across the border and the two spent a romantic evening eating at the Witchery, the Scotsman reports.

Kate was clad in cut-off denim shorts matched with thick black tights, a pair of knee-high leather boots and a simple blue and white t-shirt, it continues.

Perhaps the famously chilly Scottish weather was the reason she donned woolly warm hosiery before hitting the Royal Mile.

Or perhaps Kate is choosing thick tights to protect her modesty after an unfortunate incident last month where the model's skirt rode up just as a Daily Mail photographer happened to be passing.

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Credit crunch corker: Stockings sales soar

Credit crunch corker: Stockings sales soar
During a recession, sales of lipsticks and hosiery soar as girls accessorise instead of buying new outfits, it has been claimed.

Welsh newspaper the Western Mail has highlighted that the credit crunch is having a rather unpleasant effect on people's finances and forcing many to wear last season's outfits again.

However, it notes that despite such gloomy economic prospects, women are still ensuring they look fresh, glam and stylish by piling up on accessories, tights and unusual lipstick.

"So pucker up and get your stockings on," the newspaper urged.

"There's nothing cute about the credit crunch but you might as well look it."

Women who are worried that their friends are not being hit by the same financial pressures as they are can be reassured by figures recently released by which showed that 57 per cent of adults plan to cut back their spending.

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Hosiery 'best for elegant interviews'

Hosiery 'best for elegant interviews'
When dressing smartly for an interview, it is important that women wear closed toes and hosiery, an expert has commented.

Image consultant Kristen Kaleal made her recommendations to online resource the News Herald, suggesting that a suit in charcoal or navy is often the most appropriate look a female candidate can go for.

She suggested that a skirt suit is best for an interview, although a trouser suit is suitable if it makes the candidate feel more relaxed.

A person's appearance is their "visual resume", Ms Kaleal continued.

She added: "A lot of times we are interviewing against people with the same background ... The difference sometimes is that one candidate looks a little more polished."

However, women should not feel that they have more to be concerned about than their male counterparts.

Job application advice resource urges men attending interviews to ensure their socks are calf-length and match the colour of their suits.

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Goose-pimpled in playsuits? Try tights

Goose-pimpled in playsuits? Try tights
Ladies who are loath to dress in the latest fashion for playsuits should pull on some tights to help keep the cold at bay, it has been suggested.

Fashion commentator Jayne Dawson has urged women not to be put off the new trend, a sort of all-in-one short suit, because of the chilly spring but instead to match it with some opaque hosiery, retaining the look but banishing the goose pimples.

"Want to wear cropped playsuits now? If it's too breezy to parade your pins, don't be afraid to test out the trend with opaque tights," she urged.

Ms Dawson acknowledged that whether cropped or not, all-in-one playsuits can be a scary trend for those who are not used to them, meaning tights can help boost confidence.

Women who are wary of wearing tights with their playsuits because they want to accessorise with summery footwear may find the current fashion for tights and peep-toe shoes particularly useful to complete this ensemble.

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Autumnal look 'seems drab in spring'

Autumnal look 'seems drab in spring'
By the middle of April, women hanker after a spring look whatever the weather, an expert has commented.

Fashion commentator Emily Zak, writing for style bible Vogue, explained that during October, black tights and woolly jumpers can seem romantic but that by the spring months they seem dreary and dull.

As the blossom starts to unfurl, women want to dress in a similarly floaty and appealing way, she continued.

"It should be time to pack away tired winter clothes and wear the sandals and floral dresses I started buying in February," Ms Zak insisted.

It is certainly true that at the slightest hint of winter ending, women want to wear floaty dresses and skirts.

Unfortunately, pale legs and icy winds make this a difficult time of year for the fashion-conscious female.

Recently, Stacy London, host of What Not to Wear, told the Denver Post that nude hosiery is a perfectly good alternative to bare legs and that there are some "great" stockings available.

However, she cautioned legwear fans not to buy tights in bright orange as that suntanned look is dated.

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Torn tights trends as grunge returns

Torn tights trends as grunge returns
Women everywhere could soon be hacking at their hosiery with scissors as that most diverse of fashion styles - grunge - looks to be returning to the catwalks.

Female fashion during the grungy 90s favoured ripped tights, matched with bold Doc Martins and feminine dresses and skirts and now Alexander Wang has been dressing his models in hacked-at-hosiery and stocking caps, it has been reported.

New York's Daily News suggests that the designer's rocky appeal suggests grunge is back in style.

"With a Clinton running for president, a spinoff of the small-screen hit 'Beverly Hills 90210' in development and the Stone Temple Pilots reuniting, it seems inevitable that fashion from the early 1990s will also be returning," it comments.

Fashion resource described Wang's latest offerings as looking "sexy-tough" and industrial.

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Sock horror as burgundy sock storm erupts

Sock horror as burgundy sock storm erupts
The importance of sports socks to men has been highlighted by the recent complaints made by a football team.

Oldham's team has complained to the Football League after they were forced to play a game against Northampton Town wearing their opposition's burgundy-coloured sports socks.

This was because the referee insisted they change after the Northampton team chose to swap their socks for a white pair - which would have meant both teams would be wearing the same colour legwear.

It was hard to assess whether Oldham were more upset about losing the game or donning socks which clashed with their blue strips.

Chief executive of the team Alan Hardy told BBC Radio Manchester: "To be honest, with royal blue shirts and shorts, it did not look particularly fetching on the pitch."

Oldham Football Club are currently playing in the Coca-Cola League 1.

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Stockings 'feeding accessories addiction'

Stockings 'feeding accessories addiction'
A self-confessed "accessories junky" has spoken of her current passion for patterned tights and striped stockings.

Kathleen VanDerAa, writing for the blog at, explained that her resolution for 2008 was to wear more accessories and that she has found legwear an easy way to add a fun feel to her wardrobe.

She unashamedly admitted having splurged cash on lacy, striped stockings, fun knee-high socks and patterned socks, adding: "So far, so good."

Earlier this week, Dianne M Daniels, an image and colour coach, commented in a post for the blog American and International Info that accessorising using scarves, tights, brooches and hats can turn dull outfits into extraordinary creations.

She suggested that using smart accessories with a basic wardrobe makes a woman look coordinated and polished and not haphazardly dressed.

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Monochrome creations at Australian Fashion Week

Monochrome creations at Australian Fashion Week
Australian Fashion Week is underway, with monochrome knee-high socks offering fashionistas an unusual legwear look.

Designer Kirrily Johnston clothed her models in natural make-up, with dramatically darkened eyebrows and with their hair scraped back into severe high-plaited buns, newspaper the West noted.

"Grey leg warmers and monochrome black and white tights were paired with a mix of ribboned heels and metallic flats," it continued.

The gifted designer's offerings mostly used black, white and grey but occasionally used "splashes of hot pink", the newspaper added.

Publication the Australian described Johnston's offerings as a "near faultless" collection of traditional Indian and Turkish costume elements combined with more modern shapes.

Furthermore, it revealed, the collection was made using soft fabrics which could be stuffed into suitcases and still worn as their jet-setting owners travel the world.

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Women urged to 'accessorise with tights'

Women urged to 'accessorise with tights'
Female fashion is frighteningly freefall this spring, with women loading up on a variety of unusual accessories, it has been suggested.

Amber Sumrall, writing for undergraduate publication the Student Printz, stated that this spring, the trend is for the fashion-conscious to state their own unusual style, preferably with a large amount of accessories.

Furthermore, accessorising is no longer confined to jewellery, the fashion commentator enthused.

"There are so many options now women are sporting men's ties, colourful knee-high sweat socks, leg warmers, gloves and so much more. Fashion is a great way to use your imagination," she added.

Recently, the style expert Laura Robinson told the Mirror that accessories such as tights, bright scarves and jackets could add a fun and jaunty look to an outfit or smarten up a less formal look.

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Red socks the race reward

Red socks the race reward
For most people, sports socks are a necessity for comfortable exercise but for one Lanarkshire town, they are a trophy.

Each year, Carnwath holds its Red Hose Race in which runners compete to win a pair of bright red fun socks.

This year, the town is celebrating 500 years of racing for socks, making the event officially the world's oldest road race, according to the Guiness Book of Records.

It originates from the early 1500s, where a fast runner would be selected to run from the border to Edinburgh in case of an invasion. The runner would be easily identified by their bright red socks.

However, in modern times, runners might prefer to select a pair of specially designed sports socks rather than hand knitted hosiery, no matter how much of an honour the socks conferred!

Socks have now been developed with everything from cushioning technology to pressure point mapping, meaning that - whatever the distance - a runner can stay comfortable and healthy.

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