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Two-tone tights are 'classic'

Two-tone tights are 'classic'
Although British Summer Time is officially here after losing an hour of precious sleep, the weather has not left us quite yet - meaning leg warming apparel is still very much necessary, it is said.

As a result, Jessica Watson of FemaleFirst decided to latch on to a new fashion in legwear which is coming through, deciding on the pulling power of two-tone tights as exampled by Chanel's new line.

Despite pioneering the style in the later months of 2008, the style expert believes the darker panel, which sits at the back of the tights, gives a great slimming effect and is unrivalled in the chic stakes.

Another lover of two-tone tights is Sarah Jessica Parker, who showed off her style at Chanel's Mobile Art launch party in October last year, making her one of the first people to go with the fashion.

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LG Fashion Week 'shows great future for leggings'

LG Fashion Week 'shows great future for leggings'
Responding to the famous cold weather of Canada, the most recent LG Fashion Week event in Toronto got its priorities right by decking out its models in lovely legwear, a style expert has stated.

Lacy Atalick of Sun Media stated that leather, lace and nylon leggings were particularly popular at the event.

She explained: "Tights in every colour under the rainbow drew attention to the gams to create a racy, sexy vibe - whether they were paired with skirts, dresses or sweaters or worn as pants."

Many of the legwear styles used shiny and matt colours to enhance their impact on the rest of the outfit they were matched to, with one designer - Travis Taddeo - starting the fabric at the ankles and stopping at the knees for added impact.

Last week, denim leggings were named as the trend of the future by FabSugar UK.

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Legwear love saves Sir Paul's trouser malfunction

Legwear love saves Sir Paul's trouser malfunction
Sir Paul McCartney may still be looking great for his age but his lack of trouser-checking resulted in blushes all round after he left his flies undone.

However, looking as glamorous as ever was his girlfriend Nancy Shevell, who saved the day with a strange outfit topped off with glittery leggings produced by none other than Stella McCartney.

Ms Shevell wore a salmon-coloured dress and a cream fitted jacket but added some extra style through her sequin-studded legwear to add a bit of a different take on the usual boring outfits.

Despite this, the Daily Mail was relatively nonplussed, describing them as looking like "bubble wrap".

Nancy and Sir Paul were on full display at Stella's most recent catwalk function in Paris earlier in March, alongside the likes of Salma Hayek and Kanye West.

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Cowell rips into young starlet's outfit

Cowell rips into young starlet's outfit
Allison Iraheta, the youngest contestant left in this year's American Idol and a rock prodigy in the making, has been attacked by Simon Cowell for her fashion sense.

The singing starlet dyed her hair magenta and wore a red and black dress paired with black leggings and white shoes during her rendition of No Doubt's Don't Speak, causing the outspoken judge to take her apart in front of the audience.

He compared the legwear-loving songstress to something out of the Addams Family, adding that he was not aware that it was Halloween.

Despite this, Allison was not on the chopping block for being lambasted for what many may have seen as a great outfit for the occasion.

Jordin Sparks, an American Idol alumnus herself, said recently that she has no idea who will come through as the best from the new class of singers.

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New Zealanders don red socks for charity

New Zealanders don red socks for charity
Following his untimely demise, Sir Peter Blake has left a legwear legacy for his fellow New Zealanders to follow.

Donning red socks in remembrance as part of a reference to good luck in the sailing world, people taking part will go to beaches and streams to clean them up and enhance the safety of seaside areas.

Vicki Watson, the general manager of the Sir Peter Blake Trust, said that it was encouraging to see so many people willing to wear the hosiery in his honour, adding that the marine environment was "one of Sir Peter's greatest passions".

She continued: "Every small step counts and the main thing is that students will take this knowledge with them and we hope they will be empowered to keep making a difference later in life."

The Sir Peter Blake Trust raises money for the marine environment through a number of other methods, such as with charity clothing and bottled water.

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Fun socks are no laughing matter for fraudster!

Fun socks are no laughing matter for fraudster!
Sylvia Rogers, a self-confessed penniless mother of three from Wythenshawe in Manchester, did not have too much of a laugh in court yesterday after being handed a six-month suspended sentence for fraud.

However, the pensioner - who was convicted of building up £60,000 using fraudulent benefit claims - perhaps tried to stick it to the courts by wearing a pair of fun socks which journalists have not taken too kindly to.

The novelty socks had the design "Show me the money" knitted into them, with a huge dollar sign drawing the attention of the cameras.

Ms Rogers, who claimed £28,000 and put it in high-yield accounts as opposed to simply squandering it, denied that her fun socks were intentional - although hosiery lovers will no doubt protest that there's a time and place for such great legwear.

Although novelty socks are always a favourite with people across the world, the predicted trend in fashion - as per the LG Fashion Week in Toronto - is going to be leggings.

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Socks knitting champion found in Michigan

Socks knitting champion found in Michigan
A woman has been honoured for her contributions to knitting and to something which will no doubt all lovers of footwear, it has been reported.

It all started with a sweater for Linda McGibbon, who made her first piece of knitwear in her fourth grade of school when she was the tender age of nine, which she made to prove to her mum that she would finish what she started, according to the Associated Press.

Now aged 59, Ms McGibbon is the winner of two awards for her sock knitting abilities.

The prizes, for most colourful socks and the "best in the universe", were given to her by yarn company Regia.

Last week, the Sir Peter Blake Trust asked people to don their socks in order to highlight the importance of clean beaches and waterways across New Zealand.

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Coleen Nolan loves her wet-look leggings

Coleen Nolan loves her wet-look leggings
In her autobiography launch this week, former singer and Dancing on Ice star Coleen Nolan stepped out in style, accompanied by two buff topless men as she left her limo for the event.

Although her presence drew attention to the gents' lack of clothes, it was her choice of legwear which raised eyebrows despite her fashionable style.

Coleen donned a pair of wet-look leggings which, despite them being particularly popular with her younger counterparts, did not quite work for the 44-year-old, the Daily Mail states.

It noted that she was trying to adopt a look a little to youthful for her, with a plunging neckline emphasising her intentions.

Despite this, she still looked quite glamorous, although the likes of Sarah Harding of Girls Aloud are more accustomed to the trendy leggings.

Coleen has given up her habit of smoking 40 cigarettes a day after she saw how she would look in ten years' time, announcing her decision at the beginning of the month.

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Fun socks 'order of the day' for major fundraiser

Fun socks 'order of the day' for major fundraiser
A charity event, which aims to raise awareness of autism, is asking all participants to go the extra mile and find a great pair of fun socks to wear on the organised walk.

According to the Portsmouth News, the Hampshire Autistic Society has organised Sock it to Autism, an event which will see people putting on brightly coloured silly socks to raise money and awareness of the condition in the area.

Talking about the get-together in June, events fundraiser for Hampshire Autistic Society Gemma Harvey said: "We are hoping for good weather and a great turn out.

"There will be a prize for the silliest socks, so make them as crazy as possible!"

One person not suiting fun socks this week was Sylvia Rogers, a fraudster who turned up to her court hearing wearing a pair declaring "show me the money".

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Fishnets are 'better than bare legs'

Fishnets are 'better than bare legs'
Bare legs not an option this month - however, fishnet stockings are here to save the day.

Female First, drawing from the experience of established celebrities such as Lady GaGa, Rihanna and Girls Aloud, states that the sexy hosiery is simply a must in the coming months.

The style resource said that people from 16 to 60 could model the trend.

It added that women can get a huge ego boost through wearing them as they can emphasise the curves of the body, with many believing that it can shave the years off their image.

One famous lover of fishnet stockings is Diane Von Furstenberg, with the 62-year-old fashion designer recently donning the legwear on the front cover of Purple fashion magazine.

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Legwear-loving Kate Moss helps UK style take over US

Legwear-loving Kate Moss helps UK style take over US
Sir Philip Green, the owner of Topshop, paired up with one of his most effective business partner yet, Kate Moss, to launch his first store in New York.

The famous dealmaker was accompanied by the supermodel on Broadway as the store was officially opened to the public this week, with Kate stealing the show with her usual great taste in fashion.

Wearing a green full-length dress and a navy leather jacket, the catwalk star slipped in a little legwear elegance with the addition of black opaque tights, which she revealed through the split leg in her outfit.

She also stepped out in the same hosiery earlier in the day, highlighting its classic look with many outfits.

Earlier this month, Kate Moss challenged her friend Lily Allen to a cocktail making and drinking competition, with Kate taking home the crown.

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Ripped leggings are 'all the rage'

Ripped leggings are 'all the rage'
The recession is being felt everywhere, though one fashion expert now argues that tighter budgets are forcing people to take matters into their own hands when creating the next big thing.

And that new trend that everyone is wanting is ripped leggings, Ashley Reiner of the Houston Fashion Trends Examiner stated.

Despite her belief that the leggings look was starting to seem a little boring due to the clothing's genuine popularity, the new style of torn leggings - which could have many young fashionistas reaching for the scissors - is going strong.

Ms Reiner explained: "Who knows if I will ever uncover the mystery behind the trend of ripped clothing.

"But that's the beauty of fashion - it doesn't have to make sense; it just is."

Last week, Coleen Nolan rolled back the years by stepping out in wet-look leggings, another trend that is remarkably popular at the moment.

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Katy pulls off crazy leggings look

Katy pulls off crazy leggings look
One of 2008's major breakthrough singers, Katy Perry, has made her presence remarkably well known in Washington DC as she signed autographs for fans.

The musician, known best for her song I Kissed a Girl, wore an electric pink satin blazer alongside bright pink leopard-skin leggings in a look which most other famous faces would have looked ridiculous in, the Daily Mail reported.

Luckily, Katy is already well known for her commitment to audacious clothing and regularly flaunts her strange style on stage, turning up in plenty of fancy dress outfits and displaying a strange taste in colour schemes, with her new choice in leggings being no exception.

Recently, Nicki Hilton and Katy turned up to an event at Prive Las Vegas wearing the same dress, although Katy arguably wore it better by pairing it with a very chic pair of black opaque tights.

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French treat needs tights, says grandma

French treat needs tights, says grandma
A grandmother from Anglesey has declared her strange taste for the British garden's most famous gastropods - the common snail.

Oriole Parker Rhodes, a 59-year-old from Wales, spoke of her desire to oppose the recession by using things to hand - with snails being a particularly popular choice given the fact they were eating her potatoes and generally littering her back garden.

Using a pair of tights, she is able to give them a new home, stretching the hosiery over a flowerpot to let them live for a week after finding mature specimens.

With the help of melted butter, wine, stock, onion, garlic and wild herbs, the gran is able to cook up a storm - although it may not be to most people's taste!

Last month, the Open University asked for students to go on a hunt for banded snails in order to trace the effects of climate change in the UK.

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April fashion: leggings, and lots of them

April fashion: leggings, and lots of them
L is the letter of choice for one fashion expert this month, with several major style trends for spring and summer of 2009 falling solidly into this category - including one for hosiery lovers.

Yes, leggings are on the agenda again, with one of the most popular trends in the country is now heading a list compiled by FemaleFirst highlighting the awesome clothing a girl can get her hands on to stay sharp and look great.

It explained: "Invest in wet-look if you haven't already, and if you're feeling brave, disco leggings are set to be big news on the high street this summer."

Last week, Katy Perry, the pop starlet, stepped out in a crazy pair of fuchsia leggings, impressing fans and photographers at the Daily Mail alike with her ability to pull the look off.

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Apprentice reject 'regrets tights'

Apprentice reject 'regrets tights'
Fresh from her final boardroom with Sir Alan Sugar, Apprentice reject Paula Jones has spoken of her time on the show, particularly highlighting the silly things that happened while on the show.

One of her biggest bugbears was her style choices, with the former contestant grimacing at her choice of hosiery during her final challenge.

Paula told BBC's Newsbeat: "One regret I do have is on the last task wearing a spotted dress, red tights, shoe boots, a mac, an apron and a pink bumbag.

"I think I looked like I'd escaped from somewhere and was going to feed pigeons."

She added that it was certainly not the best fashion decision she's made during her lifetime.

Paula's final task saw her becoming team captain and making a massive misjudgement, using sandalwood as a fragrance instead of cedarwood, in turn spending well over £500 more on the task.

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Bailey the dog mimics his sock-loving movie counterpart

Bailey the dog mimics his sock-loving movie counterpart
The link between missing socks and her dog Bailey was not as clear as it could have been for Nicola Perrett, whose pet took on the mantle of a character from a popular film.

Bailey mimicked the nominal dog from Marley & Me by showing off his insatiable hunger... for socks.

Mother-of-two Nicola was originally told that it could be a tumour, causing a lot of distress for her - though things weren't quite as they seemed.

She told the Bournemouth Echo: "I was absolutely devastated and spent all morning crying at work.

"Later I got a call saying they had found socks, gloves and a stocking. I was so relieved although I knew it was still touch and go."

According to Tell Me How, people should ensure their dog always has a toy in order to avert any possibility of socks disappearing.

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Agyness rocks the knee-high socks

Agyness rocks the knee-high socks
Agyness Deyn, who is no stranger to the fashion world, has adopted a cool new look for the filming of an advert across the waters in New York's Manhattan.

The model, who grew up in Littleborough near Manchester, is usually accustomed to the catwalk or red carpets around the world, yet it was on the steps of a major city building where she paired her pastel pink outfit with a pair of attractive knee-high pink socks.

Alongside the dazzling hosiery, Agyness was also accompanied by French-Canadian male model Gabriel Aubry, who donned pastel colours on his green jeans.

Gabriel is well known for his current partnership with Halle Berry, with the pair having their first baby on March 16th 2008 after a highly-public number of months failing to conceive.

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Faces of British fashion unveiled

Faces of British fashion unveiled
Ahead of its event next month, Clothes Show London has listed a number of definitive style icons of the 20th century, with many proving to have an "enduring legacy" on the British fashion industry.

The "resounding icon" of the 1990s was Kate Moss, whose embrace of socks, leggings and tights over the years has propelled legwear to new heights in the industry.

Additionally, Madonna was named the 1980s Material Girl, with Debbie Harry of rock band Blondie stealing the show when it came to the great trends of the 1970s.

Going even further back, Bridget Bardot, Audrey Hepburn and Marlene Dietrich claimed the 60s, 50s and 40s between them.

Recently, Kate Moss attended the launch of Topshop in New York City, turning out in a green flowing split-leg dress with a well-chosen pair of tights to complete the outfit.

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Peaches loves her knee-highs

Peaches loves her knee-highs
Although no stranger to her own taste in legwear, Peaches Geldof has showed her true colours as a fashionista by donning a pair of knee-high socks in a new magazine shoot.

The starlet, who is the daughter of Boomtown Rat Bob, wore her hosiery in Asos magazine, accentuating her edgy outfit by choosing a bright purple pair to brighten up the photos, the News of the World revealed.

Peaches, who is also known for her love of leggings and tights, stated that she is now away from alcohol as a way of regaining a healthy look, although she insists that she is no poser or diva, instead leading a relatively normal lifestyle.

She told Asos: "I'm a girl that flies economy and lives in a tiny flat with two poor friends in Brooklyn. I buy vintage and Oxfam, I queue for clubs like everyone else."

Peaches plans on resurrecting her music career after her original attempt fell flat with band This Tawdry Affair.

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Sports socks help during an 'exhausting' Earth Day

Sports socks help during an 'exhausting' Earth Day
In a push for cleaner air, an organisation has tried its hardest to make the world a nicer place to live in, celebrating Earth Day through the medium of socks.

The Dormitory Authority of Albany, New York State got together to storm parking lots in the city to combine white sports socks with the exhausts of cars to show just how much filth an engine can knock out during the course of a day.

It is hoped that through their hosiery-based actions, the group have highlighted the importance of regular car tune-ups and cutting down on the use of petrol and cars in general.

Today is Earth Day, which is celebrating its 39th year of highlighting the need for everyone across the world to become more energy-efficient.

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Leggings are 'not trousers'

Leggings are 'not trousers'
Leggings are generally considered to be great things for everyone to own in the coming months, but only if they are used properly, according to one expert.

Kelsey Rubenking, a fashion specialist writing for the Examiner, explained that under no circumstances should leggings be simply used as trouser supplements, even if they look great in the mirror on the morning.

Ms Rubenking explained that "leggings are even less forgivable to your body and silhouette than skinny jeans are and even on a tall, lithe model, they still don't qualify as bottoms by themselves."

She added that there really is nothing less flattering than showing off every curve and fold of the body to the public, which leggings sometimes have the propensity to do.

According to Female First, leggings are an unstoppable trend this April and beyond, with the likes of Katy Perry making them an extremely fashionable investment.

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Chloe Sevigny in 'epic fashion fail'

Chloe Sevigny in 'epic fashion fail'
The Coachella Festival brought the stars out to shine in Los Angeles last weekend, yet one made a really bad name for herself by combining socks with a beige pair of sandals.

Chloe Sevigny, who starred in such films as Kids, Boys Don't Cry and American Psycho, turned up in the worst possible combination which any socks lover could adopt, particularly given the circumstances.

Not only was it a high-profile appearance but she also paired the foot-based get-up with a flowing and relatively attractive floral dress layered over a black t-shirt, before switching to a shirt dress.

However, instead of leaving her socks off when getting changed, she simply put another pair on instead - this time in white.

Chloe currently stars in Big Love, a television drama on American network HBO about a fundamentalist Mormon practising polygamy, with the star playing the main character's second wife.

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Blisters are 'easy to avoid with right knowledge'

Blisters are 'easy to avoid with right knowledge'
Although many people may consider blisters to be a minor problem which will take care of themselves, everyone should be particularly careful, according to a podiatrist.

Serving in a London Marathon or two as a foot specialist, Hadyn Kelly told the Times that blisters, if left untreated, are prone to breaking and can get particularly messy should an infection take hold.

The expert noted that proper-fitting shoes that have been tried and tested six or more times should be used over long-distance runs, though another important addition is a comfortable and well-fitting pair of socks, with a second pair of hosiery on hand should things get uncomfortable.

Mr Kelly added that if a person wants to try any treatments for their feet such as surgical spirit, they ought to do it in training as the wrong solution could prove to be very uncomfortable indeed.

On Sunday, Darren Stone, a 22-year-old from Taunton in Somerset, set the world record for the fastest completion of the London marathon while dressed as a cartoon character, doing the race in a Bananaman costume in three hours, 36 minutes.

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Printed leggings are 'all the rage'

Printed leggings are 'all the rage'
It may be sunny weather to come this summer, yet leggings are still going to stay in vogue - particularly the printed variety, according to one expert in the field.

FabSugar UK, one of the leading voices in the UK fashion world, stated that the 1980s revival is to go into "overdrive" in the coming season and as a result, leggings are not only brighter than ever but a lot bolder.

The catwalks have also been going crazy for this style, the fashion resource emphasised, with Alexander McQueen being a particularly major proponent of the series.

FabSugar also noted how award-winning singer M.I.A has included the item in her own clothing line, showing how many leading celebrities are happily embracing the hosiery trend.

M.I.A recently turned the Coachella festival into a huge dance party after inviting people on stage to dance while she performed.

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Sock-stealing cat burglar takes Loughborough by storm

Sock-stealing cat burglar takes Loughborough by storm
A moggy called Henry has become Loughborough's most famous cat burglar after the feline returned with a large haul of socks for its owner Anne Brandon.

The cat, which has done away with the traditional capture of dead birds and mice, instead looks for hosiery to bring back to his master - something which has caused a lot of embarrassment for Ms Brandon, the Loughborough Echo reported.

She explained: "I've no idea where he's getting them from, the neighbours think it's hysterical.

"Someone's obviously missing them and if people are aware that it's happening they could perhaps put them somewhere different so he can't do it anymore."

Socks have been on the agenda in both Loughborough and Littleborough, with the latter town's most famous daughter, Agyness Deyn, pushing the trend of knee-high socksin Manhattan this month.

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Older people 'can wear leggings too'

Older people 'can wear leggings too'
Leggings are not just a trend for the young, one writer has argued, stating that she is reclaiming the fashion for herself and other people of her age.

Vanessa Friedman, a columnist and fashion editor for the Financial Times, stated that she was a particularly big fan of leggings circa 1985 at the tender age of 18, yet she had not worn the hosiery for years.

Following a period of putting them on and immediately taking them off - before chastising herself for daring to try them on at all - she finally started to feel more at ease with leggings.

Ms Friedman explained: "In case you want to know, I do wear my leggings now, all the time, with a small-shouldered narrow jacket and T-shirt that hits somewhere below my stomach. And I love them."

The expert is the first and only person to be in charge of fashion at the newspaper.

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Socks and sandals 'may be good after all'

Socks and sandals 'may be good after all'
It has already been established that Chloe Sevigny suffered an epic fail while attending the Coachella festival, rocking up in the fatal combination of sandals with socks.

Yet the statement made by the actress has seemingly rubbed off on FemaleFirst, which is now second-guessing its original comments that it really is the worst thing a person can do to themselves in the world of fashion.

Noting that ankle socks are to be the popular trend in the next few months, the online magazine stated that they may go together relatively well, although the combination may have to be less obvious than Chloe's pairing of white socks and beige sandals with a darker outfit.

The resource explained: "We're not completely opposed to the idea, say if you had a nasty fungal infection or needed a pedicure, then covering your feet is a wise move, but adding some sandals to that look, we're not so sure."

Among the artists at the most recent Coachella festival in California this month were Paul McCartney, Morrissey, The Killers, The Cure and the Chemical Brothers.

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Online is the 'new high street'

Online is the 'new high street'
Fashionistas may as well stick to the internet - it is likely to be the future of clothes buying, according to one expert in the industry.

Shelly Vella, the fashion director of Cosmopolitan magazine, stated that the new way of thinking ties in well with busy lifestyles, with many people finding little time to head to shops to buy leggings, socks or tights.

She said that the other important thing is that choice seems to know no boundaries on the internet, with everything at the shopper's port of call.

Ms Vella continued: "You are not having to hang around to find out if things aren't in stock, you don't have to rely on store staff running around the stockroom, it is just kind of ping 'your size isn't available' that kind of thing."

Legwear continues to fight the downturn in the market, with the IMRG Capgemini e-Retail Sales Index revealing last week that clothing, footwear and accessories is the strongest-performing sector in both monthly and yearly indexes.

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Fashion will 'always be popular', despite recession

Fashion will 'always be popular', despite recession
The recession is no fashion beater, it has been said.

Fashion director for Cosmopolitan Shelly Vella explained that people will always be into their shopping in one way or another, though people are becoming a lot better at finding the best deals for their tights and leggings.

She continued: "It is a tricky one but I think we are more careful and a little bit more picky about where we shop."

Ms Vella added that people make sure they are "not buying things that are not too cheap and disposable but have a little bit more longevity".

"I think the trend to keep shopping will continue."

Ms Vella said that she broke one of her own resolutions to not buy any clothing this week, picking something off the shelf in the early morning on her way to work - something others will struggle to resist too, she adds.

According to the latest figures from the CBI, UK retail sales have broadly remained flat in the year up to April.

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