Hot tips to prevent smelly feet

Published: 08th April 2015

Hot tips to prevent smelly feet

There are few things more off-putting than catching a whiff of someone's smelly feet. But wearing socks is one way you can avoid being the culprit after you've been out and about in the sunshine.

Many people will be doing just that this week by taking long country walks in the warm weather, but all those steps in the heat can lead to sweaty and smelly feet.

You could buy foot spray but there are several other ways to avoid the problem, including washing your feet well, drying your feet, giving your feet room to breathe and of course, simply wearing socks.

Socks do the trick by absorbing sweat but of course it's important to change them every day or your socks and your feet will smell.

Bacteria can build up on your feet and cause a stink so make sure you wash between your toes when having a shower and dry your feet all over with a towel rather than letting the air dry them. Talcum powder can add extra freshness and also help to avoid Athlete's Foot and other complaints caused by a build-up of fungus.

Wearing flip-flops and sandals during the summer will give your feet breathing room but shoes, boots and trainers can be aired outside after they have been worn before being put away.

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