How to beat the blister

Published: 30th April 2015

How to beat the blister

Could socks be the answer to beating blisters? New research seems to suggest so.

Blisters are traditionally linked to ill-fitting shoes or marathon running, but the type of socks you wear could also have an impact, according to a leading podiatrist.

Ryan Rushton said nylon or PTFE-made socks are the best to avoid blisters. Sock wearers prone to blisters should avoid wearing cotton or thin ones, he added.

That's because these sweat-absorbing socks increase friction, allowing the feet no lubrication to operate with touching your shoes. And friction is your worst enemy if you wish to avoid blisters.

It causes your skin's outer layer to become detached from other interior layers. This results in a sack which our bodies then pack with fluid. Nylon or PTFE-made socks reduce friction.

Rushton also recommends:

- putting talc down your socks to reduce moisture

- rubbing petroleum jelly or antiperspirant on parts of your tootsies which rub against footwear

- making time for your shoes and feet to cool off in order to reduce heat

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