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Tights 'make summer dresses last longer'

Tights 'make summer dresses last longer'
Fashionistas will be able to make their summer dresses and skirts last into the autumn with the help of some on-trend legwear, asserts one commentator.

Expressing their opinion via online resource College Fashion, an unnamed writer notes that tights, stockings and bright coloured hosiery can be both fashionable and functional.

Interesting patterns and jewel tones are the "hottest types of tights" at the moment, they add.

The reporter comments that high-end designers such as Chanel, Anna Sui and Emma Cook are particular fans of patterned tights, with many incorporating painted images and a variety of textures into their legwear.

For less fashion-forward individuals, opaque tights in block colours can also lend the most grown-up of outfits a "fun" air, they suggest.

Meanwhile, the editor of Lou Lou magazine recently stated that lacy tights are a great way to make an outfit look romantic without going overboard, although she warned that some may feel the hosiery is a bit too trashy for some people's tastes.

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Men in tights: A new fashion?

Men in tights: A new fashion?
Fashion conscious men could soon be stepping into historic fashion and donning tights, it is reported.

Although it has been 500 years since tights were a firm favourite with manly men such as Robin Hood, the legwear look could be enjoying a resurgence in popularity according to the Daily Mail.

It states a number of lingerie manufacturers are now producing male hosiery - and even selling out of the tights.

This could be down to the popularity of superheroes films, the newspaper suggests.

Kieran Hughes, director of hosiery supplier Precious Collections, told the publication the firm is selling more than 1,000 pairs of men's tights a month.

However, Natalie Theo, the Daily Mail's fashion editor, is less enthusiastic, arguing the legwear is "metrosexuality gone stark raving mad".

Despite her derision, there have been other suggestions that men could soon be sporting stockings.

Matthew Sorrow, writing for the Fibre2Fashion blog, recently suggested men could soon embrace fashions which have previously been considered feminine, such as scarves, tights and skirts.

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Little black dress 'needs flattering opaque tights'

Little black dress 'needs flattering opaque tights'
The little black dress is once again a must-have fashion staple this season, a young designer states.

Jasper Garvida, the winner of recent hit show Project Catwalk, makes his comments to the Sun, claiming the look is very "Audrey Hepburn" when combined with key accessories.

Women should complement the outfit with colourful skinny belts and opaque tights, he urges.

Such hosiery can "flatter and lengthen legs especially when worn with a killer stiletto like Kelly Brook", Garvida adds.

Fashionable females donning a sexy dress and some dazzling hosiery may want to consider recent comments from Catherine Zeta-Jones.

She told the Irish Independent that although she has ditched fishnet tights now, she would rather wear sexy, slinky stockings than wrinkly legwear.

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Only Men Aloud! do it in socks

Only Men Aloud! do it in socks
Anyone watching the choir Only Men Aloud! practice recently will have noticed the stars of the BBC show Last Choir Standing are dancing in their socks.

However, the boys have been practising in their socks because the rehearsal studio bans shoes on its dance floor, the South Wales Echo reports.

Perhaps any splinters will help the boys hit the high notes.

Unfortunately, the newspaper carries no information on the singers' sock choices, so it may never be known whether the Welsh men prefer black socks, patterned socks or even novelty socks.

The choir has now made it to the final six in the BBC competition.

Should the singers consider keeping their shoes off for the competition at the weekend, they may want to ensure they are wearing only the most stylish socks.

Recently, the Times highlighted there is considerable debate as to whether or not men should wear bright, fun socks or plain black ones.

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Compression socks 'look silly but help performance'

Compression socks 'look silly but help performance'
Compression socks could help improve athletic performance but many sportsmen and women worry they look silly, it is claimed.

Many people may prefer black socksfun socks or novelty socks, as online news source the Baxter Bulletin admits the legwear may not be attractive or fashionable.

However, the publication asserts such sports socks offer many health benefits.

"Compression socks are known mostly as treatment for people with circulation problems. Athletes have found that they can also aid circulation and prevent muscle fatigue during competition," it argues.

Furthermore, many wearers state the legwear is extremely comfortable, the website adds.

Legwear such as the Levante Energia compression socks claim to help circulation by preventing blood from pooling in the lower limbs resulting from standing or sitting.

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Legwear lovers 'prefer tights'

Legwear lovers 'prefer tights'
Most legwear-loving women are wearing tights, a new study shows. Research conducted via the Fashion Legwear blog shows 48 per cent of hosiery fans wear everyday tights, 32 per cent pull on some sultry stockings and a bold ten per cent wear thigh-high legwear.

The blog is now running a poll to discover whether patterned tights or sheer hosiery is the top preference among the world's fashionistas.

Recently, a hosiery enthusiast writing for College Fashion suggested tights are not only attractive but can be used to make summer dresses suitable even in the autumn.

The unnamed legwear fan said patterned tights in jewel-tone colours are the most appealing choices as the summer comes to an end, adding that designers are taking last year's trend for sheer tights to the "next level".

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Cat 'obsessed with gobbling socks'

Cat 'obsessed with gobbling socks'
Missing socks are a curse that goes hand in hand with having feet and most people never know what becomes of one half of their legwear sets.

However, one woman knows exactly where her socks go as she keeps finding her cat chomping them down.

Grace Carver, the owner of Steve the cat, makes her revelation in a letter to the Contra Costa Times, begging for advice on her sock-sucking feline.

"This problem borders on addiction," she states, noting the beastie will often place a sock in his food bowl and chew it in between bites of his meal.

"I've caught him in the laundry hamper foraging and digging in the garbage after I've thrown away a sock I caught him with. I'm stumped," Ms Carver admits.

The newspaper's pet expert reassured her that many cats go crazy for particular items, noting one feline he knows steals women's clothes from by the swimming pool!

Earlier this year, the Canadian moggy Tut, dubbed Klepto Cat, made the newspapers for stealing vast quantities of socks from nearby homes.

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Designers 'seeing hosiery potential'

Designers 'seeing hosiery potential'
Designers have recently begun to embrace the potential offered by patterned tights and stockings, it is claimed.

Online style resource the Supermelon states that recently hosiery has become an accessory with the potential to make an outfit complete.

Furthermore, as autumn approaches, tights can keep legs toasty, the blog continues.

"From patterns to lace to sheer to opaque, tights have become a major creative outlet for designers... Only recently have tights had the potential to really make an outfit," the writer asserts.

Recently, Jasper Garvida, the winner of the recent series of Project Catwalk, told the Sun newspaper women should wear opaque tights to complement this season's "must-have" little black dress.

He stated that when paired with "killer" heels, such hosiery can flatter legs and make them seem longer.

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Tights 'can help with jet lag'

Tights 'can help with jet lag'
Tights are not just a fashionable extra which add oomph to an outfit but can actually offer health benefits, it is suggested.

New research recommends people flying abroad for work or pleasure to don some high-tech hosiery, which it claims can help limit the effects of jet lag.

The Aviation Health Institute asserts the limited oxygen in aircraft combines with the long flight to affect people's internal clock and cause excessive sleepiness.

Special tights, it argues, can increase the flow of blood back to the heart.

This is not the first time legwear has offered such health benefits.

Recently, the Baxter Bulletin reported special compression socks can help athletes' performance, as well as helping people with circulation problems.

The publication said the socks may not be as fashionable as other alternatives but can improve performance while offering runners comfortable feet.

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Lulu knees prompt hosiery warning

Lulu knees prompt hosiery warning
Women of a certain age should not bare their knees a la Lulu, it is suggested.

Fashion reporter Liz Jones makes her comments in the Daily Mail, admitting Lulu looks lovely for her age but warning she has outgrown the ability to jaunt about in a mini-skirt without hosiery.

She urges women to wear everyday tights such as opaque hosiery to conceal any particularly aged knees and retain their glamour.

Furthermore, women over the age of 60 should avoid stilettos as a kitten heel is both more attractive and less likely to cause injury, the style guru adds.

Women who decide their days of bare legs are over should not despair as fashion favours hosiery.

Recently, the Style Guru online fashion resource argued patterned tights are a must-have for desirable dames this year.

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Tights 'can be cool in hottest weather'

Tights 'can be cool in hottest weather'
Many women are expected to wear everyday tights to work even on the hottest days but they can still keep cool, a fashion resource.

One office worker, writing to the Style Baker for help, explains she works in a conservative office and could not go without tights, or presumably in a pair of fun socks matched with some smart shoes.

What, she begs, can she wear that will make her boss happy while looking good and keeping her cool in the heat?

"Your best bet is to choose ultra sheer or transparent hosiery that closely matches your skin tone. This will give you that bare leg look while still conforming to your office dress code," the website responds.

Furthermore, it urges fashionable office workers to don patterned tights and colourful hosiery as the weather gets colder.

Recently online resource Style Guru highlighted that this season's catwalks have been filled with patterned tights and socks, including tartan, polka dot and snakeskin designs.

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Stockings are rocking for Dita Von Teese

Stockings are rocking for Dita Von Teese
Marilyn Manson's ex-wife and burlesque star Dita Von Teese has topped a survey of legwear lovers' stocking superstars, the Daily Star revealed today.

The news provider noted that Dita, the leg-parading face of Secrets in Lace, was one of the main forces behind the stocking revolution that is predicted to sweep the nation in autumn and winter.

Citing childhood hero Betty Grable as an influence on her choice of clothing, the 35-year-old placed above other famous names in a chart for luxury legwear devotees.

These included Christina Aguilera, Kirsten Dunst, Angelina Jolie and Britain's very own Amanda Holden.

An appearance by Dita Von Teese at a cosmetic surgeon's 18th anniversary bash in the Philippines was rumoured to have been cost her evening's employers around 1.5 million rand (£102,000), according to South Africa's News24.

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Pair plaid 'with bright tights'

Pair plaid 'with bright tights'
Trends may not change too much for men this autumn but for young women the "fashion forecast is a lot more interesting", an American newspaper claims.

The Detroit Free Press reckons that the market will see a tartan and ruffle overload, with old-school influences coming back, including high-waist jeans.

However, budding fashionistas will only be able to get the most out of their plaid skirts with colourful tights, bringing together the proposed popular fabric - corduroy - with bright patterned tights and nifty legwear.

The newspaper said that it should be understood that "not everything suits everyone's style" and added: "The trick is to combine individual items into specific looks."

With the back-to-school look high on many people's shopping list, American TV station ABC paired up with the Mall of America to promote the "city prep" look of pleated skirts with tights as well as stylish argyle patterns.

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Loft-based stockings of Queen Victoria go to auction

Loft-based stockings of Queen Victoria go to auction
Mary Youings, an 82-year-old former teacher from Ripley in Derbyshire, dug Queen Victoria's pair of stockings out of her loft to sell at Hanson's Auctioneers in Derby after the silky offering was passed down through her family for nearly 100 years.

She said that she did not know quite how the historical hosiery became a family heirloom, adding that they were probably given to her mother in around 1910.

Ms Youings added: "It was only when I heard about Queen Victoria's bloomers being sold that I had any idea they might be worth something. I was astonished."

The black and white two-tone stockings will be offered to fans of leggings and tights on September 3rd, where they are expected to generate much more than the proposed reserve of £200.

Victoria's bloomers were revealed to have a 50-inch waistline, the Daily Telegraph reported.

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Lois Winstone dazzles in metallic tights

Lois Winstone dazzles in metallic tights
Camden played host to a wide range of music stars yesterday night as they got together to raise money for the Hawley Arms, a famous pub that was ravaged by a fire in Camden Market six months ago, the BBC has reported.

Alongside Amy Winehouse, Razorlight and Noel Fielding of the Mighty Boosh was the "visually arresting" Lois Winstone - daughter of Ray - who dazzled spectators with metallic legwear.

The stunning tights matched her ensemble which resembled a "human glitterball" according to BBC sources, which added a mirrored bodice to the nifty stockings.

Performing with her band This New Model, she told the BBC: "It was an amazing pub, which we all had some great and messy times in.

"There's no other places to have a good drink and a good laugh."

The Daily Telegraph recently reported that Ray Winstone came second to Jeremy Clarkson in a recent "men's man" poll, with Gordon Ramsay coming third.

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Red tights 'require charisma'

Red tights 'require charisma'
Those who wish to wear red tights must be "oozing charisma and self-assurance" a blogger for a TV channel website has noted.

Sarah, a writer for the CW Source, cited TV show Gossip Girl and a central character's interest in funky tights and bright legwear.

Blair, she said, got away with her "utterly delectable red tight ensemble" by not trying too hard, instead having the confidence to "stride down the street" in her hosiery-led fashion statement.

However, Sarah added that "stunning legs" were a big bonus too, with the rewards being huge for those who can pull off the legwear's look - but that many people simply do not suit the colour at all.

The blogger warned: "You'll be spotted as a poseur and a pretender to the throne. You'll come off as a clown. So do it right, or don't do it at all."

FemaleFirst noted that red tights brighten up the newest fashions as tomato is "THE colour of the season".

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Tight fan is "most stylish woman on the planet"

Tight fan is "most stylish woman on the planet"
Madonna has been named the "most stylish woman on the planet" by a columnist in the Daily Mail after she was hailed as the "original trendsetter".

Liz Jones wrote in the newspaper that regardless of her costume "howlers", the singer has had "huge impact" on the fashion industry, with notable mentions directed at her choices of legwear.

Ms Jones stated that Madonna had "unabashed joy in her own body" when she used cut-off leggings and big hair tied up with tights.

She added that the impact of leggings on her fashion sense did not stop early, with the star wearing a pair of fishnet tights with a leotard in the video for Confessions On A Dancefloor, proving at age 47 that older women could also look glamorous in legwear and stockings.

NME recently reported that Madonna turned 50 on Saturday, with the singer scoring her 13th number one single this year.

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Tights central to "ad-hoc experiments"

Tights central to "ad-hoc experiments"
A famous style icon and journalist has emphasised the development of individuality in fashion, finding legwear to be part of new trends, it has emerged.

Writing for the Financial Times, fashionista Daphne Guinness earmarked tights and leggings as helpful in developing a style belonging to the individual that wears them, depending on what they combine their hosiery with.

Ms Guinness added that now it only took a short stroll in a city such as London or New York - even just browsing a fashion blog - to see two opposing "ad-hoc experiments" employing legwear as part of the style.

She continued that in New York, one may find someone in "very tight, very shrunken jackets and trousers, and then you jump to another and see a different type of person wearing an oversized shirt, belted with silver tights".

Daphne Guinness donated a selection of her unused haute couture items to auction to support the Womankind charity in April, Luxist reported earlier this year. ADNFCR-1412-ID-18739865-ADNFCR

Parsons advances to finals without lucky socks

Parsons advances to finals without lucky socks
British medal hopes continue to soar as Tom Parsons put himself in the Olympic high jump final - without his novelty socks.

The Birmingham Mail reported that the local field athlete qualified after his 2.25m jump gained him a place in the last round, even though Chinese officials did not like his lucky legwear, citing his choice of novelty socks as non-regulation.

Parsons told the newspaper that he was disappointed with his performance and noted that the absence of his claret and blue patterned socks may have been the reason.

He said: "They would not let me wear the Villa socks - maybe that’s why I did not have such a good day."

Tom Parsons, without his novelty socks, will hope to add to the Great British haul in Beijing where the nation currently sits in third behind China and the USA with 15 gold medals.

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'Men in tights' now fashionable

'Men in tights' now fashionable
According to retailers in Europe and the United States, men are choosing to mimic their female and superhero counterparts with their choice of legwear, it has been reported.

In a report for, Shelley Emling commented on the latest craze of men buying tights and hosiery, with the reporter making the link between recent Batman-based blockbuster the Dark Knight and the growing trend for leggings.

In a range of interviews with leading tights providers, it was concluded that the trend was to add insulation in colder climates, as the legwear "stimulates circulation and alleviates muscle fatigue".

One even highlighted the fact that Roman soldiers were issued with leggings over 2,000 years ago as part of their uniform.

Earlier this month, the Daily Mail noted that the Aviation Health Institute had recommended that those travelling by plane should wear high pressure tights to fight jet lag, which it said helps oxygenate the blood.

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Aussie rugby star wears charity socks

Aussie rugby star wears charity socks
Brad Meyers of Australia's Gold Coast Warriors rugby league team will don a pair of fluorescent socks to raise awareness for testicular cancer, it has emerged.

In a report for, it was stated that the player will wear the bright funky socks after two of his friends were diagnosed with the illness.

Meyers hopes that the leggings he will wear, alongside the legwear his teammates and opposition will also sport, will open eyes to the Hang on To Your Mates campaign.

He said: "A group of mates and I got together and thought 'let's do something good'.

"It's one of the most curable cancers about, but we thought it would be good if we could make young people aware just to check themselves."

Brad Meyers was a member of the Bradford Bulls before moving back to the Gold Coast Titans, as well as originally playing for future charity opposition Brisbane.

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"Tattoo tights" increase in popularity

"Tattoo tights" increase in popularity
Tattoo tights have emerged as a new fashion after English model Lily Cole, the face of Tiffany & Co, was seen promoting the new style, it has emerged.

Fashion's latest addition combines leggings with a range of designs, providing patterned tights to those who wish to have the tattooed look without ever going through the possible pain of an ink machine.

Commenting on the new trend, blogger Faran Krentcil said: "The concept is simple: Take sheer stockings, print them with... well, anything... and voila. Instant tattoo prints."

Another blogger, known simply as Anh, noted that she "couldn't get these tattoo tights out of my mind", even after trying on a range of other legwear.

Lily Cole is a model at the forefront of the industry and is part of Storm Models, a company which also manages Kate Moss.

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Scottish designers celebrate anniversary with catwalk tights

Scottish designers celebrate anniversary with catwalk tights
Two young designers from Scotland will showcase their experimental designs for tights at London Fashion Week, it has been reported.

North-of-the-border newspaper the Daily Record reported on the legwear aficionados from Edinburgh-based BeBaroque, which hopes to make a splash at the show with its stylish stockings and trendy tights.

The pair hope that their line will make people change their attitude to legwear - with the newspaper describing the accessory as a "necessary evil" to many.

Mhairi McNicol, who partners Chloe Patience at the company, said: "Tights weren't the main focus of what we were doing, they were just another accessory, but it was our tights which were getting all of the attention."

Today, Heat Magazine reported on Beyonce Knowles' sister, Solange, and her "crazy" choice of pink leggings covered in elephants and horses.

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Socks are 'severely underrated'

Socks are 'severely underrated'
Speaking from her website, a cultural commentator noted socks to be one of the best accessories for somebody to have, with patterned socks and other legwear providing "a simple way to do up your outfit" at little extra cost.

Tres Lola said that over time, experimentation with styles could lead the owner of the legwear to discover their own "personal sock accessorising style".

It was also noted by the blogger that knee-high socks were a versatile choice, with argyle-patterned leggings giving a "vintage" school look.

She added: "We should be embracing socks in all their patterned, coloured glory, wearing them with pride and showing them off with confident delight."

Also in the news today was Alex James, former bassist with Britpop band Blur, who posed with Socks - his pet whippet - to raise money for the People's Dispensary for Sick Animals with a charity calendar.

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Research outlines sock slips

Research outlines sock slips
A report by five Japanese university students that details the reasons why socks may slip down a wearer's leg has been discovered by a national newspaper.

Several parts of the 2006 study, accurately named Prevention from Slipping Down of Top Parts of Socks, were published by The Guardian which detailed the study of 10 males who walked on a running machine to test what could prevent legwear slips.

The study's prologue added: "With changing stitches of leg and heel parts partly in the socks, pressure values of top parts of socks during walking experiment are measured, and the slippage of the top are evaluated."

Ultimately, the five engineers used a "semantic differential method" to publish their results - a seven-sided geometric shape that links factors in leggings such as slippage, tightness and comfort.

Another recent study on noted that socks were a better method to help blood thinning to prevent clots, noting that many women taking warfarin medication could stop their prescription.

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Blogger tips tights for autumn trend

Blogger tips tights for autumn trend
An online fashion blog has tipped "darker and bolder colour" tights as autumn's next trend for those who want to adopt a style that "screams attitude".

The blogger, known as sweetouche, noted that hosiery and stockings in striking colours were the natural successor to a summer characterised by bright colours, with "bright red tights and black minis or bright blue dress with opaque tights" being suitable autumn combinations.

She added that tights were a fairly easy style to adopt, but that only those with long legs could "feel free to wear any kinds of colour or even patterned tights".

It was also noted that shoes matching the colour of "tights could give the illusion of longer legs".

Fashion magazine Elle tipped leggings to be a big feature of fashion this season, complimenting many of the ten styles it put forward as stylish in autumn.

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"Baby leggings" to be popular in autumn

"Baby leggings" to be popular in autumn
A news resource based in Fort Worth, Texas, has outlined the upcoming trend for youngsters - baby leggings.

The Star Telegram reported that the rise in the fashion will be typified by "bright and ultra-cute leggings" that will be available in a wide array of patterns and colours, with the thick legwear providing warmth and style to the young child.

Meredith Poldrack-Segrist, writing for the Texan news provider, said: "Inspired by the leg coverings worn by dancers, baby leggings eliminate the need for pants, help hold up droopy socks, protect the knees, make diaper changes easier and keep baby’s legs toasty warm without cumbersome blankets."

A New York-based blogger, Kate E Ward, noted that this autumn would be the season for glossy leggings to come back into fashion.

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Do not 'overwear leggings like Li-Lo'

Do not 'overwear leggings like Li-Lo'
Fashion blogger Emily Hartl has emphasised the brilliant qualities of legwear but has noted one thing - wearing them in moderation is key to their trendiness.

Speaking on lifestyle website After Ellen, Ms Hartl cited actress Lindsay Lohan's "addiction" to stockings and leggings in "every ensemble", noting that moderation was "everything" even though there were plenty of reasons in her mind why they were a great fashion accessory.

She said that leggings were one of her favourite accessories, keeping the wearer's legs warmer than in tights and highlighting the ease of which the wearer can layer them.

"Basically what I'm telling you is they're magical," Ms Hartl concluded - but not if a person wears them as much as Lindsay.

Ms Lohan will be returning to Ugly Betty as the title character's arch-nemesis, Kimmie, which is back on British screens on Friday September 5th.

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Shiny chic this autumn for leggings

Shiny chic this autumn for leggings
Wet look and metallic-style leggings have been tipped for autumn stardom by an online blogger who believes the retro look will return in force to the high street.

The nameless writer, blogging for Boredofthehighstreet, said that leggings will start a "fab new fashion craze" and recreate scenes from the 1980s as both wet-look legwear and metallic stockings become the latest style to sweep the nation.

It was noted that the metallic look on the leggings was gained through a particular blend of polyester and nylon, accentuating the "famous perfect pins" that have recently adorned catwalks across the world.

The blogger added: "The 3/4 length shiny legging has a combination of classic styling and an unusual finish to give it the perfect instant WOW factor on any high street!"

Ray Winstone's daughter, Lois, was recently seen sporting metallic leggings at a charity gig in Camden to raise money for the Hawley Arms, the BBC reported.

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Leggings give pregnant women fashionable look

Leggings give pregnant women fashionable look
Pregnancy clothing fashionistas have recommended leggings to expecting mothers, noting that the clothing option offers a wide array of benefits for mothers-to-be.

Fashionably Pregnant noted the expected trend for leggings this autumn and stated it was "one trend that translates to maternity fashion extremely well".

It added that the legwear option gave pregnant women massive comfort to wear, as well as providing a "held in" feeling.

Above all, it noted that leggings could "keep you looking like you are in style without trying too hard", with sweaters and dresses going well with the choice of legwear.

The website concluded: "Trust us, you can pull this off!"

In related news, Showbiz Spy reported that fashion designer Kimora Lee Simmons had denied rumours she is pregnant with her third child.

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