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Mischa Barton marks comeback with striking black tights

Mischa Barton marks comeback with striking black tights
Hollywood star Mischa Barton opted for a distinctive black outfit during her recent return to the public spotlight, using simple black tights to complement a mini-dress.

The 23-year-old actress, who gained international fame after starring in the OC, made the fashion statement at the Arizona Beverages and Music Unites All Points West event in New York at the weekend.

Sporting Christian Louboutin black heeled shoes with flashes of pink, the starlet adopted understated dark tights to complete a stylish look.

Mischa smiled for the cameras at the event, hopefully suggesting she's back to her former glory after a recent stay in hospital.

Reports suggest the actress was in town to start work on her new TV series, the Beautiful Life, which is also expected to star Elle MacPherson and the actor Corbin Bleu from High School Musical.

The star is also expected to star in the Science of Cool, a forthcoming film about a school science project that goes comically wrong.

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Socks 'adding variety' to New Yorker's workplace challenge

Socks 'adding variety' to New Yorker's workplace challenge
A fundraising New Yorker is hoping to rely on stockings and socks to boost her style over the coming months as she looks to make it through an entire year by wearing just one dress to work.

According to the Guardian, Sheena Matheiken is trying to raise funds for charity by only wearing replicas of a single black dress to work over a 12-month period.

Using accessories such as stockings, socks and other hosiery items to heighten her style, she is encouraging people to donate items of clothing and money to help fulfil the goal of raising cash for the Akanksha School Project charity, which aims to provide money to schoolchildren in Indian slums.

The newspaper reports that Ms Matheiken has already used coloured socks, cut-off leggings and distinctive necklaces to expand upon her otherwise limited dress code.

Ms Matheiken claims she discovered the joys of adapting uniformity by using socks and other accessories when she was at school in India.

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Socks 'back in summer fashion'

Socks 'back in summer fashion'
Many female celebrities are using socks to add an extra touch of style to their summer outfits, according to one writer, with the lower legwear seemingly back in fashion.

Writing in the Daily Telegraph, Clare Coulson notes that socks have become rather "cool" of late, with the socks and sandals combo a summer flash trend among many girls.

The writer notes that this new style was spearheaded by Hollywood star Chloe Sevigny who adopted ankle socks and "granny sandals" at the Coachella music festival earlier in the year.

Meanwhile, Ms Coulson highlights Lindsay Lohan's recent penchant for wearing outfits that make striking use of socks, and also points out how the fashion world has started to use the garments of lower legwear as a staple of many catwalks.

Lindsay Lohan was recently pictured sporting a pair of darkly coloured leggings shortly after having her hair dyed a shade of blonde.

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BBC star 'likes to match dresses with tights'

BBC star 'likes to match dresses with tights'
Former Strictly Come Dancing judge Arlene Phillips clearly knows a thing or two about dance, but it seems the TV star may also have a taste for fashion and the joys of wearing tights.

Ahead of her new role presenting the One Show on BBC television, the dance expert has revealed her passion for fashion to the Daily Mail.

In an article entitled Me and My Wardrobe, Arlene reveals to Nina Myskow how she likes to complement her dress-wearing habits by opting for tights to give her figure a "lovely line".

As a fan of block colours rather than patterns, the star also highlights her habit of wearing black dresses with her tights.

She told the newspaper: "I have so many little black dresses people must think I wear the same thing all the time."

Arlene believes that while it's great to have a stylist to guide her during TV appearances, she always enjoys browsing shops on her own.

A 14-week run of the One Show will air on BBC One in the autumn.

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Miss Universe contestant causes a stir in pink legwear

Miss Universe contestant causes a stir in pink legwear
Miss Universe contestants have often set pulses racing and a recent appearance from the Japanese contestant Emiri Miyasaka caused quite a stir when her outfit for the show was recently revealed.

Donning striking pink garter belt stockings, the 25-year-old appeared at a recent catwalk event in Tokyo with a short black kimono outfit, cut in such a way as to show off her distinctive legwear as much as possible.

Pictures from AFP suggest that the outfit appears to have been based, at least loosely, on traditional Japanese fashions, with the costume also featuring a belt to complement the lacy legwear.

However, while her appearance may have appealed to many hot-blooded male fans, Ms Miyasaka's rather revealing get-up came in for some criticism and it may now be toned down ahead of the Miss Universe event in the Bahamas which takes place later this month.

The 58th annual Miss Universe competition will be held on Paradise Island on August 23rd, featuring a variety of distinctive fashions from around the world.

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Laddered tights trend is 'overrated'

Laddered tights trend is 'overrated'
Many people love the trend of laddered tights, by the look of things.

Despite this, one journalist sees right through the trend, lambasting the holey hosiery style.

Hadley Freeman, the writer of all things fashion with the Guardian, explained that she understands the thinking behind going out in laddered tights, stating that it's similar to when she's going out without brushing her hair - though she is being purposefully "self-deceiving".

She continued: "I fear that these purveyors of the lame ladder really do think that they look sexily subversive, when the fact is, I just haven't brushed my hair and they just have a ladder in their tights."

Ms Hadley added that people can make the trend even worse by wearing nothing other than leggings or tights when carrying off this look, reminding people that it looks stupid and is way too revealing.

Unladdered tights were recently promoted by ex-judge from Strictly Come Dancing Arlene Phillips, who told the Daily Mail that she always opts for tights with dresses as they give a person's figure a "lovely line".

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Mr Average has '22 pairs of socks'

Mr Average has '22 pairs of socks'
Gentlemen: don't worry if you have more socks than you can count. After all, the average man will have 22 pairs, according to a brand new survey.

David Thomas, writing for the Daily Mail, trawled through university research, government statistics, media surveys and other reports put together independently and found that blokes are huge fans of socks - enough to want 44 of them in the house, anyway.

Mr Average is also 39 years old, earns £512 a week and works 38.9 hours in the same period of time.

However, he may want to get his sports or golf socks on, as he also has a 37in waist and a body mass index of 26.9 - making him around a stone overweight at 5ft 9in and 13st.

Luckily, a recent report by the Daily Telegraph found that socks have become particularly cool in the last few months, with the likes of Chloe Sevigny not causing outrage by pairing legwear with sandals - once considered to be a cardinal sin in fashion.

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Kanye spotted with leggings-loving (former?) lover

Kanye spotted with leggings-loving (former?) lover
Sometimes, it's hard to tell whether or not a relationship is on or off, particularly in the celebrity world.

Yet despite their split a while ago, Kanye West and possible ex-girlfriend, the model Amber Rose, were spotted outside the exclusive Mercer hotel in New York City, making many people question whether or not love is back on the cards for the pair.

One thing's for sure though: Amber Rose's dress sense remains intact, wearing an all-black ensemble including a striking pair of leggings to cover her bottom half - one of the few times a lady has been able to pull off the hosiery-only look.

Kanye is scheduled to appear on TV later in the month with "little sister" Rihanna and Jay-Z, with Amber Rose being rumoured to have gotten close to Chris Brown - the man who recently admitted to attacking ex-girlfriend Rihanna after an argument.

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Spandex 'does not equal leggings'

Spandex 'does not equal leggings'
Leggings are ubiquitous in modern fashion and yet people still manage to get the style of legwear completely wrong, one writer has asserted.

Allison Perry of the Examiner said that leggings have been reincarnated in so many styles, fashions and the like, though people still insist on wearing spandex trousers in much the same way as leggings - a cardinal sin in her eyes.

She noted that the look will never be pulled off with any accessory or jewellery and that it should be bound to exercise alone.

Ms Perry added: "If you don't have a bike and you are sporting spandex, you better be hiking, running, or on the way to or from the gym with footwear and other attire that says 'I'm working out' or that you are on your way to or from so doing."

Yesterday, those wearing laddered tights were lambasted by Hadley Freeman, a Guardian fashionista, who said the look was "self-deceiving" when it came to stylishness.

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Leggings 'continue to dominate fashion'

Leggings 'continue to dominate fashion'
The popularity of leggings continues to dominate the world of fashion, according to a leading light in terms of style.

Yasmin Yusuf, the creative director at Miss Selfridge, told the Australian that leggings are genuinely hard to beat as an accessory and this has influenced her chain's decision to provide a wide range of styles in the antipodean country.

"We're finding that our customers wear them during the day to tone down little tunic dresses and whip them off at night when they want to ramp it up."

She added that the fashion's flexibility meant that a person could wear leggings with anything, including cropped T-shirts and shirt dresses, making them "one of the most versatile pieces in a wardrobe".

Recently, Kanye West was spotted with his ex-girlfriend Amber Rose, with the leggings-clad fashion icon and model sparking rumours that they are seeing each other again.

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Stockings and knickers cause havoc at England's hotel

Stockings and knickers cause havoc at England's hotel
The England team's disastrous three-day massacre at the hands of rivals Australia at Headingley may have happened due to player fatigue.

That's because the Radisson hotel in Leeds, where they were staying before the game, was evacuated after fears were raised by smoke in one of the rooms, tripping the fire alarm.

However, it turned out to be heated hosiery and not an all-out raging inferno, as one of the guests had washed her stockings and knickers before hanging them to dry on a light, causing them to smoulder.

Speaking to the Sun, a hotel employee said: "They caught fire and when she tried to put them out it caused so much smoke the alarms went off.

"Even if she's not a cricket fan I'm sure by now the lady realises what she's done - spoiling our lads' sleep before the fourth test."

Rumours are rife, however, that it was a dastardly Aussie fan aiming to bowl over the England boys before the game.

If that was the case, they seemed to make a good job of it.

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Loud leggings are 'fantastic'

Loud leggings are 'fantastic'
Leggings will not be seen as an average accessory ever again, according to a style guru.

Rachel Pugh, writing for the Weekender, explained that whether the hosiery is torn, shimmering, sequined or coloured, leggings are now a thing of beauty and as a result, they are taking on the role of the central piece of clothing in an outfit.

As a result, the expert believes that people should focus their attentions on wearing loud leggings, allowing other clothing to work around it.

Ms Pugh continued: "An oversized off-the-shoulder shirt with a pair of leggings with a bright sheen combined with a pair of ballet flats or even a pair of heels will provide a fashionable look and possibly even a comfortable one as well - a win-win ensemble."

Leggings are dominating the world of fashion even now, after months of popularity, according to creative director of Miss Selfridge Yasmin Yusuf, who told the Australian that is stands firm as one of the best modern accessories.

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Naked sculpture goes same way as tights-wearing counterpart

Naked sculpture goes same way as tights-wearing counterpart
Antony Gormley's latest project, One & Other, has again caused a stir at its base in Trafalgar Square.

The display had previously been the home to a man who appeared on the block with fishnet tights and heels who went on to strip; another time a topless woman took time out to paint her chest in front of passers-by.

But the most recent participant, known only as Simon, simply took all his clothes off, much to the delight and cheers of other people in the capital.

The plinther, who spoke of his experience-to-be on the artist's website, said: "Am just about to hit 50.

"Presently going through a difficult but long-anticipated separation. Feeling renewed, though. This event will serve to symbolise the beginning of a new age for me.

"Always wanted to be a sculpture!"

Antony Gormley is perhaps best known for creating the Angel of the North, a public sculpture based in Sunderland and manufactured in nearby Hartlepool.

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Agyness Deyn goes old school with Jacko socks

Agyness Deyn goes old school with Jacko socks
Agyness Deyn, a long-time endorser of the likes of knee-high socks, has again donned hosiery in a new shoot to salute one of her heroes.

In the picture set for Harper's Bazaar, the upper-class fashion and lifestyle magazine based in the US, the model and one-time chip shop worker stuck to the classic looks once adopted by the late great singer, even adopting the classic glam jacket and trousers look for the front cover.

Of course, the look is not complete without the trademark white socks - one of the few times when a lack of discernable hue has really been accepted as part of a dark ensemble.

The appearance in the magazine marks one of hundreds of tributes to Jacko, who will have another concert in his honour later in the year featuring greats such as Lionel Richie and Whitney Houston.

Agyness - born Laura Hollins in 1983 - is one of Britain's leading supermodels and featured as the vocalist for the ill-fated single Who by Five O'Clock Heroes.

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Socks 'don't get credit they deserve'

Socks 'don't get credit they deserve'
Socks are way too underrated when it comes to the fashion items which get the most respect, according to one clothing lover. explained its viewpoint: "Socks get a pretty raw deal. When you think about it, what other item of clothing (besides gloves) face the emotional devastation of losing a partner?"

Even worse is how they are relegated to such a low status by their wearers, stuffing them into the back of a wardrobe and considered to be "somewhere between shutter shades and doo rags" in terms of "sartorial importance", it added.

However, their importance in every outfit is hard to deny, with the source asserting that their obscuring with footwear is the fault of "glory-hogging shoes".

Despite the promotion of the legwear, one style is to be avoided, with pointing to the classic English tourist's pair of socks.

This week, it was leggings which were again in the limelight, with Rachel Pugh of the Weekender promoting the trend of loud designs which can be found in today's market.

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Leggings are 'great investment for winter'

Leggings are 'great investment for winter'
Cold weather and legwear go together naturally, though what to buy? If one source is to be believed, your tastes won't have to change too much - if you've kept up with fashionable hosiery, that is.

That's because leggings will continue to save outfits the world over, with the Star Telegram highlighting their fantastic qualities as a winter warmer with heavy jumpers and other bigger clothes.

However, when spring comes around again, the same old things can be used more, just paired with a floral dress, the newspaper added.

It concluded: "Be sure to keep in mind proportions when wearing leggings. Try pairing them with fuller tops or a long, lightweight cardigan for the proper balance."

Last week, Rachel Pugh of the Weekender sang the praises of loud, sequinned and coloured leggings, noting how they can make or break an outfit.

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JLC to don tights and become luchador

JLC to don tights and become luchador
The tights are on and the gloves are off for Justin Lee Collins, who will step in the ring on TV in his quest to become a luchador - a formidable Mexican wrestler.

In Sky One's Justin Lee Collins: The Wrestler, which premieres on Thursday, the West Country love-or-hate figure will learn the tricks of the trade, doing all tricks including the ancient art of how to slap someone else properly and avoid any chance of causing blood clots.

Donning the traditional wear - a mask and a pair of tights, among other items - JLC will also meet a cavalcade of characters in the ring, including transvestite fighters and female wrestlers hell-bent on making him do a backflip before the end of his tenure.

It will mark part of a series involving JLC getting stuck into high diving, ten-pin bowling, ballroom dancing and surfing - though many will no doubt enjoy the Bristolian loudmouth getting a slap-chop or two from a wrestler.

In his last major project, JLC reunited the cast of Star Trek, with only William Shatner not making a return to the cast to fight the Gorn in a recreation of the famous scene from the Arena episode.

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Fearne Cotton rocks her socks with heels

Fearne Cotton rocks her socks with heels
Fearne Cotton still has it when it comes to getting the right look with her clothing, if the latest pictures are anything to go by.

No doubt in the full knowledge that the paparazzi are waiting for her around most corners, Fearne may have put a little more stock into her dress sense and this week embraced a striped thin jumper with a pair of shorts.

While that isn't exactly the most amazing match-up, she added depth to the overall outfit by putting on a pair of purple wedged shoes with a cute pair of ankle socks.

As a result, she was able to use the hosiery as a valuable matching tool for her top, while approaching the issue of legwear in a way much different to her peers.

Earlier this month, Fearne dumped her boyfriend and skateboarder Jesse Jenkins after an on-and-off relationship for the last couple of years.

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Fashion is 'becoming more ethical'

Fashion is 'becoming more ethical'
Ethics and fashion are remarkably compatible and have increasingly paired up with one another to meet the demands of the consumer, according to an expert.

Josie Nicholson, the associate director at the Ethical Fashion Forum (EFF), explained that luxury and quality are two things which define true fashion houses, so to add traditionally more expensive materials into the mix for socks, tights and stockings is a move which makes sense.

And with the recession hanging over many people, buyers are looking for good quality when putting a lot of money into something, she added.

Ms Nicholson said of the trend: "The fashion industry is going back to its roots by using artisan craftsmanship - this opens up opportunities to use fair trade producers in developing countries and utilise their skills."

The EFF is a not-for-profit network which focuses on social and environmental sustainability in the style industry.

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Patterned tights are 'perfect for the new season'

Patterned tights are 'perfect for the new season'
Many women know just how much they need in the way of hosiery in their day-to-day lives, though there may be an excuse to own even more this autumn.

That's because the fashion bods at the Daily Telegraph are excited about the ongoing trend of patterned tights, which could go a long way in rejuvenating a person's wardrobe.

Stripy tights are the way forward in the next couple of months, it asserted, as they have come "straight from the catwalks"; however, plaid designs are also more than welcome, with pastel colours being particularly great in this style.

Other famous shapes are also welcome on tights in the near future - houndstooth is very popular in this way, the newspaper commented.

Crochet knit stockings or tights will also be a winner, it added.

Ethics and fashion are becoming more compatible by the day, pairing up with one another to meet the demands of the consumer, according to associate director at the Ethical Fashion Forum Josie Nicholson this week.

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Celebrities make people 'creative with clothing'

Celebrities make people 'creative with clothing'
Many people are looking to the stars and are considering their cashflow as part of their new look, it has been said.

Reid Aiton, the marketing manager at the London College of Fashion, explained that the current economic climate is causing a number of people to become more unique instead of shelling out for more expensive and different clothing.

He explained that people such as Lady Gaga are a prime example of famous faces who are going out of their way to change their look to suit only themselves, with the singer being particularly prolific for her use of stockings, tights and leggings.

Commenting on celebrity influence, Mr Aiton continued: "In that they are incredibly unique, and if people choose to copy them, then yes they have to make shop bought items different or create something from scratch definitely."

According to Argos this week, the company has seen a huge rise in demand for sewing machines compared to this time last year, showing that individuals are repairing or customising their current wardrobe.

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Modern power dressing 'needs old-school influences'

Modern power dressing 'needs old-school influences'
Some styles never change for power dressing, such as through the use of legwear such as tights, so young fashionistas may want to raid the wardrobes of their mothers to get the best things available to them.

Power dressing in the modern day is all about embracing styles of old, which could save fashionistas around the world a little bit of money and allow them to invest in accessories instead.

Nicole Smallwood, a fashion market editor at Marie Claire, explained that jackets are all the rage again, whether they're oversized, boyfriend-esque or ones which look fitter for a biker than anyone else.

Further focus should be placed on big shoulders, she continued, while other vintage clothes may also be favoured to wear underneath.

Ms Smallwood highlighted the need for hosiery in the mix as well, adding: "It's not so much acid rave this time, it's more disco Studio 54, so leave the legwarmers this time and maybe add an opaque tight instead."

Marie Claire is now a worldwide icon which publishes its work in 29 countries, giving fashion and beauty coverage that embraces anything between catwalk and high street.

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Strange thief targets socks in strange crime

Strange thief targets socks in strange crime
One thief really, really needed some socks.

At least that's what one resident in Sierra Vista, Arizona, thought when 12 pairs of gym socks went missing from a washing line behind his house last week, sparking a strange media gathering on the fenced-in garden in the desert state.

The thief in question was so desperate to get the hosiery that he or she even went to the effort of breaking a motion sensor on a light outside the house to allow themselves to shuffle in under the cover of darkness, like a true professional with some form of gameplan.

While the lost and damaged bill came to a paltry $50 (£30), the person - if they're caught - could face a little bit of jail time under the American system.

Unlike people who steal it, fashion itself is becoming a lot more ethical, according to Josie Nicholson of the Ethical Fashion Forum earlier this month, with better materials being used in such things as leggings.

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Is this the season to be red or dead?

Is this the season to be red or dead?
It truly is red or dead this season, according to one of the leading salon chains in the world.

The international technical team of Toni&Guy said that red socks, leggings or tights may be the perfect accessory in the coming months as they are perfect at making bold fashion statements.

However, that's not all red legwear can provide this season, with the famous company emphasising how the hue can be worn in a number of styles to reflect the fashionista's personal style and image, particularly if certain tones are used.

The salon chain continued: "Colour is all about suitability, it is really important to judge from your skin tone and colouring what shade is best for you - whether it be on the more rose/cherry red end of the spectrum, which suit cooler complexions, or towards the warmer copper end, which is better suited to warmer complexions."

Toni&Guy has 402 salons in 41 countries worldwide as well as 28 educational academies employing over 5,000 people in the UK.

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Fashionistas should 'pull their socks up'

Fashionistas should 'pull their socks up'
Struggling to find that extra edge you'll need in the world of accessories this autumn and winter? Fear ye not, as the fashion department at the Independent knows a thing or two about the topic.

The newspaper explained that people literally need to pull their socks up and invest in knee-high  hosiery for the colder months, with a number of leading designers aiming to capture the essence of this style by giving the look their own little twist.

Vivienne Westwood is one such designer, dominating the look by adding stars and orb motifs to legwear, according to the newspaper.

However, she's not the only one, as Miu Miu are ribbing the knee-high socks with beads and sequins added afterwards.

Maybe people will want to get red knee-high socks this season, after Toni&Guy's international technical team identified the greatness of the hue as a focal point of an outfit.

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Socks argument proves 'women's unrealistic expectations' of men

Socks argument proves 'women's unrealistic expectations' of men
Women have very unrealistic expectations of their male counterparts, according to a leading feminist.

Fay Weldon explained to the Daily Telegraph that men are not as in touch with women as they could be, particularly in the field of relationships where there is little emotional investment from gentlemen in comparison to their lady friends.

If anything, to let them get along with the way they work is best - something which has been illustrated by hosiery of all things, Ms Weldon believes.

She explained: "Women are right to refuse to make the coffee, but when you get home I'm afraid you have to make the coffee. It's such a waste of time trying to tell your husband to pick up the socks or clean the loo. It's much easier just to do it yourself."

Alongside her feminist campaigning, Ms Weldon is also a leading essayist and playwright who addresses society's role in perpetuating an anti-female agenda.

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Helen Flanagan steps out in PVC leggings

Helen Flanagan steps out in PVC leggings
A 1980s style photoshoot has proved that one actress is no longer the girl she once played in her role on Coronation Street.

Helen Flanagan, the real-life face behind young tearaway Rosie Webster, is featured in this month's Closer pairing a striking red jacket and bright red lipstick with PVC leggings, showing how powerful the hosiery can make an outfit for anyone daring enough to pull them on.

She told the magazine that her appearance has only truly made her happy in recent months.

Helen explained: "Like a lot of girls, it took a while for me to be OK with the way I look but I'm getting comfortable in my own skin. With age I think you learn to be happy with what you've got."

The actress has recently had a few relationship problems, splitting up with her boyfriend Daniel Scott after over a year of dating the builder, claiming it was a mutual decision with no-one else involved.

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Peaches rocks daddy's look on night out

Peaches rocks daddy's look on night out
Stockings, tights and leggings are usually the mainstay of Peaches Geldof's fashion sense, yet the model, socialite and daughter of fame didn't match up to previous outings with her latest ensemble.

Pairing a hoodie with a denim jacket and matching - though ill-fitting - hot pants, Peaches seemed to completely shun the more classy look she cut out for herself a few weeks ago, when she posed for the photographers of Miss Ultimo in all kinds of hosiery.

The legwear wasn't in full force on this night out in London, though, as her tights were laddered.

Even worse was the rather major faux pas involving her underwear, with the model's tartan-print knickers not hiding from most people as her denim shorts failed to do their job of covering her derriere.

Yesterday, she repeated her tights massacre, stepping out in holey hosiery while having particularly filthy hands after her appearance at the EMI party, the Metro reported.

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Pink socks save a life

Pink socks save a life
Derek Champ may not be a huge fan of socks but he certainly knows how important they are in day-to-day life - especially if they're saving that life.

This was because Mr Champ saw the socks attached to a pair of flailing legs which belonged to a 16-year-old girl on Herne Bay seafront, who was screaming for her life after a rescue of her own - for her cigarette lighter - went horribly wrong.

The young lady clambered into a rock pool head first and slipped into the hole, so only her legs were visible.

Kent Fire and Rescue Crew members managed to prise the rocks away from the girl, saving her life shortly before the tide came in.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, eyewitness Shona Reid said: "It was very dramatic.

"The tide was coming in fast and this girl was obviously terrified that she would drown. She was really screaming and everyone just stood around watching and hoping the firemen would get her out in time."

Had the girl been following the latest hosiery trend, she may have been lost forever, though Toni&Guy will likely stick to their guns that red is the colour of choice to accessorise with.

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News brought to you by SockShop. Go On…Treat Your Feet

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