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Britney shows X Factor in fishnet tights

Britney shows X Factor in fishnet tights
Britney Spears made her long-awaited British comeback this weekend - wearing none other than a pair of fishnet tights as part of her get-up.

The 26-year-old pop superstar performed her newest song Womanizer in front of a screaming audience and a record viewing public dressed in black hotpants, a dark top and PVC knee-high boots, along with her sexy stockings.

Each contestant of the popular talent show performed one of Britney's back catalogue, including Baby One More Time, Sometimes and Toxic, although unlike Mariah Carey, the star did not teach masterclasses with each entrant.

Britney's sixth studio album, Circus, is released this week on Tuesday - the singer's 27th birthday, marking her 16th year in showbusiness.

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Legs are 'in fashion'

Legs are 'in fashion'
A reporter from Omaha has emphasised the role that a person's pins play in the pursuit of perfect fashion.

Josefina Loza of the Omaha World-Herald said that people all over the state and the western world in general were taken by the possibilities presented by patterned leggings, stirrup tights and knee-high socks.

She continued: "Opaque tights in rainbow colours have been prevalent on high-fashion runways from Chanel to Chloe. Cosmo Girl's October issue featured models in hot-pink mini-skirts and knee-high stockings."

It was added that plus-size women were also starting to embrace the trend, with the fashion incorporating more followers than ever before.

Recently, the Los Angeles Times highlighted the fashionable qualities of white tights, adding that the stylish legwear was not the most flattering piece of clothing but were still necessary in looking cool.

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Britney 'not only one with X Factor look'

Britney 'not only one with X Factor look'
Britney Spears' performance may have overshadowed the contestants with her presence alone, but it may have been one of the final five which beat her on the style front.

Jessica Watson of Female First said that hitting the stage in a red plastic mac seemed like the wrong choice for singing favourite Alexandra Burke.

She continued: "Fortunately she soon whipped it off to reveal a gorgeous sequined corset and sexy wet-look leggings."

The writer did have one criticism, however - that if you are going to wear wet leggings, at least let the top you are wearing modestly cover your behind!

It was revealed today that Alexandra is currently ill with a throat infection along with another hopeful Aston Merrygold, one of boy band sensation JLS.

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Purple 'the new black' this winter

Purple 'the new black' this winter
Purple is the colour for this season according to one newspaper, with the high-impact hue matching a range of clothing that is also chic - including tights.

According to the Drogheda Independent, the Christmas wardrobe will be boring without the introduction of purple, which it highlighted as very complementary to hosiery trends that are dominating the winter market.

It continued: "The introduction of dramatic, contrasting tights can tilt a well-tried outfit into that 'wow' colour category.

"In fact, brightly coloured tights and matching gloves give a va-va-voom to sombre black and autumnal brown coats."

According to Grand Junction Sentinal fashion writer Ivy Parnasius, coloured tights were a "show-stopper" when combined with the right clothing.

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Knee-high socks are 'all the rage'

Knee-high socks are 'all the rage'
The most cost-effective way to look fashionable this year is by embracing the wonders of knee-high socks, according to a fashion blogger in the US.

Anne Bratskeir of Newsday says the legwear provides people with a great accessory at a budget price, keeping legs warm and purses heavier.

The writer noted the current trend found in famous celebrities who have adopted the fashion, such as Avril Lavigne, Gwen Stefani and Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas.

Ms Bratskeir interviewed stockings specialist Alison Hessert of Hue legwear, who attributed the style to the "Gossip Girl trend".

She continued: "It's preppy chic with edge, a little good girl and a little bad girl, too."

Last week, Josefina Loza of the Omaha World-Herald said that legs were definitely in fashion this season, with knee-high socks being one of many things one can wear on their legs.

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Tights 'can restyle that old dress'

Tights 'can restyle that old dress'
Jazzing up last season's seemingly defunct dress may be easier than you think, according to a fashion writer.

The Houston Chronicle's Joy Sewing said that versatile little black dresses were particularly good for accessorising with, noting that tights are one of the best things to invest in to get extra mileage out of an old outfit.

She said: "Coloured tights are a hit this season. Why not carry the look into the holiday?

"For a little attitude, go for a bright colour such as engine red or electric blue."

Ms Sewing also recommended investing in a belt to go around the dress or a coloured scarf around the waist or over the shoulders to give the look both edge and colour.

Stockings were recently in the public eye when burlesque star Dita von Teese posed in German Playboy in little else other than her beloved hosiery.

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Ancient legwear rocks the socks of Antarctic explorer

Ancient legwear rocks the socks of Antarctic explorer
A polar explorer has stumbled on a hut containing perfectly preserved items from an age gone by, with socks a major contributor to the rediscovered goods.

Robin Bell, writing for Scientific American, said he headed to the Cape Evans hut which was inhabited by Britain's finest voyagers led by Robert Falcon Scott, with the cabin left to nature's devices nearly 100 years ago.

He said: "Bottles of Heinz ketchup and mustard sit on the shelves with only a little bit of peeling.

"The socks, shoes and hat on the bunk look as if they were just left today."

According to, Captain Scott died of starvation and adverse weather conditions but did not fear death as he had reached the pole and faced the environment like a man.

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Plaids and metallics 'top tights fashion'

Plaids and metallics 'top tights fashion'
If no-fear fashion trends are your bag, you may want to go for two styles in particular, according to one fashion writer.

Samantha Clark of the Eastern Progress in the US said that metallic and plaid patterns have been all over the catwalks across the world, with Marc Jacobs, Dolce & Gabbana and Ralph Lauren particularly exploiting the plaid trend in their new lines of clothing.

Ms Clark concluded: "Whether it is plaid-patterned tights, glimmering metallic bags, an art inspired floral dress or a pin-striped vest that eases your transition from T-shirts to parkas, don't let dropping temperatures stifle your style."

Alissa O'Neill of the BG News said that colourful tights and plaid patterns were a definite yes for the winter, with brighter colours having the best impact on an outfit.

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LiLo keeps legging alive

LiLo keeps legging alive
Actress and singer Lindsay Lohan has struck gold with the recent launch of her 6126 leggings line.

Having their official release over a month ago, shops around the world are starting to get stocks in of the funky fashion - only for the vast majority of them to be sold out soon after.

The line, named after Marilyn Monroe's birth date, is priced between $44 (£29) and $132 but continues to defy the credit crunch in its popularity.

Explaining the expense, 6126 publicist Ali Brubaker said: "The leggings are made of top quality materials. Many have accents like 100 per cent leather patches and 100 cashmere leggings which also contribute to the price range."

Lindsay was recently locked out of her Facebook account after it was thought by its administrators that she was someone posing as the actress, causing her to rant against the social networking site in her MySpace blog.

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Posh Spice embraces leather leggings

Posh Spice embraces leather leggings
Although she is not particularly known for choosing comfort over style, former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham took a long-haul flight from London to LA in an all-leather get-up.

The fashionista wore a handbag, jacket, killer heels and, of course, trendy leggings all made from the material, highlighting the legwear's place at the forefront of fashion.

It was also noted that the style guru was another person who was happy to reuse her clothes in times of global recession, having sported the jacket and bag only a month ago on another flight around the world.

The Daily Mail recently reported comments made by Victoria regarding her choice of clothing in the past, with the singer aghast at her choice of corsets which she said left her cleavage "up round my neck".

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Blue Peter presenter dazzles in patterned tights

Blue Peter presenter dazzles in patterned tights
Former Blue Peter presenter Zoe Salmon stole the show at the world premiere of author Danny Wallace's Yes Man, equipping hosiery with a daring little black dress to show how patterned tights can enhance an outfit.

Jim Carrey is usually known for stealing the show with his crazy sense of humour but it was a former Blue Peter presenter who took the limelight away from the film star at his world premiere.

Lizzie Smith of the Daily Mail commented on former Blue Peter presenter Zoe Salmon, who stepped out in style last night in a dazzling pair of patterned tights.

Attending the premiere for Yes Man, a film starring Jim Carrey based on the popular book by British writer Danny Wallace, Zoe used hosiery to her advantage, with the paparazzi drawn to her lovely legwear.

Danny Wallace came into the public eye after challenging his best friend, comedian Dave Gorman, into finding 54 other Dave Gormans around the world.

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Feisty fishnets win praise for Katie

Feisty fishnets win praise for Katie
Lovely, long and wrapped in "mouthwatering" tights, that is how the Sun described Katie Holmes' legs recently.

The leggy star popped into her New York apartment and emerged wearing a tiny black dress and a pair of fishnet tights, in preference to her recent trouser phase.

"It's been a while since we've been treated to the sight of Katie Holmes' glorious legs," enthused the cheeky red top.

The reporter saluted Katie's taste in tights and called for "more of this please".

However, could maternity tights rather than fishnet stockings be on the horizon for Katie?

Recently, the press has been awash with rumours that Katie is expecting another baby with superstar husband Tom Cruise.

The claims came following rumours she has been wearing loose t-shirts and jeans in order to conceal a slight baby bump.

Perhaps the appearance of the little black dress and fishnet tights was designed to put such rumours to bed.

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Sock monkey madness!

Sock monkey madness!
Sock fans will love possibly the most original legwear-loving festival: that of the Sock Monkey Madness Festival in Rockford.

The story of the sock monkey began in the Great Depression when the Nelson Knitting Company of Rockford sold red-heeled socks to the masses with instructions to sew them in a certain way, allowing them to turn into sock monkeys, according to American Profile.

Next year's hosiery festival will celebrate the achievements of sock monkeys everywhere, taking place in the city between March 7th and 8th.

Attractions that will be on show will include "an exhibit featuring the local history of the knitting industry, the creation of the sock monkey, sock monkey workshops, book signings, a Miss Sockford talent contest, medical check-ups for sock monkeys and a film festival".

People looking for men's or ladies' Christmas socks may be inspired by the charitable work of TH Johnson Elementary in America, which is collecting socks for charity by hanging them on their Christmas trees, according to the Taylor Daily Press.

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Clothes Show Live reveals next year's trends

Clothes Show Live reveals next year's trends
The Clothes Show Live has just finished at Birmingham's NEC, celebrating its 20th birthday in style quite literally with fashion divas left, right and centre to pass on the latest trends.

Legwear lovers will be happy to know the trends well in advance too, with orange and mimosa said to be big colours for 2009 by managing director of Haymarket Exhibitions Gavin Brown.

He added that clothing colours for the upcoming season are "going to be bright and not acid".

The event, held between December 5th and 10th, enjoyed the company of Maybelline, More magazine, Rimmel and Juicy Couture.

Celebrities at the event included ex-Mis-teeq singer Alesha Dixon, Vernon Kay, hair stylist to the stars Sam Bright and popular girl band the Saturdays, who performed in front of the crowd.

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One pair of socks? That's £95 please

One pair of socks? That's £95 please
People who are still rolling in the money at this point in the credit crunch may be lucky enough to own a pair of Mongolian socks - at the eye-opening price of £95.

However, the staff of Brora in London's Islington assert that the material the socks are produced from is not exactly easy to obtain, according to the Islington Gazette.

Supervisor Sarah Jones, backed by her colleague Laura Smart, say the cashmere is extremely rare.

Ms Jones told the newspaper: "They come from the belly hair of Mongolian goats and each goat produces so little of it that it takes three goats to make one jumper. It is super soft."

The origin of cashmere is still debated, according to knitwear company Eribe, which explains that many believe it to be from Kashmir in northern India and others stating that it was found in the Himalayas.

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Current fashion trends 'reflect individuality'

Current fashion trends 'reflect individuality'
The current fashion scene reflects individuals' approach to style, rather than one key look or trend, says expert Gavin Brown.

Clothes Show Live organiser explains that things such as the gothic look, purple hues and tartan patterns are "very big", which people buying funky footwear and luscious leggings for Christmas presents this year might want to bear in mind.

"You have got a greater choice so you can actually choose things which do suit your personality," Mr Brown states.

Fashion is more diverse these days, he adds, meaning items such as patterned socks and tights could be worn with pride by those looking to display their individual style.

According to research from the Clothes Show Live 2008 entitled A Woman's Most Successful Relationship Is With Her Wardrobe, the contents of a woman's wardrobe are worth more than £1,000.

However, she will wear only 30 per cent of the items on a regular basis.

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Emma Thompson hubby 'loves cheap socks'

Emma Thompson hubby 'loves cheap socks'
Emma Thompson, one of Britain's quintessential actress, has criticised her husband for his miserly ways... including his apparent desire to not treat his feet to a nice pair of socks.

Her other half, Greg Wise, spends less than £1 on each pair of socks and has forced his wife to buy better quality socks... providing she colours in the logos with magic markers to ensure that he does not catch on to her legwear cover-up.

She said of his behaviour: "He makes Oliver Cromwell look like Imelda Marcos on a spending spree in the Egyptian bit of Harrod's with Elton John's credit card."

Emma Thompson is one of 33 Brits on the nominations list for the Golden Globes, an awards ceremony seen as the precursor to the Oscars.

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Rihanna dazzles in sassy fishnets

Rihanna dazzles in sassy fishnets
Pop superstar Rihanna wore her legwear with devastating effect at the recent Jingle Ball Holiday Season Concert in Florida, with the singer's fishnet stockings hitting the mark with reporters.

The Daily Mail reported on her performance, which at one point saw her bare a green metallic corset-style bra to the crowds, which she paired with a shimmering miniskirt and a great pair of tights to wow all those attending.

Still, she had a lot of legwear rivalry as Katy Perry stepped things up a gear with a sassy Santa outfit and opaque black tights.

Katy Perry is currently promoting her new album, One of the Boys, which feature her hit songs I Kissed a Girl and Hot N Cold.

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New legwear look 'spells double trouble'

New legwear look 'spells double trouble'
Women hoping to follow in the footsteps of leggy blonde supermodel Heidi Klum may want to wear two pairs of opaque tights instead of just the one, according to a fashion site.

FabSugar said that although sheer tights are "de rigueur", opaques could go with pretty much anything and could protect a person against the harsh weather that winter brings.

Citing the model's use of double tights, FabSugar said: "This trick is also useful for those who want to keep their legs super warm. It's almost like wearing pants. My only complaint is that it squishes your toes."

Although something more festive like ladies' Christmas socks may be more of a seasonal hosiery option, doubling up on tights could give you the upper hand in the fashion stakes on a cold evening.

Heidi Klum recently recreated the sock-wearing dance scene from Risky Business in an advert for the new multi-platform game, Guitar Hero: World Tour.

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Opaques 'no longer taboo' as eveningwear

Opaques 'no longer taboo' as eveningwear
Opaque tights are widely regarded as one of the essential parts of a girl's wardrobe, with the style now becoming a la mode in the evenings, according to one fashionista.

Denver Fashion Examiner's Renee Mudd broke down the ideal things to wear at a holiday party, highlighting the wonders hosiery can do for an ensemble this winter.

She said: "Black and even bright colored opaque tights are no longer taboo for evening.

"Adding a pair [...] to any cocktail dress not only keeps your legs warm, it adds a hint of style to your everyday cocktail dress."

Ms Mudd also noted that accessories could make or break an outfit, with statement necklaces and stand-out jewellery more than welcome on a get-up.

According to Cynthia Nellis of, showing too much skin is a no-no at parties this Christmas, with the trend very hard to carry off outside of the movie screen.

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Danielle Lloyd goes for legging-based dress-down

Danielle Lloyd goes for legging-based dress-down
The birthday celebrations for model Danielle Lloyd are continuing in London, with the party girl heading out this time in lovely leggings to complete an unusually sensible look.

According to Simon Rothstein of the Sun, Danielle was following up her outing to the Faces nightclub in Essex - where she wore a sassy Cinderella outfit - with a less figure-hugging ensemble that showed a better sense of style.

Mr Rothstein continued: "Dressing down in a white T-shirt and sequined leggings, Dani even took a break from her night to hand pieces of her 25th birthday cake to the paparazzi outside."

Jermain Defoe recently stepped out with his new girl - another glamour model and former wife of Ordinary Boy Preston, Chantelle Houghton.

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Good Gold! Leggings love you this winter

Good Gold! Leggings love you this winter
Mrs Credit Crunch is at it again - this time singing the praises of the power of leggings and hosiery for the updating of last year's look.

Writing for the Daily Mail, the clothing recycling goddess said that last year's dress was still perfectly wearable, with foil legwear being a glitzy and festive way to brighten up an otherwise dull our out-of-season outfit.

She said: "Wow! Now, there is no suggestion you should wear them with something figure-hugging on top but under a dress, with a great pair of platforms, the leggings will be show-stopping."

Elsa McAlonan, also writing for the newspaper this week, said in her Beauty Confidential column that to look great this Christmas, women did not need a facial - a warm towel over the face would be enough to open pores and relax the skin.

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Eddie Murphy rumoured for tights-based action

Eddie Murphy rumoured for tights-based action
Eddie Murphy has been rumoured to be taking the mantle from Jim Carrey to become the next Riddler on the silver screen for the upcoming Batman film.

Scheduled for 2010, the film has been the focus of a gossip mill from the Sun, which has also earmarked Transformers star Shia LaBeouf as the favourite to take the role of Robin, Batman's tights-wearing sidekick.

The Brits are, of course, featured in the film elsewhere, as Michael Caine - probably the only one not into his legwear - will be back as Batman's butler Alfred.

Rachel Weisz, meanwhile, could become the next Catwoman after the widely-panned Halle Berry incarnation not so long ago.

Eddie Murphy's 2002 film the Adventures of Pluto Nash is regularly described as one of the biggest box office bombs of all time.

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Strictly sock folding

Strictly sock folding
Strictly Come Dancing host Bruce Forsyth is very particular about how his socks are kept, according to his dedicated wife.

Wilnelia Merced, former Miss World and current Mrs Forsyth, said the all singing, all dancing star of the BBC is very particular about the preservation of his legwear.

She said: "Bruce is a perfectionist who believes socks should be hand washed. I did it once, and everything came out blue. So now I don't have to. I think he does it to relax."

Ms Merced added that Brucie particularly hates it when socks are balled together as it caused the elasticity of the hosiery to go, preferring them to be folded together more neatly.

It is rumoured that Bruce Forsyth is up for a knighthood, with bookmakers across the country slashing the odds for him to receive the honour from the Queen.

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Three singing stars don PVC leggings

Three singing stars don PVC leggings
PVC leggings are making waves in the fashion world, if three fashion-friendly superstars are to be believed.

Eleanor Glover commented on the recent synchronised style statements made by Cheryl Cole, Sarah Harding and X Factor winner Alexandra Burke, who all ditched their love for opaque tights during the week in favour of the fantastic plastic leggings.

In her column for the Daily Mail, the writer also noted that other stars such as Rihanna, Mischa Barton and Victoria Beckham were not opposed to the legwear trend, strutting their stuff across the globe in PVC hosiery elsewhere in the world during the month.

Yesterday, it was announced that Alexandra Burke's winning record Hallelujah is the Christmas number one for 2008, with Jeff Buckley's version of the hit bagging the number two position after fans turned to digital downloads.

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Tights 'boast multiple abilities'

Tights 'boast multiple abilities'
The world of hosiery does not stop turning, so it seems, with sexy stockings and lovely legwear contributing to a person's body in a number of ways other than simply being stylish.

Vicky Hallett of Express Night Out said that tights companies were following Santa's lead and leaving the odd surprise in a person's stockings.

She said: "Pantyhose and tights now boast a host of perks - they fight varicose veins, improve circulation, moisturise, reduce the appearance of cellulite and more."

Ms Hallett added that it was blending with the health community to fight as many problems as possible.

Way back in 2000, the BBC reported on the cellulite-burning lingerie of Victoria's Secret, which is activated by sweat and friction to rid the wearer of fatty deposits.

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Leggings 'make comeback'

Leggings 'make comeback'
Leggings have made a comeback this year, according to fashionistas at one publication.

Fashion commentator Melissa Magsaysay wrote in the LA Times that the 80s alternatives to pants are now "chic".

She added that "lacy, glitzy, denim or in plain black" leggings give those that wear them long-lean looking legs that can be matched with a sweater or jacket.

Love them or hate them there is no way they can be ignored, Ms Magsaysay stated, adding that several brands have recently sprung up solely dedicated to producing them.

According to the report, actress-come-singer Lindsay Lohan has her own line of leggings.

Lohan's 6126 legwear comes in a number of different appearances including black with rhinestone studs.

Kelli Delaney, creative director and designer for Members Only, told the publication: "Leggings have become as important to a girl's wardrobe as her favourite pair of jeans. And just like you need all kinds of jeans, you now need all kinds of leggings."

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail reported this week that women struggling with the credit crunch should use leggings to revamp last year's looks.

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Leather look is 'lovely for leggings'

Leather look is 'lovely for leggings'
Leather leggings are one of the major trends to emerge from 2008, a fashion-following website has stated.

FemaleFirst said everything stylish could be combined with leather to make heads turn on red carpets everywhere, with dresses and platform heels going well with leather jackets, it said.

The fashionistas at the website continued: "X-Factor judge, Cheryl Cole has been a huge fan of the leather trend this season. She's been spotted wearing leather jackets in the daytime and wet-look leggings on the red carpet."

Other trends that were sky high in popularity this year include nautically-themed clothing, military colours and one-strap dresses such as those made popular by Scarlett Johansson and Kate Hudson.

Earlier this month, Rihanna stormed the stage in Chicago wearing leather trousers in a scintillating performance characterised by a near-wardrobe malfunction in which her corset could have revealed more than the singer bargained for.

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Eva demands socks for Christmas

Eva demands socks for Christmas
Hollywood actress and bedding designer Eva Mendes was asked what she would like for Christmas, with the star wanting something a little more run-of-the-mill to celebrate the holiday season.

Socks topped her list of festive wants, with the beauty shunning the usual answer of "world peace" in a more light-hearted response to the usual December question.

Eva said: "Yeah, I never buy myself socks; it's the weirdest thing in the world. But I need 'em. I steal my boyfriend's and it's the cause of many fights."

She did, of course, ask for an end to the war in the Middle East to be put to rest, yet still underlined her desire for hosiery to keep her feet warm in the winter.

Earlier this month, Eva stated her desire to pose naked with musician Morrissey for a People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) campaign.

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Wet-look leggings 'looking good for NYE'

Wet-look leggings 'looking good for NYE'
Wet-look leggings are a good look for this New Year's eve and the item of clothing has been the one to be seen in this year, it is claimed.

A writer, making her comments on Catwalk Queen, says that such celebrities as Russell Brand and Kate Bosworth have been seen sporting the style of legwear and recommended that girls, or boys, ditch their dresses this year or a pair of wet-look leggings.

Having tried on the legwear for a Christmas party, the writer claimed to be happy trying out something different over the festive period.

"Dresses may still be the choice du jour for many a yuletide reveller but judging by the streets of London ... wet look leggings have made it on the partywear radar," she commented.

Earlier this month, it emerged that hip hop star MIA has released her own fashion line, with leggings inspired by her album artwork up for grabs.

Also included in the range are bodysuits.

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Coloured tights 'top for New Year shindig'

Coloured tights 'top for New Year shindig'
One great item of clothing to wear for a New Year's bash to look a little different is a pair of coloured tights, it is claimed.

Writing for the Times, Carolyn Asome says that it's not just coloured tights which can easily "add a point of difference" to an outfit as seamed or polka-dot stockings can do an even better job.

To go with such legwear, the fashion expert suggests wearing the "most impractical" high heels that one can lay their hands on.

Ms Asome explains what kind of footwear should be worn for partying away into the new year that could go with the tights or stockings: "The ones that you swore would fit into your life but weren't quite suitable on the Tube or down the pub.

Kori Ellis, writing for SheKnows, said that a good glamorous gift for someone would be a pair of coloured tights as they are currently in fashion.

She also suggested that patterned tights were currently in vogue.

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