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Students get first taste of world of fashion
02nd June 2015

The great and good from the world of fashion have been gathering in London for a prestigious event ...

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Fashion continues 80s legwear focus

Fashion continues 80s legwear focus
The relentless march of the early-80s influence continues to sweep across the global catwalks with yet another designer unveiling a distinctly retro style.

Phi, a New York-based luxury women's fashion retailer revealed a glamorous offering to the gods of good design at the recent debut of its new fall collection, the Dallas Morning News reports.

Tutus, bustiers and zip-front skirts jostled for the public's attention with wool crepe, cashmere and "splashes of teal, orange and fuchsia", it continues.

One audience member told the publication: "That sort of Day-Glo fluorescent, tights with the fishnets, reminded me of the darker, edgier Betsy Johnson."

Elsewhere in New York's Fashion Week, tweeds were making an unlikely but attractive comeback.

CBS News reports that despite usually being the fabric of choice for grannies and college professors, several designers have used softer versions of the material to create a stunning autumn line-up.

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Legwear lends the London look

Legwear lends the London look
London Fashion Week has barely begun and already legwear is causing comment among the glitterati.

Designer Jasper Conran decked his models in sculpted dresses and tights in colours such as emerald, clementine and carnation, Reuters reports.

Framed necklines were matched with defined waists to create attractive and shapely fashions.

Conran told the assembled press that he had sought to create three-dimensional designs rather than just succumbing to the current trend for floral prints.

Tights were an important aspect of Paul Smith's fashion offerings as well, Reuters continued, with legs clad in bright colours but patterned with contrasting brushstrokes.

Hosiery is always an important part of any outfit and can be used to dress an outfit up or down, or give it a fun or punky edge.

At the recent New York Fashion Week, long-legged models wore a range of tights, from black woollies to Day-Glo florescent legwear under fishnets .

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Hosiery: Brave, bold and bright

Hosiery: Brave, bold and bright
Further furious fashion debate has been filling the style pages following the various hosiery haute couture offerings at the New York and London Fashion Weeks.

Reporter and clothing guide Tricia Woolfenden assembled a collection of "fabulous" style gurus to help her discuss designer's efforts in her blog the New Black.

The experts discussed the new tight trends unveiled recently, particularly the new fashion for bright and neon legwear.

One scathingly asserted that such tights could only be worn "carefully or perhaps after a few drinks".

However, another added: "The bright tights are an easy and fun way to step up an outfit. More!!"

Ms Woolfenden herself agreed that "fun socks, textured tights and crazy legwear" could be great but expressed a concern that bright red legs would look short.

Regardless of whether everyone likes them, the trend for dazzlingly bright legs is spreading globally.

Hong Kong newspaper the Standard has been highlighting the trend for bold, bright colours to its readership, meaning women across the planet could be sporting the brave new look this autumn.

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Hosiery: Now an important accessory

Hosiery: Now an important accessory
Legwear has become an important accessory in its own right, offering a variety of colours, patterns and textures, an expert has commented.

Writing for the Washington Post, fashion reporter Holly E Thomas said it can be difficult to know how best to pair up various tights with different outfits.

She suggested that the style-conscious should combine flat shoes with bolder hosiery , particularly if wearing patterned tights which are similar to the design of the footwear.

When wearing "head-turning heels", the writer noted textured tights in a subtle colour can pull the outfit together.

Ms Thomas also suggested combining legwear for an alternative look.

"Besides adding warmth, layering tights and socks makes for a fun , bohemian look. How to keep things from getting too bulky? Try footless tights, which provide coverage sans crowding," she advised.

Hosiery fans looking for some patterned tights inspiration following these suggestions may want to draw inspiration from recent catwalk offerings such as Vivienne Westwood's punky star-spangled tights.

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Sandals and socks: A sexy new look

Sandals and socks: A sexy new look
A number of designers are pairing sandals with socks and tights in a move which could shake footwear fashion to its core.

Sandals worn with socks have long been mocked as a clothing disaster which unaccountably affects middle-aged men on holiday, yet some designers have spurned such stereotypes and clad their models in open toes and tights , the Los Angeles Times reports.

Anna Sui, Rei Kawakubo and John Galliano have all sent their models out in anklets and open heels, the publication's fashion reporter explains.

However, wearers must carefully consider their outfits before attempting this brave new look as knee socks and stilettos can look "a little too kittenish", the article warned.

Because of this, the newspaper suggested: "Novices should start with a simple peep-toe pump and solid opaque tight."

Sandals and socks could take off thanks to the practical implications of such footwear.

"Disco Queen" Alison Goldfrapp recently told the Sun newspaper that as she has injured her back she has been banned from wearing her usual glamorous heels and so "sandals may be the way forward".

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Details 'vital' for this season's style

Details 'vital' for this season's style
This year, fashion is a matter of spending time on the details, with accessories and legwear playing an important part of any chic wardrobe.

Style bible Vogue has published a summary of the recent London Fashion Week , highlighting the importance this season of an individual look which stands out.

"From Indian bangles piled up high to a Bat For Lashes-style sequin headband or bright cerise-coloured tights (teamed with a turban), it's all in the details," the magazine explained.

Vogue urged fashion hunters to seek out a "statement coat" as a spring investment. Alternatively, a sequined scarf can add a glamorous edge to a plain black coat, it added.

The Independent recently devoted space in its style pages to a discussion of the various legwear offerings at this year's event.

It highlighted that the tights exhibited at the various catwalks ranged from jewelled, printed with stars, coloured and even made from tie-dyed latex.

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Legwear now an "it accessory"

Legwear now an "it accessory"
Tights are now an important accessory, with many designers fuelling the trend and developing new and exciting legwear crazes, it has been suggested.

Newspaper the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review has announced what many have known for some time, that "legwear has blossomed into an 'it' accessory in its own right".

From "dainty polka-dot" hosiery to cable-knit leggings, tights have never been the subject of greater designer attention and women should "get ready to cast off those basic black opaques".

Women should carefully select shoes which will complement their chosen legwear style, choosing classic flats for bolder colours and heels for textured tights in a neutral colour, it added.

Earlier this month, patterned tights received a glamorous royal look as the Duchess of York wore opaque hosiery complemented by a dark rose pattern crawling up her calf, the Daily Mail reported.

Sarah Ferguson left her tights to do the talking, the rest of her outfit being a dressed-down black skirt and shirt.

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Odd accessories for fashionable legs

Odd accessories for fashionable legs
The world of fashion frequently takes some rather odd turns when it is launching its models down the catwalk and none more so than some of the legwear offerings made this week.

According to the Times' fashion pages, one of the slightly more surreal sights during the many catwalks of the last few weeks has been a model clad in tights accessorised with glass.

"Tights with chunks of glass clamped down the sides, guaranteed to wreck your Zanussi, were a particularly useless but not isolated display of things to do with Uhu," fashion reporter Lisa Armstrong remarked.

At the recent Paris Fashion Week, Jean Paul Gaultier has courted controversy by wrapping many of his models in the skins and furs of animals but has also been making statements through his use of hosiery.

Website CatWalkQueen reports that his creations have focused on "duskier shades of primary colours", matched with tights in similar striking colours.

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Socks and sandals 'terrific but tricky'

Socks and sandals 'terrific but tricky'
As yet more designers fling models down the catwalks clad in the stylistically-shocking sandals and socks combo, a US reporter has questioned if we can overcome our prejudices against the look.

Erin Weinger, writing for the Los Angeles Times, warned that as well as designers, celebrities have welcomed the bold new look with open arms but general consumers may face confusion when it comes to adopting it themselves.

She explained: "Just try pairing tights and sandals on your own. Patterned or solid? Black or coloured? Chunky shoes or stilettos?"

Ms Weinger consulted Eric Daman, the costume designer on Gossip Girl, for tips on this difficult new style.

They concluded that for the novice sandal and sock-wearer, it is important to avoid matching colours or designs unless they plump for the "trusty" black on black.

Recently, the newspaper suggested that women wishing to sport the current trend for open toes and tights begin with opaque hosiery and simple peep-toe pumps.

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Hosiery "steals the show" in Paris

Hosiery "steals the show" in Paris
The catwalks of Paris have been showcasing outfits completed by heavily-patterned tights this week, it has been reported.

Vogue noted that designer Paolo Melim Anderssen dressed his models in busily-printed dresses matched with elegantly patterned hosiery, adding that such stylish legwear has "dominated" the autumn and winter looks.

Anna Sui used "baroque-swirled tights" to set off her outfits while Betsey Johnson daringly clad her clotheshorses' legs in large-weave fishnets, the style bible continued.

"It's not often hosiery steals the show but next season, adding some spice to your tights will be a cheap and simple way to update your look," Vogue stated.

During the recent Fashion Weeks in both London and New York, hosiery has been receiving considerable attention from the world's press as designers explore its potential to add a unique touch to their autumn collections.

According to the Times, one designer even created tights with chunks of glass "clamped" down the legs.

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"Opaque, opaque, opaque" for this season's legs

"Opaque, opaque, opaque" for this season's legs
Although opaque black tights are a wardrobe staple, fashion lovers should consider a more feminine twist this season and don gray opaque hosiery, it has been suggested.

Thanks to the global reach of the Parisian, New York and London catwalks, women in New Zealand are being urged to show off their legs and be unusual with their tights this season.

Regional news source noted that the glitterati are returning to feminine cuts, shades and styles this season.

Furthermore, grey is not a dreary colour but a soft backdrop which can highlight bright accessories, it continued.

"Again, try wearing with opaque tights - forget the word denier, it's opaque, opaque, opaque this season - and a pair of chunky heels or ankle boots to finish," the publication suggested.

Recently, there has been a move towards wearing opaque tights with peep-toe shoes, with a tonne of glamorous celebs and stylish designers throwing their weight behind the look.

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Use hosiery 'to look young'

Use hosiery 'to look young'
The right legwear can help you look ten years younger and ten times better, according to former magazine beauty editor Charla Krupp.

She advises fashionistas who are eager to retain their youthful looks to don opaque tights in shades of brown or black during the winter months, while recommending fishnets when the weather improves.

Mr Krupp states that the tights can be nude, but should not be black, the Seattle Times reports.

The advantage of such hosiery is that it can hide pallor and spots which would need to be covered using concealer should consumers decide to go bare-legged.

In the case of hose, she recommends a sheer bronze control top "with a bit of shimmer", but advises against choosing a brand with a reinforced toe.

Meanwhile, the New Zealand Herald recently reported that British style gurus Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine recently visited New Zealand where among their fashion tips was advice to wear fishnets.

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The return of the femme fatale

The return of the femme fatale
The femme fatale image made a triumphant return the catwalk in Milan last week. According to the Independent, audiences could be forgiven for burning their entire wardrobe and starting their couture collection again from scratch after seeing Stefano Pilati's collection for Yves Saint Laurent.

The publication notes that the "discretely-elegant, beautifully-proportioned and effortlessly-wearable collection," included black opaque tights covered by tailored dresses, coats and trouser suits.

Any woman of style would love to wear them, the publication explains, noting the use of talon-heeled black leather platform-soled boots and shoes, with matt-black lips and eighties style bobs to complete the noir look.

The Commes des Garcons designer Rei Kawakubo also used black opaque hosiery in her collection, which also featured red polka-dot dresses and tailored shorts.

Meanwhile, regional news source recently advised fashionistas to adopt grey opaque legwear this season as a more feminine take on the "wardrobe staple" of black tights.

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Preview of this winter's tights trends

Preview of this winter's tights trends
Dedicated followers of fashion may have picked a few hints on the styles which are to be big this winter following the Southern Trust ID Fashion Show in Dunedin, New Zealand.

A series of upcoming winter collections were on display at the event and if the couture that was exhibited is any indicator of what is to come in the cooler months of the year then full-length tights worn alongside woollen tops are sure to be in vogue.

Online fashion culture resource thread explains that the event was "a spectacular evening of tights, hairspray, pouts and struts", with the main colours including browns and blues in tandem with metallic hues.

Regarding design, feminine shapes are very much in at the moment, with an emphasis being placed on tailored cuts which follow the shape of the wearer's body.

In related news, the Independent recently reported that the femme fatale look - complete with black opaque tights and tailored dresses - made its triumphant return to the Milan catwalk in recent weeks.

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Bright tights at London Fashion Week

Bright tights at London Fashion Week
Vivid colours were a key element of British designer Jasper Conran's womenswear show on the second day of London Fashion Week on Monday.

News agency Reuters explains that bright clementine, emerald and carnation tights featured alongside silk and cashmere frocks with framed necklines, rounded hips and defined waists.

Conran told reporters after the show: "There has been a lot of embroideries and florals and I wanted to do something much more three-dimensional, about silhouette, shape and form."

Only a minimal amount of accessories - such as short leather gloves and flat ballerinas - were on display.

Paul Smith displayed his collection later in the day and it also featured brightly-coloured tights, although in this show the legwear was painted in brushstrokes of contrasting contrasting colours.

Meanwhile, online resource thread recently reported on the southern Trust ID Fashion show in New Zealand, noting that full-length tights worn with woollen tops were a prominent look.

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Winter colours 'muted'

Winter colours 'muted'
Winter looks set to be a subdued affair when it comes to the colour palette, if the L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival is anything to go by.

The Sydney Morning Herald explains that more than 60 catwalk collections were displayed at the event and that the cooler months look to be a predominantly black season with the occasional smattering of colours, including pumpkin, purple, magenta and deep pink.

Layers also look to be in vogue, with combinations of tights, bottoms, knits and blouses being worn by a range of models.

The central item in nearly every collection was a coat, the publication notes, adding: "A variety of sweet and shapely frock coats, often with shawl collars, self belts and generously gathered near-rara skirts, were the bull's-eye components for winter's key layered looks."

Meanwhile, the Independent recently reported that black is very much back, with the femme fatale look making a return to the Milan catwalk last week, featuring black opaque legwear and tailored dresses.

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Asian couture at India Fashion Week

Asian couture at India Fashion Week
Sarong-like skirts and kimono-inspired dresses are the predominant styles on display at India Fashion Week in New Delhi.

News provider Agence France-Presse notes that female models were clad in draped dresses, pea coats and straight skirts with a colour palette ranging from maroon to teal and moss - with bright knee high socks, geisha lips and slanted eyebrows completing the look.

The menswear collections were dominated by the androgynous aesthetic, with jodhpurs and skinny trousers identified as the highlight of Manoviraj Khosla's show.

Designer Suneet Varma tells the news agency: "My collection celebrates the Asian superpower. The Indian and Chinese influence is big everywhere."

He adds that oriental fashion has certain allure that is not present in the West.

Meanwhile, Reuters recently noted that vivid legwear - including tights in bright shades of emerald, carnation and clementine - was a predominant theme in Jasper Conran's womenswear show during London Fashion Week.

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Leather for winter

Leather for winter
Australia enjoyed a taste of Italy at Melbourne Fashion Festival in recent days, it has been noted.

White, silver, black and chocolate Italian leathers finished with a metallic sheen were partnered with black knitted tights as part of Lisa Ho's winter collection, online resource explains.

Following the show, Ms Ho told reporters: "Everything's very layered. So, therefore, you can go a little lighter, so if you have the skivvy and the tights underneath you can just build your wardrobe up."

She said that she wanted to place an emphasis on luxury while at the same time limiting the colour palette, resulting in the use of tones such as black, charcoal, plum, cream and burnt orange .

Meanwhile, the Independent reports that black opaque tights were combined with tailored trouser suits, coats and dresses as part of Stefano Pilati's collection for Yves Saint Laurent on the Milan catwalk in recent days.

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Fall fashion forecast

Fall fashion forecast
A challenging couture period is to be faced by fashionistas later this year as they try to keep warm in the cooler months of the year while still keeping up to date with the latest trends.

Writing in online resource Lubbock Online, Donna Kato notes a number of ways in which consumers can maintain their fashionable edge, while still keeping the chilly weather at bay.

Headwear such as berets and fedoras will help to keep cold craniums temperate, while brightly-coloured and textured tights will aid those with chilly legs to keep their cool while keeping frostiness at bay.

Feathers are also a suggestion from the reporter, who explains that whether they are from a peacock, pheasant or ostrich, they can be worked into an outfit as either an accessory such as a brooch or a full-on feather skirt.

Meanwhile, online fashion resource thread explains that the Southern Trust ID Fashion Show in Dunedin in New Zealand saw winter collections featuring colours such as blues and browns with metallic hues.

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Stay stylish 'while dressing down'

Stay stylish 'while dressing down'
It is possible to look glamorous and sexy even when going for a more casual look, a style guru has asserted.

Fashion expert Laura Robinson made her comments to the Mirror, claiming that sometimes people need to dress more casually but that they could still look the business.

She suggested camisoles under skirts combined with a wrap cardigan as one way to "ooze style" without too much effort.

Other chic but everyday tactics include matching jeans with a sparkly top and a pair of heels, Ms Robinson continued.

"Add accessories such as bags and bracelets for a quick way to glam up. Bright scarves, jackets or tights can add life to everyday outfits," she added.

Flamboyant tights are fun and they are certainly fashionable at the moment.

Recently, news resource the Seattle Times suggested that women indulging in bold colours for their hosiery consider matching it with classic flats.

It added that the look was perfected when the shoes continued the patterned tights' colour or print in some way.

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'Colour blocking trend' sweeps globe

'Colour blocking trend' sweeps globe
There is a current trend in the world of the fashion-conscious for colour blocking, it has been reported.

Such a look involves using large chunks of abstract colour incorporated into an outfit, allowing a touch of brightness into even the most sophisticated wardrobe, fashion director Gregg Andrews told the Canadian Press.

The use of vivid shades can add to the daringness of bright colours without making the wearer look too floral, he explained.

Dress designer Lisa Perry suggested that fashion fanatics consider matching bright green tights with nude-coloured fishnet stockings.

However, she warned: "Colour goes with your personality. You have to feel comfortable being looked at. What you want to hear is 'you look so great,' not 'I love the dress."

Online fashion guide Dressed and Pressed suggests that patterned tights or hosiery and socks in bright colours can be a great way of colour blocking and adding an unusual touch to an ensemble.

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Tights 'transform tired outfits'

Tights 'transform tired outfits'
Hosiery can utterly transform an outfit, meaning a good pair of tights is an important economic investment, an expert has suggested.

Reporter Katy Smail, writing for publication MyFashionLife, made her comments after attending several of the autumn/winter catwalks, which she described as a "feast for the legs".

However, she said the stylistic offerings displayed at the various fashion events have curbed her enthusiasm for block-coloured tights.

Now, Ms Smail admits she is "lusting after" patterned tights to give her "lace-spun and romantic legs".

Despite her new-found enthusiasm, the fashion reporter admitted she is not quite ready for some of the bolder hosiery looks being sported by the world's fashionistas.

"There was the modern take on fishnets at Rodarte which, although an excellent accessory for 'slasher movie' chic, were not quite enough to coax my fishnets out of the dressing up box," she added.

However, not everybody loves every look and fishnet tights do have their fans.

UKTV Style's website recently highlighted that many of the country's favourite celebrities have been wearing some fairly extreme legwear and remarked that wide fishnet tights can make an outfit really "turn heads".

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Bare-legs 'banned at Ascot'

Bare-legs 'banned at Ascot'
Women who plan to have a classy flutter on gee-gees at Ascot should stock up on hosiery before they go as the organisation has clamped down on casual dress.

Liz Jones, writing for the Daily Mail, has praised the prestigious horse-fest for making a stand against "bum-skimming skirts" and stilettos with bare legs.

She highlighted that the rules for the event state that ladies must wear hats or fascinators and cannot stroll about the enclosure with uncovered legs.

Ascot's rules are not for fear that naked flesh might startle the horses but - it explains - to ensure everyone is dressed with appropriate formality for an event at which royalty may be present.

Ms Jones agrees wholeheartedly with the stance.

"I do think you enjoy an outing infinitely more if you dress up for it and can see everyone else has, too," she explained, adding: "I find the propensity nowadays for always dressing down deeply insulting."

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Lily Allen's look 'a baggy hospital gown'

Lily Allen's look 'a baggy hospital gown'
Lily Allens fashion sense has been accused of widely missing the mark after the songstress attended a premier dressed with less than her usual pizzazz.

The Daily Mail described Lily's smock-like shirt-dress as like a baggy hospital gown than a sleek red-carpet frock" when she and brother Alfie attended the premier of Flashbacks of a Fool.

Her powder blue garment was matched by attractive flats in the same colour with a red trim and a pair of appealing black stockings which the newspaper's fashion writer did not criticise.

Despite her appealing legwear, though, the articles dubbed Lily a "fashion casualty" as she romped up the red carpet alongside the casual elegance of stars such as Emilia Fox - clad in an elegant red frock matched with black tights and peep-toe shoes.

It has been a turbulent few months for the singer's wardrobe as her tastes are routinely lambasted and lauded through a number of style sources.

Last month, praised Lily's dress sense after she emerged wearing a floaty dress, sky-high platforms and sheer black tights.

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