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Patterned tights 'add another layer to an outfit'

Patterned tights 'add another layer to an outfit'
Want to add an extra dimension to your clothing? Buying a pair of patterned tights will add another layer and level of style to your outfit, according to one writer.

Melissa Magsaysay of the Los Angeles Times revealed that patterned tights are no less than a key accessory for fashionistas across the world.

Lighter-coloured tights will introduce a "romantic element" to an outfit, she said, adding that people ought to stick with a sheer weight when wearing such a hue as thick tights add bulk while making the leg look shorter.

Ms Magsaysay added that while black mini dresses are great for summer with bare legs, it can also be enhanced in colder weather with "sexy zigzag tights".

"As an interesting and generally inexpensive accessory, patterned tights play well this time of year, breathing new life into existing pieces and adding a pop of unexpected texture," she concluded.

Last month, Marie Claire revealed how Marks & Spencer had revealed that tights are a particularly hot seller in the market at the moment, selling 44 pairs of black opaque tights every minute.

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Go green: save tights

Go green: save tights
There are hundreds of ways that a person can do their bit to lower their carbon footprint in the UK, with one woman compiling a list of 25 ways to ensure they can contribute - with tights and socks not escaping.

Sarah Lonsdale, in a piece for the Daily Telegraph, evaluated exactly how people could turn the smallest of wastes into helpful substitutes for things that would usually need further investment.

She advised people against throwing away holey socks and laddered tights, instead asserting that by keeping them in the understairs cupboard or kitchen drawer, people can instead use them as dusters or mops.

"Socks make perfect dusters while sheets cut to size are good for cleaning windows and washing down paintwork," Ms Lonsdale added. "Use old tights, bunched up and fixed with a rubber band, as sponges and washing-up wipes."

One woman who hung onto her socks was one Jennifer Bruce, who was recently handed a six-month deferred sentence for streaking through her local Co-op wearing just her hosiery, the Daily Record revealed.

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Rihanna turns heads with remarkable tights

Rihanna turns heads with remarkable tights
Those weak of the heart will have done well to stay away from the United Arab Emirates over New Year, as Rihanna was certainly dressed to kill at a performance in Abu Dhabi.

The singer, who performed a 17-song set for over 15,000 revellers in the city state at the Emirates Palace, wearing a particularly fashionable pair of fishnet tights which were interspersed with large black bands running both around and down her legs.

Rihanna's got a few resolutions for 2010, aside from perhaps upping her game when it comes to hosiery.

She said: "I want to stop shopping, being late, start waking up early, stuff like that. I'd like to see my mum and grandparents more. I want to learn the drums and I want to work with Depeche Mode so bad."

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Police sock it to thief with DNA evidence

Police sock it to thief with DNA evidence
A common thief has been ensnared by police after leaving a sock at the scene of a crime he fecklessly committed.

In his quest to relieve a home in Peterhead of £800 worth of goods such as jewellery boxes, bank statements and cash, 27-year-old Ian Garden was caught when police found his DNA on a sock that was discovered in a display cabinet.

Mr Garden was charged instantly with the break-in and he ended up admitting his part in the theft, shortly before the homeowner returned from shopping to find the evidence.

The thief, who will be sentenced on Thursday (January 7th), also broke into a house last year, with the goods never being recovered.

Last month, it was alleged that Dorian Deon White, a 32-year-old man, wore hosiery - a pair of tights, to be exact - alongside a dress, a black wig and make-up to rob a bank for an undisclosed amount of money in Corpus Christi, Texas.

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Irish health expert promotes wearing socks in bed

Irish health expert promotes wearing socks in bed
Freezing cold? Join the club of millions around the country, but be prepared to fight it - with the aid of hosiery, among other things.

The Irish Department of Health and Children has recently issued a few guidelines for fighting back the icy conditions that have descended on this part of the world, recommending that in bed, people should consider wearing socks and a night cap.

It forms part of the back-to-basics approach, the Irish Independent explained, with Dr Philip Crowley - the deputy chief medical officer with the organisation - stating that many people can be at risk, particularly if they are already ill or vulnerable.

He continued: "It is important that we all take the recommended precautions given the unusually prolonged and severe cold weather."

Hosiery should be reused after holes or ladders appear in socks and tights according to Sarah Lonsdale of the Daily Telegraph, with the ecologically-aware writer recommending that people adopt them as cleaning tools or ad-hoc mops.

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Coloured tights are 'obvious choice for 2010'

Coloured tights are 'obvious choice for 2010'
Want to look your leggy best on the streets of the UK in the coming months? Coloured tights are the way forward for you, according to a new report.

Blockbuster style magazine Elle explained that the catwalks for autumn/winter 2009 were "awash" with coloured tights, while animal prints, bold block colours and diamante offerings have been found elsewhere as a direct spin-off.

It argued that it "comes as no surprise" to see more fashionistas adopting the trend each and every day.

Elle added: "Taking inspiration from the international collections, they have added a quirky edge to their look and brightened up their winter ensembles to boot."

Last week, Melissa Magsaysay of the Los Angeles Times got behind patterned tights, arguing that they are a key accessory and a great way to add another layer to any ensemble.

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Smelly feet can be 'sorted out with socks'

Smelly feet can be 'sorted out with socks'
While men may have their mind elsewhere when it comes to anatomical priorities, it's the feet that women are most likely to name as the one thing blokes need to focus on improving, it is said.

Dr Keith of the Sun addressed the problem of smelly feet, which are a regular occurrence among blokes, noting that the typical male foot is a "crusty, manky, smelly mess".

However, socks or other hosiery should be used to ensure they stay nice and fresh, he asserted.

"Your trainers are also called 'running shoes' for good reason - people run for miles when they smell them," Dr Keith explained.

"Chuck them out. Instead, wear socks and shoes that help your feet 'breathe'. Obviously, regular washing helps too - that goes for socks and feet."

Health was prioritised recently by Intelligent Apparel, which developed socks including Kevlar to ensure that ice skaters with the National Hockey League - commonly referred to as the NHL - were less likely to suffer skate-related injuries.

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Tights 'add pizazz'

Tights 'add pizazz'
Winter is the time for covered legs, and one woman interviewed by the Argus Leader has highlighted just how important legwear is to people in the current climate.

Meghan Aguilar, the manager of a leading clothing store in the US, told the newspaper that her company has seen a lot of people adopting the "classic black tight" for their outfit.

However, a lot of textured tights, plaids, argyle patterns and metallics have been flying off the shelves, as well as the staples of fishnet and lace, while people are also "going out of their comfort zone and looking for something different".

Ms Aguilar added: "Wear them with dresses - either casual or dressy. And you can definitely wear them under shorts. Or just pair them with tunics and skirts."

Woman wanting to look their best on the streets this month should adopt coloured tights, Elle magazine stressed this week.

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Kelly Brook seems 'impervious to the cold' with new get-up

Kelly Brook seems 'impervious to the cold' with new get-up
One of the newest stars in the West End's Calendar Girls has decided that her winter wear should only extend above her waistline, wearing not-so-helpful hosiery on her legs to keep herself warm.

Kelly Brook was spotted with boyfriend Danny Cipriani wearing a pair of denim hotpants and some fishnet tights after leaving the West End, despite the sub-zero temperatures that have racked the country to its very core.

However, Kelly still managed to crack on with a long red scarf over a knitted patterned cardigan-style jacket, while her partner managed to retain common sense and stick to a warm black jacket, gloves, a hat and a sensible pair of jeans as legwear.

Over Christmas, Kelly Brook became the proud owner of a pug puppy, which she showed to the paparazzi with glee.

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Expert: Leggings are not trouser replacement; hemlines too high

Expert: Leggings are not trouser replacement; hemlines too high
One fashion-forward style guru has criticised the most recent questionable trend to dominate fashion: the use of leggings as a substitute for trousers.

Andrea Petrouon of ShinyStyle said that with tunics, dresses, shorts and skirts are all perfect for matching leggings with usually, so long as they stayed layered beneath them as "it just made good sense".

She continued: "Apparently not."

Ms Petrouon was sad to see that now, "hemlines are rising and crotches are emerging" and people are wearing leggings with t-shirts, or with blouses, with even cropped tops getting in on the deal, making her question whether people have forgotten the rule or not.

She concluded: "Or perhaps it's because, in these times of recessionista thrift, we can now pass off three millimetres of clingy spandex as 'trousers', like they used to make birthday cakes out of hat boxes in the war. Perhaps."

One chief style-wrecker in this sense is Kelly Brook, ShinyStyle pictured, who was also spotted wearing fishnet tights in the West End despite the plunging temperatures last week.

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Lindsay Lohan leggings blasted for 'copyright infringement'

Lindsay Lohan leggings blasted for 'copyright infringement'
One actress seems to be facing a barrage of issues at the moment, with her latest line of leggings being questioned due to their lack of originality by another leading figure in the industry.

James Lillis, the owner of Black Milk Clothing, highlighted the similarities between his own leggings line and that belonging to Lindsay Lohan, known as 6126.

The actress' Diamond design has been linked to Mr Lillis' Sheer Spartan legwear, which has the same rhombus-shaped cutaways on the inner thigh, following Lindsay's decision to publish the new sketches online.

Mr Lillis said: "Sucks to be me!

"And all you guys who bought the Sheer Spartans - whenever you go out people are going to be saying to you 'Oh, you got the Lindsay Lohan leggings from Nordstrom - I love those!'"

Recently, Lindsay Lohan's driver became the subject of a criminal investigation when he drove into a photographer after picking the star up from the Hotel Cafe in Hollywood.

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Men 'hate jeggings'

Men 'hate jeggings'
A new study of 1,564 men aged between 18 and 30, has discovered that certain things women love, including hosiery, are a major turn-off for some men. discovered that over half of the men hated the "fashion phenomenon" of jeggings, while a further third didn't know what they were.

UGG boots were the most hated item of clothing, which 57 per cent of blokes disliked quite intensely.

Andy Barr, the marketing director of, said: "It's really interesting to see that some of last year's fashions have been so unappealing, particularly when they have sold so successfully. It's a fascinating look at how men and women think so differently."

He added that while this gives a cross-section of what the men think, it will not change what women like in regards to hosiery, nor will it affect how they dress, as it's a matter of personal opinion and feeling comfortable.

For those not in the know, jeggings are leggings that take style pointers from jeans, such as colour and seam.

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French football star forced to practice in socks

French football star forced to practice in socks
One of France's star footballers who has been plagued by injuries in recent months has returned to the practice squad of German team Bayern Munich, though he has been forced to play in his socks.

Franck Ribery, the talented winger, who has been with the Bundesliga team since 2007 after a switch from Marseille, has to miss the restart of the league after the winter break because he needed his big toenails removed, compounding his misery of not being able to play.

Louis Van Gaal, who enforced the hosiery-only rule, said that it was disappointing so see him limited by his most recent set-back.

Speaking to the club website, Van Gaal explained: "This week was very important for our teamwork but now we'll have to reintroduce him during a competitive period. That's hard for him, for me and for the other players."

In England's most recent meeting with France back in 2008, Franck Ribery scored the only goal, much to the anger of the visiting English fans at the Stade de France.

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Cristiano Ronaldo men's underwear pics unveiled

Cristiano Ronaldo men's underwear pics unveiled
Men looking for underwear may be swung in the direction of Armani after one of the world's best footballers engaged in a photography session which has finally been released.

However, Cristiano Ronaldo isn't exactly the most-liked player in the world, which may see his campaign to peddle men's underwear from the company only being popular with women happy to see his impressive body.

The Real Madrid star, who moved from Manchester United shortly after losing the Champions League final to Barcelona with Sir Alex's men, is seen pulling strange poses for the campaign, with one looking like he is unsuccessfully vogueing.

However, the 3,000 sit-ups which Cristiano claims to do are obviously paying off, as his torso is nigh-on perfect, meaning that men's underwear sales for the company may go up.

Cristiano Ronaldo is perhaps best known for a sly wink at the Portugal team coach shortly after making a meal of a tackle from former teammate and England striker Wayne Rooney at the World Cup finals in 2006, which led to his sending off.

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Rihanna again embraces crazy tights

Rihanna again embraces crazy tights
Rihanna has been papped again in the US wearing one of her strangest pair of tights yet, with holes going all the way down the outside of her hosiery and revealing a lot of leg.

Rihanna's newest tights are actually less revealing than most other pairs she's been wearing in recent months, yet while the singer pulls it off quite well, there's very little chance others would attempt to mimic her style.

That's because the 21-year-old singer went out for a stroll in the US in a pair of opaque black tights which had a remarkably holey design running down the outside of her thighs, creating a honeycomb-style pattern, the Daily Mail revealed.

She paired the remarkably legwear with a leather body warmer, a relaxed-looking white shirt and her trademark hairstyle, embracing long blonde curls on top alongside a more naturally-coloured short back and sides.

Luckily, Rihanna's top was able to cover her more intimate regions - something which is becoming prevalent among stars and hosiery - most notably leggings, which ShinyStyle recently lambasted as a growing trend.

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Mischa Barton fails to impress with leather leggings

Mischa Barton fails to impress with leather leggings
The fashion sense of Mischa Barton isn't anything like it used to be, if the latest snaps of her in Los Angeles are anything to go by.

That's because the actress and former star of the OC - which saw her becoming one of the most fashionable people in the public eye for a decent spell - was spotted in LA wearing ill-fitting leather leggings which were poorly matched with Conserve hi-top trainers.

It is the latest boo-boo from the screen idol, who has been through a tumultuous two years and seen her weight go to extreme lows and surprising highs, with the leggings looking like they may have fit her pins a little better back in 2009.

Mischa is actually British by birth and holds Anglo-American dual citizenship, with the actrss admitting to loving the UK.

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End of bare-legged fashion is 'great'

End of bare-legged fashion is 'great'
The founder of a major website relating to style and fashion has waged war on bare-legged women by claiming that tights and other items of legwear are fantastic additions to any outfit.

Susu Bear, who owns, said that winter fashion tights are a great trend to adopt during the colder months and definitely one of the strongest trends going.

"I'm personally thrilled with the end of the bare leg. For the last few years, I saw mostly legs in the dead of winter," she told Commercial Appeal. "People were in heavy winter coats and bare legs; people even had them with knee boots."

She added that the bare leg is hard to maintain when your legs aren't tanned, and that while young people may be able to get away with it more, or if your legs are in great shape from constant exercise, older women with varicose veins aren't exactly at a huge advantage and need hosiery.

Last week, Mischa Barton failed to impress fellow fashionistas after putting on a pair of ill-fitting leather leggings when walking around LA.

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Geeks rejoice: Space Invaders tights now available

Geeks rejoice: Space Invaders tights now available
Want to embrace your geekier side? This is easily done through fashion, with the newest addition to the world of legwear truly delivering on the throwback gaming front.

That's because designer James Willis has announced the release of Space Invaders tights, truly ramping up the use of colours while also delivering hosiery capable of taking people back to the 1980s dystopian world where one ship defends humanity against a scourge of pixellated baddies.

It is believed that the offering will be a great present for Valentine's Day and they are currently retailing at AU$80 (£45) for one pair, though they are likely to fly off the shelves given the classic look they will give people's pins around the globe.

Recently, the creators of Space Invaders - Taito - explained to Gamasutra that the studio's future will continue to be focused on arcade games, perhaps creating a number of comparable games in the coming years.

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Dresses and skirts are 'made for tights'

Dresses and skirts are 'made for tights'
Women who are intimidated by wearing a skirt or dress in the current climate must ensure that they fully consider the option of pairing it with tights or leggings as it is the perfect partnership, it is believed.

Caitlin Donnelly of said that while people may be sick of winter-based advice columns for dressing well, she is happy to simplify the whole process, explicitly asserting that hosiery is great to dress in a cute way despite the cold.

In particular, "voluminous skirts" as well as dresses allow for layering.

Ms Donnelly recommended: "Instead of thin hose, opt for thicker leggings, such as the new and ubiquitous jeggings. For another option, pick up a pair of fleece-lined tights (yes, these are available for non-athletic purposes)."

The cold may also be expertly avoided with the use of knee-high socks, according to a nameless contributor to the Herald in Scotland, as they are the perfect accompaniment to and type of legwear in the wintry weather.

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Knee-high socks are 'best hosiery ever'

Knee-high socks are 'best hosiery ever'
One individual is fighting to promote the benefits of knee-highsocks to all and sundry.

The unnamed contributor to the Herald explained that following a relatively botched varicose vein operation at a young age - young enough to insist on its removal, by their own admission - they opted for the helpful hosiery to cover the scar marks.

However, that was just the beginning of their love affair with the longer legwear, noting that they are particularly great to deal with Scotland's less-than-tropical climate.

The individual continued: "I like winter and the chance to wrap up, wearing long, thick socks. I even enjoyed the one occasion when I was forced to wear a kilt - to a wedding, of course - since the uniform demanded knee-length woollen hosiery."

And, with longer socks, circulation is improved and varicosity is avoided, it was concluded.

A recent piece for noted that women wanting to keep "the doldrums away" in later years may want to adopt knee-highsocks to bring back a youthful air to living.

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Bright tights are 'future of fashion'

Bright tights are 'future of fashion'
The popularity of bright tights is absolutely undeniable, according to a brand new feature on the growing trend by a well-respected fashion magazine.

Grazia looked at the likes of Fearne Cotton, Mischa Barton and the particularly crazily-clothed Paloma Faith, concluding that each one has been able to use bright or unconventionally-designed legwear to impress photographers who see them out and about on their travels.

It noted that many people with a big personality may have a greater style success rate when they are donning such hosiery.

However, those who are not brimming with confidence over their strange tights may want to take a tip from Agyness Deyn and her fashionable cohorts, pairing them with a little black dress, the model’s wardrobe mainstaple.

Particularly geeky and bright tights were exampled by James Willis earlier this week, when it was announced that his Space Invaders design had gone on sale.

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Leggings give lifeline to pregnant singer

Leggings give lifeline to pregnant singer
Christina Milian is not one to shirk style at any moment, including when she has to look her best during the development of her young one.

The pregnant singer and actress was spotted getting into her car in Hollywood recently, looking tired yet remarkable elegant, dressed in a long-sleeved purple maternity t-shirt and leggings to give her the comfort she evidently needs to move around as comfortably as possible.

She has been quite worried about the baby's birth for a long time and openly spoke of her fleeting distress when the thought crosses her mind.

"I am nervous about giving birth to the baby," she explained. "That's probably the most nerve-wracking part of it all. Every day I wonder, 'What happens if she comes earlier than expected?'"

However, her husband - Terius Nash, otherwise known by stage name The-Dream - is giving her all the support she needs.

Christina added: "As long as Dream is right next to me, I'll be fine."

While many know her for her music, others will likely remember Christina Milian from films such as Be Cool, Pulse and Love Don't Cost a Thing.

Nicole Richie aims high with new fashion line

Nicole Richie aims high with new fashion line
Nicole Richie has spoken of her desires to dominate the fashion market with her latest line of stylish clothing, which will hit the racks of US stores from February 15th.

The actress and reality TV star, who is married to Good Charlotte rocker Joel Madden, has spoken to USA Today about her intentions with the Winter Kate collection, which will include leggings and possibly other pieces of hosiery for those wanting to feel fashionable.

She said of her delayed start in the market: "You really have to put all of your time and effort into it. That's why I didn't start with clothing, because I didn't have the time."

USA Today explained that it will largely play on her bohemian chic aesthetic, such as "hippie headbands" and printed scarves.

In a separate interview this week, Nicole asserted that she wants her clothing line to be so comfortable that women feel naked in her outfits.

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Ice hockey superstar ponders bulletproof socks

Ice hockey superstar ponders bulletproof socks
Kevin Bieksa, a defenseman for the Vancouver Canucks in the National Hockey League (NHL) - the US ice hockey league - has revealed that he is to experiment with donning Kevlar socks when he returns to the sport.

Bieksa suffered two major cuts to his feet in the last three seasons, including a severed tendon on against the Phoenix Coyotes in late December when a skate blade belonging to opposition forward Petr Prucha sliced his foot.

Two years ago, Bieksa missed a whopping 47 games after his Achilles tendon was taken out by Vernon Fiddler, who was then playing for the Nashville Predators.

Bieksa had surgery at the very end of 2009 but would not put a timeline on his own return though it is very doubtful that it will be before March, with the star only currently able to slowly take on an exercise bike.

Vancouver are having a good season despite the loss of Bieksa, with the team standing in second place in the Northwest Division, level points with the Colorado Avalanche who are in top spot.

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Jackie Chan shows off pressure point socks

Jackie Chan shows off pressure point socks
In order to prove that he is finally on Twitter, Jackie Chan has posted up a few pictures of himself to the Twitpic upload facility and showed his more playful side in doing so.

One such picture sees the martial arts and acting legend reclined in a car, desperate to prove to his fans that he is much cooler and healthier than his friend makes out after the helper mocked him for his choice of hosiery: blue and white slipper socks to maintain a better lifestyle.

He explained: "My assistant is laughing at my pressure point socks. I don't have stinky feet!"

Now currently back in Hong Kong, the actor is catching up with his animals, notably his two dogs and two cats, who he has posted more photos of.

Jackie Chan recently announced his 100th movie project in Beijing this week, revealing it will be a collaboration with Rumble in the Bronx director Stanley Tong and will be called The 12 Chinese Zodiac Animals, featuring intense fighting scenes from the beginning to the end.

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LiLo goes on charity offensive for Haiti

LiLo goes on charity offensive for Haiti
It's a case of hosiery for Haiti for Lindsay Lohan, who is getting in touch with her charitable side in order to help out the less-fortunate members of the world following one of the most devastating natural disasters in recent years.

The actress, singer and designer has said that what has happened in the country is "truly horrible" and is affecting the young ones of the island nation.

Asking for help through the purchase of her 6126 line of leggings, the celeb said: "I believe every company should do their part to help by donating what they can.

"I am proud to announce that we are giving 100 per cent of the proceeds to Haiti's children through an organisation I am passionate about, Save the Children."

Lindsay Lohan is to partner Austrian entrepreneur Richard Lugner to this year's Vienna Opera Ball on February 11th, with the 76-year-old inviting a celebrity every year as his guest to the highlight of the city's social calendar.

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Mischa to put people off bright tights for life?

Mischa to put people off bright tights for life?
Mischa Barton is usually known for her uncompromising style, but she has let the side down a little in recent months with some ill-made choices.

However, a few photos have leaked of her wearing a particularly awful outfit complete with brightly-coloured tights; despite this development, fans of hers should not be worried: it's just her latest acting role which could be making an accidental bad name for the star.

That's because Mischa is portraying no less than a pregnant prostitute for cutting-edge drama Law & Order: SVU, wearing a less-than-fashionable fur coat paired up with a loud floral dress and bright purple hosiery, with the lattermost recently being championed as stylish.

This is unlike one of Mischa's recent get-ups, with the star wearing leather leggings which were particularly unflattering in a recent walkabout in Hollywood.

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Mantyhose is 'great European fashion trend'

Mantyhose is 'great European fashion trend'
The so-called European trend of mantyhose - male hosiery, no less - is apparently going to take the US by storm, according to a new report.

Victor Fiorillo of Philadelphia magazine has been keeping track of the latest and greatest trends passing over the nation, with the fashion expert noting that mantyhose is looking less of a practical warmth issue and more of a general style statement.

Jimmy Contreras, the man behind the JimmyStyle boutique in the Pennsylvanian city, said that Philadelphia will be one of the many places taken by storm by male legwear.

He asserted: "I say yes to mantyhose. In the States, men are using them for keeping warm. Now in Europe, men are using them in their everyday fashion. In the last year, they've been showing up in Euro fashion spreads."

Toronto Life's Karon Liu was a little more cynical, however, with the expert laughing at one store owner's description that they were for "hipsters", underlining her argument that they were probably not really a trend that has a chance of taking off.

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Heated socks boosted with battery power

Heated socks boosted with battery power
Everyone loves toasty-warm socks in cold weather, so it stands to reason that plenty of places are aiming to make it easier to get up to temperature.

Such is the situation with the Heated Socks EX package, a set created for outdoor workers, motorcyclists and everyone else faced with cold soles, and is the first controllable battery-powered legwear offering that promises to heat and treat feet.

Other battery powered socks already exist, though controls tend to be self-contained; however, the Heated Socks EX offering distributes warmth evenly through the entire foot instead of heating specific areas of the feet and is controlled through discreet wiring to a pack in the belt.

Kevin Bieksa, an ice hockey player for the Vancouver Canucks in the US, is to experiment with another development in socks: Kevlar hosiery capable of defending the legs from the blades of ice skates.

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Socks are 'traditional Olympic superstition'

Socks are 'traditional Olympic superstition'
While socks mean a lot to most people, even on the most fundamental warmth or comfort grounds, many see them as ways they can be better at their art or sport.

Casey Puckett, a cross-country skier from the US national team who will be competing in the Vancouver-based Winter Olympics this year, told the Associated Press that if he has a good race, the pair of socks he is wearing "tends to be the go-to", adding that it "generally is the undergarments" which are his leading superstition.

He continued: "I like to believe in the skill and preparedness. But at the same time, I do recognise that there is a bit of luck that comes into it."

Puckett is not the only superstitious athlete to speak to the news service; for example, Chad Hedrick, a speed skater, instead opts for his outcomes off the back of fortune cookies.

One sportsman who hopes to depart from superstition through his legwear is Kevin Bieksa, who is to not take any chances by wearing bullet-proof Kevlar socks.

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