Socks cover monkey business

Published: 21st July 2010

Socks cover monkey business
In the world of high-stakes smuggling, trying to get 18 monkeys past airport security by stuffing the creatures into some socks might seem a little crazy.

That is the method, however, that one Roberto Zavaleta Sol Carbrera attempted to use to enter Mexico with animals wrapped around his waist.

Security staff at Mexico City International Airport noticed the smuggler behaving suspiciously and also noted the bulge under his clothes.

Upon searching Mr Carbrera they discovered 18 endangered titi monkeys stuffed inside socks. Two of the creatures had died on the flight from Peru.

He had carried the animals in his suitcase, but transferred them to his person in the socks to try to avoid x-ray searches of luggage.

The monkeys, which are native to South America, can fetch high prices on the open market.

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Posted by Emily Smith

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