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Women 'have it easier' in fashion stakes

Women 'have it easier' in fashion stakes
A love-or-hate radio DJ with BBC's 6Music has showed his envious side after highlighting how women have much more choice when it comes to fashion.

George Lamb, who presents the morning show for the alternative station, explained that huge innovation has driven women to combine their existing clothing to get their own personal look, using the likes of fashion tights and leggings to accessorise themselves.

He said: "Womenswear is amazing. It's different for guys because you don't need to have as many clothes. Women wear something a couple of times and they just mix it up with something else."

George added that he would love to head to the high street and pick up items for his own look, yet it was a female-dominated space.

The presenter will be heading back to the small screen to take charge of Big Brother's Little Brother once the new series starts this month.

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Socks in the sand spark police mystery

Socks in the sand spark police mystery
An abandoned pair of socks and shoes sparked a police hunt for a possible missing person on Sunday.

The items were left on a Bournemouth beach, with words from the poem Footprints in the Sand written alongside them in giant letters, the Daily Echo reports.

Police and lifeboats arrived on Sunday morning and searched the area, fearing someone may have tried to harm themselves.

But after hours of searching they came to the conclusion that the sockless person was no more than a prankster.

The socks, shoes and words were removed from the beach before it was reopened to visitors looking to make the most of the good weather.

Footprints in the Sand was written by Mary Stevenson in 1936 when she was just a teenager.

It depicts how God carried the narrator through tough times - meaning only one set of footprints was left.

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Shorts in summer 'need opaques'

Shorts in summer 'need opaques'
Summer is finally here and shorts are on the menu for most people, yet many fashionistas may not know what to wear with their new purchase or dusty investment from a few years ago.

Well never fear - Shane Watson of the Times is here to tell you that in all situations regarding shorts, people should at least consider the power of opaque tights on their overall look.

She said that the pair go together as well as "fags and Kate Moss", adding that it eliminates any worry over "chicken-skin" blotches on the pins.

However, she advised people to invest in going up a size at times, as too small, tight and high cut the shorts, the seedier it looks.

Something else which is perfect with tights is the button skirt, according to FabSugar UK, which explained that even braver souls can adopt knee highsocks.

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Animal print leggings 'continue funky trend'

Animal print leggings 'continue funky trend'
Animal print may not be many people's first choice when it comes to a pattern for their clothing, though one fashion fan is promoting it as the next style with leggings.

FabSugar UK explained that leggings are now a wardrobe staple and are great for customising pretty much any outfit, with fur-like colours being the latest addition to the legwear.

The fashion resource has already applauded the use of floral and graphic styles for leggings, though this new pattern ought to be worn with plainer clothing to avoid clashes.

A black top or dress may be the best option for this trend, with neon animal print being reserved for only the bravest of fashionistas.

Women have the best choice when it comes to fashion on the high street, said radio and TV host George Lamb, making his comments at Clothes Show Live in London last week.

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Argyle socks 'show class'

Argyle socks 'show class'
Argyle socks are the fashion that never dies, one commentator believes.

Deon Lucas of the Examiner made his comments on the pattern usually associated with jodhpurs or golf socks, arguing that the style seems to have been slowly replaced by dull athletic socks.

However, Mr Lucas says there are a number of reasons why they are essential in any hosiery fan's drawer: they provide warmth, they look sharp and can make anyone stand out from the crowd.

He added: "You will feel much more confident removing your shoes knowing that you are in a fashionable nice pair of argyle socks and others will take notice and always remember that you wear nice socks."

According to wiseGEEK, argyle socks became popular in the US after president of Brooks Brothers John Clark Wood brought the style across the Atlantic in 1949 after seeing them at a golf tournament in Scotland.

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London 'great for fashion and creativity'

London 'great for fashion and creativity'
If you live in London, it's likely that you'll see the cutting edge of fashion and creativity when it comes to any clothing, including leggings, stockings and tights, according to an expert.

Caroline Rush, the joint-chief executive of the British Fashion Council, said that there is no denying that on London Fashion Week's 25th anniversary celebrations, there is plenty to applaud.

She noted a huge range of major names in the industry are still going strong after a long time on the circuit, such as Christopher Kane, Paul Smith, Vivienne Westwood, Jaeger, Burberry and Aquascutum, who have all contributed to such items as socks and leggings.

The fashion industry is supporting the retail sector too, with the British Retail Council revealing that sales rose by 4.6 per cent on a like-for-like basis on April 2008 figures despite the economic recession.

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Sock monsters to blame for missing hosiery?

Sock monsters to blame for missing hosiery?
Neil Campbell has a problem: there may be a sock monster taking single pieces of hosiery from him when his back is turned and the washing machine is doing its thing.

The writer for the Minden Times in Ontario even suggested there be an agency of a Toronto Stock Exchange to set up a dating service of sorts for the rapidly-increasing number of orphan socks which plague his drawers.

Mr Campbell explained that sock marriages start off well enough, bonded by cellophane and plastic clips and sometimes even treated to a rigid cardboard link.

He postulated: "But strip away their fancy packaging and put them on human feet and suddenly the magic is gone. The Spandex-blended hearts that once beat as one drift further apart with each footstep."

A piece for Associated Content said that odd socks can come in handy for soothing aches and pains, with the resource explaining that by filling one with dry rice and putting it in a microwave, it can retain heat and be applied to areas which would otherwise be uncomfortable.

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Women will 'always have craving' for fashion shopping

Women will 'always have craving' for fashion shopping
Girls are looking to cheaper investments in the fashion market as the recession sinks its teeth into the UK, it is said.

Oonagh Brennan, the fashion director at Company magazine, explained that quick fixes are the order of the day, with many young women turning to the likes of tights and knee highsocks to breathe life into their clothing rather than spending more money on an outfit which will last them.

Items which are "bang on trend" are top choice, she continued, with hosiery no doubt fitting into these demands quite nicely.

Ms Brennan continued: "You might have to cut back on holidays and big things like that but you can still go and treat yourself and look really lovely on a Saturday night, which I think will probably keep most girls happy."

Company promotes a "freedom years" approach, with readers of the magazine having the ability to buy their own fashions and wear whatever they feel suits them best, giving hints and tips on customisation.

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UK is 'too creative' to need lots of money for fashion

UK is 'too creative' to need lots of money for fashion
The UK is a place where people can get a style, look or fashion trend which appeals to them, makes them look great and, perhaps most importantly, is affordable, one guru has explained.

Fashion director at Company Oonagh Brennan explained that while the likes of Gucci and Chanel may be wheeling out expensive yet fashionable items such as leather jackets and tights, people can head to the high street or online to find similar or even nicer items at a fraction of the price.

She continued: "We are so lucky, there is nowhere like it.

"It is such a melting pot of creativity and style and we don't have to have loads of money in order to look great and I think that is a unique thing to this country."

A survey conducted by Clothes Show London on May 25th asked 1,000 people a range of questions, finding that London is the UK's most fashionable destination and that Glaswegians are the most label-conscious people in the country.

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Clothing 'can be reworked' for new look

Clothing 'can be reworked' for new look
Though charity shops and the like can provide people with numerous bargains, many may want to look to their existing wardrobe to customise their look, it has been suggested.

Reid Alton, the marketing manager at the London College of Fashion, said that many people are focused on originality, particularly those studying at the institution, with many likely customising or combining legwear such as tights or leggings with new styles.

The key is in making small changes to clothing that has remained the same for a long time, according to Reid.

"You don't need a sewing machine, or particularly advanced sewing skills to change the buttons on a jacket, and that can be re-working it," the expert explained.

"You do, however, need sewing skills to make sure you get a better quality garment."

Many people are continuing to cut back on small purchases in the credit crunch, with 7.3 million UK adults admitting to no longer tipping at restaurants and 25.4 million others using discount vouchers on a regular basis.

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Socks are still 'the daddy of Father's Day gifts'

Socks are still 'the daddy of Father's Day gifts'
With Father's Day coming up, many people are leaving it until last minute to get their desired gift for the family patriarch.

Whereas months are usually spent tracking down the best gift for Mother's Day, Father's Day tends to be an afterthought in comparison, though Jim Shea of the Associated Press is recommending an age-old favourite: socks.

He explained that while dads can have too many ties or too extensive a range of power tools, there is always room for hosiery, with golf socks, cashmere legwear and other types of footwear being useful for every occasion.

It is for this reason that Jim Shea does not seemingly believe in the concept of Father's Day as a way to redress the gender balance following Mother's Day, as dads everywhere are getting a pretty good deal if their offspring invest in socks.

Don't forget to buy early, though - Father's Day falls the weekend after next, on Sunday June 21st.

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Kylie to design golf socks?

Kylie to design golf socks?
After conquering the world of pop music, Kylie Minogue may go into the fashion industry.

Not just any old fashion, though - she's thinking about targeting the sport of golf.

Kylie made her comments to Glamour magazine, noting how she regularly dons golf socks when visiting a course or two with her current flame, Andres Velencoso.

She said she would never see herself get into the pastime, yet finds it "so much fun".

Kylie added: "Maybe I need to get into designing golf wear because let me tell you, it's not easy to look good on the golf course."

She has met a few stars through golf too, bumping into the Kings of Leon while taking a swing or two off the tee.

This month's Women of the Year Awards held by Glamour magazine saw Kylie snatch gongs for Woman of the Year and Entrepreneur of the Year.

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Preppy look is 'highly popular'

Preppy look is 'highly popular'
To pull off the fashion preppy look, people must ensure they have the right legwear to achieve their chosen style, it has been said.

Shane Watson of the Sunday Times looked through the different styles which people can harness to get the look they want, noting that the fashionable preppy look requires ankle or knee-highsocks to really look correct.

He highlighted how many people will happily turn their nose up at the concept of dressing in such a style, though it still manages to be the most widely-adopted look across the world.

Mr Watson added that the best look to go for is to pair loafers with knee-highsocks as well as a super-mini designer dress, though vintage sundresses, brogues and two-tone pumps are always good investments too.

Chloe Sevigny was slated as one of the main adopters of the look, although she was criticised recently for her get-up at the Coachella Festival by FemaleFirst, who questioned her pairing of sandals with socks.

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Children 'get designer wardrobes' before parents

Children 'get designer wardrobes' before parents
Parents are looking to prioritise the wardrobes of their children before investing in quality clothing and fashion for themselves, according to a new survey.

The questionnaire, carried out by Sheilas' Wheels, found that mums and dads across the land are looking to established brands such as Lacoste and Abercrombie & Fitch for their sons and daughters, though going to budget stores for themselves.

Luckily, leggings and tights are great affordable options to customise the wardrobes of both parents and offspring alike, meaning hosiery may not be affected by such trends.

Commenting on the situation, Jacky Brown of Sheilas' Wheels said: "Clearly today's parents are feeling under a lot of pressure to buy top-end clothing for their children.

"This has almost led to a two-tier family shopping experience with kids coming out on top when it comes to brand names and parents cutting back on their spending."

Earlier this year, the insurance provider found that many people are ruining their houses with beauty products, such as spilling nail varnish or burning things with hair straighteners.

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Leggings are not Duff choice for Hilary

Leggings are not Duff choice for Hilary
Pilates is the order of the month for many celebrity fitness fans, with Hilary Duff being no exception.

The singer and actress, who shot to fame as Lizzie McGuire, made her presence known in Toluca Lake, California after stepping out of her Pilates class, donning the ever-useful leggings as part of her basic outfit.

Hilary paired the black hosiery with a basic white T-shirt, a beige cardigan and a patterned hairband, using the legwear to add class and dependable style to an otherwise average outfit.

As for makeup, the star was short on everything but the basics - mascara and eyeliner - showing her attractive natural looks with her understated stylings.

Hilary is currently starring opposite Alan Partridge star Steve Coogan in What Goes Up, though reviews have largely panned the movie.

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Fashion industry 'constantly looking for new, young talent'

Fashion industry 'constantly looking for new, young talent'
People must be passionate, talented and determined to work hard if they are to succeed as designers in the current fashion industry, according to one mogul.

Lorraine Candy, the editor-in-chief of Elle magazine, said that those designing the newest releases in hosiery in the future, such as stockings and socks, must put in the hours to succeed and have skills which many people already working in the industry may not possess.

She added that fashion wearers are getting much braver in their style, meaning the industry must match their expectations.

Ms Candy continued: "Individuality and a signature style is what marks people out - you must believe in the look you are creating and it can't be derivative or a 'copycat' look.

"Work out what you can do best and have a single minded vision about making that work."

She made her comments at Graduate Fashion Week in Earls Court last week, which showcased the work of 50 universities across 52 courses and approximately 22 university fashion shows.

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Five-year-old sparks socks controversy

Five-year-old sparks socks controversy
A five-year-old boy is at the centre of the sock world after a controversial case concerning the wrong uniform at his school.

Matt Tunney turned up in ankle socks, causing him to be turned away from St Andrew's Catholic College in Cairns because his hosiery fell a few centimetres short of the desired length.

Andrew Tunney, Matt's father, was in utter disbelief at the letter which he received for his son's so-called transgression, with the school stating that lax standards with uniform could allow discipline and performance to drop.

He continued: "The note said that if he is caught with incorrect school uniform again he will be referred to the principal's office.

"There are bigger and more important things happening out there in the world than the length of a five-year-old child's school socks."

Another Australian appearing in recent sock news is Kylie Minogue, who told Glamour magazine that she may start designing golf socks as part of a range to celebrate her newly-found love for the sport.

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Apprentice Kate dons Greasey legwear

Apprentice Kate dons Greasey legwear
Philip Taylor and Kate Walsh, who were losing contestants on this year's Apprentice, have proved to be a particularly winning match for one another following their departure from the show.

The pair appear in a number of film spin-off photos for Grazia this month, with a particularly saucy shot involving Philip and Kate in a Grease-themed pose providing the major talking point.

In the photo, Philip goes for the John Travolta slick look while Kate slips into a pair of killer PVC leggings - a material she carries over to another photo of the pair posing in a similar manner to Richard Gere and Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.

Commenting on their relationship, Philip said: "I went into the Apprentice for a job. I didn't get a job but I got Kate Walsh.

"I know that she is the one. I've been out with a lot of girls but never anyone like her. I'd marry her tomorrow if I could."

Following her winning performance with Sir Alan Sugar, Apprentice graduate Yasmina Siadatan announced that she was to marry childhood sweetheart Jack Patey.

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Fearne Cotton dazzles in leggings

Fearne Cotton dazzles in leggings
On the cutting edge of the music scene, Fearne Cotton evidently wants her outfits to match - something which one fashion source simply loves.

The radio DJ and TV presenter turned up to the island's music event wearing an exotic lion-print dress, a range of jewellery to fit in with the hippie look and a nice pair of leggings to enhance her style, Catwalk Queen has stated.

It also noted her choice of headwear, which it believes accentuated her stylishness at the gathering.

The fashion resource continued: "The bowler hat adds a quirky touch which is just perfect for festivals and useful for keeping the odd drop of rain or burst of sunshine off your head."

At the moment, Fearne presents the Request Show with Reggie Yates on BBC Radio One on Saturdays between 16:00 and 19:00 BST.

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Katy Perry dons lacy leggings

Katy Perry dons lacy leggings
Although her garish outfits are usually the ones which draw attention, it was a more toned-down look that Katy Perry adopted which got the cameramen snapping away.

The popular singer, who has been performing across the world in a variety of crazy outfits, did remember one thing though - that she always looks great in leggings.

This time, while wandering around Paris - a haven for conservatively-dressed chic women - Katy donned a pair of lace leggings, which perfectly matched an understated black summer dress and low-cut black tunic.

To complete her great outfit, the songstress contrasted her straight black hair with white-framed sunglasses.

Although her embrace with fashion is well-known, Katy Perry is suing Australian loungewear designer Katie Perry for the use of her name as a brand in her native Antipodes, despite the designer filing for copyright two years ago.

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Winter style alert: treggings!

Winter style alert: treggings!
The popularity of leggings will live on well into the winter when they get combined with trousers, creating treggings, it is believed.

Clare Smith, a fashion assistant with Cosmopolitan, said the upcoming trend of treggings could be one to dominate shelves and catwalks worldwide as the colder weather approaches.

She explained: "The whole 80s trend is going [to be] massive for autumn/winter so that's the whole wet-look leather treggings which are a mixture between trousers and leggings."

Ms Smith said it was undeniable that the style of leggings was going to be a big hit, following the popular and potent mix of jeans and leggings to create jeggings, the popular fashion of the summer.

However, it will be a "sexy rock chick" look which will dominate catwalks and pavements across the world in the colder months, with the clothing providing trademark flexibility and warmth.

Last week, Cheryl Cole showed off her treggings when she emerged from X Factor auditions in Glasgow's Hampden Park.

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Leggings are a 'wardrobe staple'

Leggings are a 'wardrobe staple'
The flexibility and stylishness of leggings has made the fashion transcend simple style boundaries to make it a permanent fixture in most people's clothing catalogues, it has been stated.

Clare Smith, a fashion assistant at Cosmopolitan, said this is the case as they can be worn with many items and at any time of the day, whether it's with a pair of extreme heels or just some basic pumps.

She continued: "I think they are something that everyone has in their wardrobe - I can't think of anyone who would say that they don't have a pair of leggings in their wardrobe."

Ms Smith added that she wasn't aware of a situation where people shouldn't wear them, even stating that people who don't have the confidence to show their legs will gain a bit more comfort from donning leggings.

Demonstrating the popularity of leggings in the current market, a recent statement by Marks & Spencer's revealed the company has sold one pair of leggings every minute since January 2009.

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Leggings 'continue to live on'

Leggings 'continue to live on'
Many people thought leggings had their day a long time ago, yet strangely enough, they're more popular than ever, according to a fashion writer.

Lisa Armstrong of the Times said that while many thought the likes of Lady Gaga and designer Nicholas Ghesquiere were simply reviving a dying trend over the last two years, they continue to sell in vast quantities.

She explained that the likes of River Island sold 750,000 pairs of leggings in the last 12 months while Marks & Spencer are selling a pair a minute in their stores.

Ms Armstrong attempted to explain why they were so popular, stating their flexibility as a major issue and how it is possible to wear them "under dresses, tunics, oversized boyfriend jackets, baggy T-shirts, mini-kilts, cocktail dresses and other ingenious thigh-concealers".

Last week, Clare Smith, a fashion assistant at Cosmopolitan, described leggings as a "wardrobe staple".

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Lady Gaga is crazy for stockings

Lady Gaga is crazy for stockings
Never one to back down from the public eye, Lady Gaga took to the stage of a music awards ceremony in Canada to give a genuinely electric performance.

That's because the pop diva was wearing a super-charged bustier which fired electric sparks out of a pair of chest-mounted orbs, bringing her performance to an impressive climax.

It was all part of a routine which incorporated her hits Love Game and Poker Face, with backing dancers dressed as police officers as she romped around on stage, matching her corset with black underwear, studded gloves, spiked knee-high boots and, of course, her trademark stockings.

Kanye West is planning to tour with Lady Gaga in coming months, announcing that he is not planning on having her as an opening act but plans to co-headline, highlighting his respect for her act.

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Clothes Show London proves to be 'great success'

Clothes Show London proves to be 'great success'
Clothes Show London has announced that this year's exhibition proved to be a particularly successful event, despite the credit crunch's obvious effects.

Over 30,000 people headed to ExCeL London during May in order to mark the return of the world's largest fashion and beauty event to the UK.

Total sales did not seem constrained by the current economic downturn either, with over £3.3 million being spent during the three-day extravaganza, which featured everything from dresses and skirts to leggings and stockings.

It was noted that such experiential shopping is key to the success of a number of businesses, showing what a branded event can do when compared to the usual tricks of the high street.

This year's show saw radio and TV presenter George Lamb winning the award for Best Dressed Man of the Year at Clothes Show London, with fellow BBC employee Fearne Cotton picking up the gong for the women.

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The game is on for SockShop

The game is on for SockShop
Since its move to an exclusively online role back in 2006, is hoping to attract consumers in their own environment through a new campaign.

The organisation is to join forces with the prestigious TAMBA to entertain its clientele through a viral game which aims to highlight the 26 hosiery brands it is able to provide customers throughout the UK.

Cassie Ash, the marketing manager behind, said the company is confident that such a game will "create an online buzz" about the site, attracting new customers to the wide range of great products on show and its top-quality customer service.

Ms Ash continued: "TAMBA is hugely experienced in the viral industry and presented us with creative gaming ideas that represented our products and will highlight's role as a popular online retailer."

Over half of the Viral Chart is dominated by TAMBA projects, with the company specialising in Facebook widgets and applications as well as working with other high-profile organisations such as Lovefilm, Sony Blu-ray and E-ON.

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Woman goes for uniformed look - for an entire year

Woman goes for uniformed look - for an entire year
Many people have too many clothes. Many will openly admit they buy too many. Yet one woman is defying this trend - she's going to hit the streets for 12 months wearing the same thing.

Sheena Matheiken's idea is to combine a flexible little black dress with a number of other items, such as leggings, stockings, tights, knee-highsocks and tops to wear over the mainstay she has chosen, the Guardian reported.

Commenting on her choice, she said: "The dress is designed so it can be worn both ways, front and back, and also as an open tunic. It's made from a durable, breathable cotton, good for New York summers and good for layering in cooler seasons."

Each day, Ms Matheiken will post up a picture of herself and add one dollar to the Akanksha Foundation, which campaigns for more schools for 7.5 million Indian children.

This month, Megan Fox adopted a little black dress when on the red carpet in Seoul, South Korea to promote the second Transformers film.

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Leggings: Living on borrowed time?

Leggings: Living on borrowed time?
Leggings are still on the scene long after people believed they would exit the fashion world, causing one source to question why people still see them as an essential legwear accessory.

FemaleFirst explained that over two years ago, leggings were seen as a high-street staple and found their way into most wardrobes around the country, combining a slimming effect on the thighs with a protective thickness which does not show underwear through them.

It continued: "It wasn't long before leggings became a must-have wardrobe item and they even evolved from plain black to brightly coloured, wet look and even denim styles."

However, FemaleFirst still questions whether the fashion is living on borrowed time, though many may believe them to be the most flexible clothing in their wardrobe.

Lisa Armstrong, speaking to the Times earlier this month, explained that Lady Gaga and similar stars continue to give a glamorous side to leggings, prolonging their stylish life.

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New speaker: not a fan of tights

New speaker: not a fan of tights
Despite being politically Conservative, the new speaker is hardly conservative of age-old traditions, ditching the famous garb - including the tights - for a simple business suit.

John Bercow, the former Tory MP who was elected as the chief marshal in the House of Commons, decided to do away with the traditional court dress after several of his predecessors gradually dropped certain aspects of it.

The man he succeeded, Michael Martin, was forced to resign from his post after not taking solid action during the MP's expenses scandal, though he still kept his hosiery on during his tenure.

Previous to Mr Martin, both Betty Boothroyd and Bernard Weatherill had worn slight variations on the costume, with Mr Weatherill being the last person to wear the famous wig in the house.

Earlier this week, Mr Martin stepped down as MP for Glasgow North East.

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Michael Jackson 'top of the socks style list'

Michael Jackson 'top of the socks style list'
Even though his life is much more famous for his talents and courtroom controversy, Michael Jackson has been noted as a man on the very edge of style by one writer.

Bryan Bove, a fashion expert writing for the Examiner, explained that he will always be remembered for many bad things, though he still remains one of music's most successful and talented performers - particularly in terms of the way he dressed.

Mr Bove continued: "Jackson will also be remembered for his signature style.

"He was the only person who could pull off wearing white socks with black skinny-leg pants and black shoes."

This was a trend he continued for the video to Invincible, with the performer teaming white socks with black shoes, a black suit, a red shirt and a classic fedora, which Jackson used to remind the world that "he still had it", the expert concluded.

This week, the compilers of the UK's album chart revealed that Michael Jackson is set to be number one in the charts this week given the stimulated interest following his untimely demise.

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Washing feet is 'top priority' in summer

Washing feet is 'top priority' in summer
If a person does not keep on top of foot hygiene, there is a good chance that the summer weather and associated sweaty feet can bring about bad blisters and an increased chance of athlete's foot, an expert has said.

Dr Martin Scurr, in his capacity as an expert for the Daily Mail, has explained that fungal infections are easy to pick up, particularly in the likes of changing rooms.

However, if feet go unwashed and a pair of clean socks isn't on hand for a person to slip on afterwards, there is a good chance of them getting a problem that may cost much more than a pair of socks to solve.

Dr Scurr said that if things do not improve fully, potassium permanganate in foot baths is a wonderful thing to apply on a nightly basis, though a socks-based prevention may be better than a chemical cure.

According to Foot Care Expert, another thing to use is cotton socks, as they can allow the feet to breathe unlike many of their synthetic cousins.

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