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Students get first taste of world of fashion
02nd June 2015

The great and good from the world of fashion have been gathering in London for a prestigious event ...

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Socks and sandals 'terrific but tricky'

Socks and sandals 'terrific but tricky'
As yet more designers fling models down the catwalks clad in the stylistically-shocking sandals and socks combo, a US reporter has questioned if we can overcome our prejudices against the look.

Erin Weinger, writing for the Los Angeles Times, warned that as well as designers, celebrities have welcomed the bold new look with open arms but general consumers may face confusion when it comes to adopting it themselves.

She explained: "Just try pairing tights and sandals on your own. Patterned or solid? Black or coloured? Chunky shoes or stilettos?"

Ms Weinger consulted Eric Daman, the costume designer on Gossip Girl, for tips on this difficult new style.

They concluded that for the novice sandal and sock-wearer, it is important to avoid matching colours or designs unless they plump for the "trusty" black on black.

Recently, the newspaper suggested that women wishing to sport the current trend for open toes and tights begin with opaque hosiery and simple peep-toe pumps.

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Land of the three

Land of the three
America may be a land of opportunity and ingenuity but it is hard to know if the newly unveiled Throx counts as a breakthrough invention.

Edwin Heaven won the Reader's Digest Magazine's Best Innovation In America when he began selling socks in threes (Throx), which could be considered fairly damning for the rest of the country's entrepreneurs.

His company now markets Throx as an innovative solution to the global issue of missing socks, after-all "if tyres come with a spare, why not socks"?

"Just as an apple landed on the head of Newton ... a sock is lost by writer-director Edwin Heaven and ... today we have Throx," the firm boasts.

This is not the first time legwear has prompted such innovation.

Earlier this year, a team of top scientists created a self-cleaning fabric and provoked worldwide speculation that the dawn of the auto-cleansing sock could be nigh.

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Men urged to put a stylish sock in it

Men urged to put a stylish sock in it
As men pack away their winter boots and don slightly lower loafers, they should pay careful consideration to their socks, a stylist has asserted.

Some people may believe that fashionable legwear is something of greater concern to women than men as their shoes and skirts often display their hosiery or socks.

However, June Wulff, writing for the Boston Globe, has urged men to look beyond everyday black socks and consider wrapping their feet in some designer trimmings.

"Gentlemen, we recommend shining your loafers and slipping on a pair of colourful cotton socks ... Socks don't have to be boring, you know," she added.

Online style resource Men's Flair suggests that although socks rarely make a look, the wrong choice can all too often ruin one.

An outfit is "only as its weakest accessory" and socks can add a touch of quiet style, it commented, adding that socks are a vital detail in a gentleman's wardrobe.

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Hannah socking it to poverty

Hannah socking it to poverty
A truly unique seven-year-old has been running a campaign which has won the hearts and minds of people worldwide.

Despite her tender age, Hannah Turner began a charity - named Hannah's Socks - last year and in 2007 alone collected and delivered more than 20,000 new pairs of socks to local shelters, the Toledo Blade reports.

The fame her inspirational efforts have achieved has helped spread sock-giving generosity in people across the globe as the city if Brunssum in the Netherlands has now thrown its weight behind the project.

Hannah's Socks seeks to keep the feet of needy people warm, clean and healthy.

The child's project began a few years ago as she helped her mother serve food to the homeless.

One man had ripped shoes and no socks and Hannah was concerned he would be cold, leading to her distributing a few pairs of socks her mother bought the next day.

Since then, the charity has grown and provided thousands of people with warm toes.

Although the project has not yet reached these shores, Britons can still donate as many local shelters will accept gifts of socks and underwear for their residents.

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Hosiery "steals the show" in Paris

Hosiery "steals the show" in Paris
The catwalks of Paris have been showcasing outfits completed by heavily-patterned tights this week, it has been reported.

Vogue noted that designer Paolo Melim Anderssen dressed his models in busily-printed dresses matched with elegantly patterned hosiery, adding that such stylish legwear has "dominated" the autumn and winter looks.

Anna Sui used "baroque-swirled tights" to set off her outfits while Betsey Johnson daringly clad her clotheshorses' legs in large-weave fishnets, the style bible continued.

"It's not often hosiery steals the show but next season, adding some spice to your tights will be a cheap and simple way to update your look," Vogue stated.

During the recent Fashion Weeks in both London and New York, hosiery has been receiving considerable attention from the world's press as designers explore its potential to add a unique touch to their autumn collections.

According to the Times, one designer even created tights with chunks of glass "clamped" down the legs.

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Sporting socks for sponsorship

Sporting socks for sponsorship
Sport Relief is fast approaching and even those who are not too energetic can help raise money for the cause by investing in a pair of special charity socks.

The super-soft footwear is made from certified Fairtrade Cotton and comes with a cushioned sole so that anyone doing a sponsored run or sporting event to raise money for the many good causes can do so in comfort.

Half the price of the socks, at least, is guaranteed to go directly to the Sports Relief charity and will help vulnerable people both in Britain and across the developing world.

Across the country, Britons are pulling up their socks and heading for the tracks to raise cash and there are some unusual sponsored sporting events taking place.

The Banffshire Journal reports that local teen dance group the Street Stylers are holding a 12-hour dance-a-thon to raise money for the good cause.

Victoria Smith, the teenage founder of the group, told the newspaper: "We would like many different dance groups to come and join us in raising the money by coming along if you have a spare hour or so to dance."

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Global analysis of stylish-tights trends

Global analysis of stylish-tights trends
Hosiery helps individuals hone their own unique style, an extraordinarily formal new report on tights has asserted.

Global Industry Analysts published its Hosiery (Womens & Mens): A Global Strategic Business Report this week and while its discussions of manufacturing benefits and packaging skills may not interest style-addicts, its report on recent trends will.

The study stated that successful retailers of hosiery need to offer strong design and a variety of styles which will complement the many different outfits and fashions worn across the world.

It claimed that the legwear market will not accommodate weak offerings.

"With constant innovation ... to suit the ever changing tastes and preferences of the fashion world and the consumers, it is getting tougher for the all but the best players to stay on the top," the research organisation added.

While it may be refreshing to hear that statisticians understand the vital nature of hosiery in completing an outfit, most women already understand the impact their legwear can have.

A recent report in the Times urged British women to spend more time selecting their hosiery, claiming that in France and Italy they understand that choosing the right pair is as important as selecting the right shoes or bra.

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"Opaque, opaque, opaque" for this season's legs

"Opaque, opaque, opaque" for this season's legs
Although opaque black tights are a wardrobe staple, fashion lovers should consider a more feminine twist this season and don gray opaque hosiery, it has been suggested.

Thanks to the global reach of the Parisian, New York and London catwalks, women in New Zealand are being urged to show off their legs and be unusual with their tights this season.

Regional news source noted that the glitterati are returning to feminine cuts, shades and styles this season.

Furthermore, grey is not a dreary colour but a soft backdrop which can highlight bright accessories, it continued.

"Again, try wearing with opaque tights - forget the word denier, it's opaque, opaque, opaque this season - and a pair of chunky heels or ankle boots to finish," the publication suggested.

Recently, there has been a move towards wearing opaque tights with peep-toe shoes, with a tonne of glamorous celebs and stylish designers throwing their weight behind the look.

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Use hosiery 'to look young'

Use hosiery 'to look young'
The right legwear can help you look ten years younger and ten times better, according to former magazine beauty editor Charla Krupp.

She advises fashionistas who are eager to retain their youthful looks to don opaque tights in shades of brown or black during the winter months, while recommending fishnets when the weather improves.

Mr Krupp states that the tights can be nude, but should not be black, the Seattle Times reports.

The advantage of such hosiery is that it can hide pallor and spots which would need to be covered using concealer should consumers decide to go bare-legged.

In the case of hose, she recommends a sheer bronze control top "with a bit of shimmer", but advises against choosing a brand with a reinforced toe.

Meanwhile, the New Zealand Herald recently reported that British style gurus Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine recently visited New Zealand where among their fashion tips was advice to wear fishnets.

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The return of the femme fatale

The return of the femme fatale
The femme fatale image made a triumphant return the catwalk in Milan last week. According to the Independent, audiences could be forgiven for burning their entire wardrobe and starting their couture collection again from scratch after seeing Stefano Pilati's collection for Yves Saint Laurent.

The publication notes that the "discretely-elegant, beautifully-proportioned and effortlessly-wearable collection," included black opaque tights covered by tailored dresses, coats and trouser suits.

Any woman of style would love to wear them, the publication explains, noting the use of talon-heeled black leather platform-soled boots and shoes, with matt-black lips and eighties style bobs to complete the noir look.

The Commes des Garcons designer Rei Kawakubo also used black opaque hosiery in her collection, which also featured red polka-dot dresses and tailored shorts.

Meanwhile, regional news source recently advised fashionistas to adopt grey opaque legwear this season as a more feminine take on the "wardrobe staple" of black tights.

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Preview of this winter's tights trends

Preview of this winter's tights trends
Dedicated followers of fashion may have picked a few hints on the styles which are to be big this winter following the Southern Trust ID Fashion Show in Dunedin, New Zealand.

A series of upcoming winter collections were on display at the event and if the couture that was exhibited is any indicator of what is to come in the cooler months of the year then full-length tights worn alongside woollen tops are sure to be in vogue.

Online fashion culture resource thread explains that the event was "a spectacular evening of tights, hairspray, pouts and struts", with the main colours including browns and blues in tandem with metallic hues.

Regarding design, feminine shapes are very much in at the moment, with an emphasis being placed on tailored cuts which follow the shape of the wearer's body.

In related news, the Independent recently reported that the femme fatale look - complete with black opaque tights and tailored dresses - made its triumphant return to the Milan catwalk in recent weeks.

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Bright tights at London Fashion Week

Bright tights at London Fashion Week
Vivid colours were a key element of British designer Jasper Conran's womenswear show on the second day of London Fashion Week on Monday.

News agency Reuters explains that bright clementine, emerald and carnation tights featured alongside silk and cashmere frocks with framed necklines, rounded hips and defined waists.

Conran told reporters after the show: "There has been a lot of embroideries and florals and I wanted to do something much more three-dimensional, about silhouette, shape and form."

Only a minimal amount of accessories - such as short leather gloves and flat ballerinas - were on display.

Paul Smith displayed his collection later in the day and it also featured brightly-coloured tights, although in this show the legwear was painted in brushstrokes of contrasting contrasting colours.

Meanwhile, online resource thread recently reported on the southern Trust ID Fashion show in New Zealand, noting that full-length tights worn with woollen tops were a prominent look.

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Winter colours 'muted'

Winter colours 'muted'
Winter looks set to be a subdued affair when it comes to the colour palette, if the L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival is anything to go by.

The Sydney Morning Herald explains that more than 60 catwalk collections were displayed at the event and that the cooler months look to be a predominantly black season with the occasional smattering of colours, including pumpkin, purple, magenta and deep pink.

Layers also look to be in vogue, with combinations of tights, bottoms, knits and blouses being worn by a range of models.

The central item in nearly every collection was a coat, the publication notes, adding: "A variety of sweet and shapely frock coats, often with shawl collars, self belts and generously gathered near-rara skirts, were the bull's-eye components for winter's key layered looks."

Meanwhile, the Independent recently reported that black is very much back, with the femme fatale look making a return to the Milan catwalk last week, featuring black opaque legwear and tailored dresses.

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Asian couture at India Fashion Week

Asian couture at India Fashion Week
Sarong-like skirts and kimono-inspired dresses are the predominant styles on display at India Fashion Week in New Delhi.

News provider Agence France-Presse notes that female models were clad in draped dresses, pea coats and straight skirts with a colour palette ranging from maroon to teal and moss - with bright knee high socks, geisha lips and slanted eyebrows completing the look.

The menswear collections were dominated by the androgynous aesthetic, with jodhpurs and skinny trousers identified as the highlight of Manoviraj Khosla's show.

Designer Suneet Varma tells the news agency: "My collection celebrates the Asian superpower. The Indian and Chinese influence is big everywhere."

He adds that oriental fashion has certain allure that is not present in the West.

Meanwhile, Reuters recently noted that vivid legwear - including tights in bright shades of emerald, carnation and clementine - was a predominant theme in Jasper Conran's womenswear show during London Fashion Week.

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Leather for winter

Leather for winter
Australia enjoyed a taste of Italy at Melbourne Fashion Festival in recent days, it has been noted.

White, silver, black and chocolate Italian leathers finished with a metallic sheen were partnered with black knitted tights as part of Lisa Ho's winter collection, online resource explains.

Following the show, Ms Ho told reporters: "Everything's very layered. So, therefore, you can go a little lighter, so if you have the skivvy and the tights underneath you can just build your wardrobe up."

She said that she wanted to place an emphasis on luxury while at the same time limiting the colour palette, resulting in the use of tones such as black, charcoal, plum, cream and burnt orange .

Meanwhile, the Independent reports that black opaque tights were combined with tailored trouser suits, coats and dresses as part of Stefano Pilati's collection for Yves Saint Laurent on the Milan catwalk in recent days.

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Fall fashion forecast

Fall fashion forecast
A challenging couture period is to be faced by fashionistas later this year as they try to keep warm in the cooler months of the year while still keeping up to date with the latest trends.

Writing in online resource Lubbock Online, Donna Kato notes a number of ways in which consumers can maintain their fashionable edge, while still keeping the chilly weather at bay.

Headwear such as berets and fedoras will help to keep cold craniums temperate, while brightly-coloured and textured tights will aid those with chilly legs to keep their cool while keeping frostiness at bay.

Feathers are also a suggestion from the reporter, who explains that whether they are from a peacock, pheasant or ostrich, they can be worked into an outfit as either an accessory such as a brooch or a full-on feather skirt.

Meanwhile, online fashion resource thread explains that the Southern Trust ID Fashion Show in Dunedin in New Zealand saw winter collections featuring colours such as blues and browns with metallic hues.

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Kate Beckinsale in 'sensual' stripy socks

Kate Beckinsale in 'sensual' stripy socks
Kate Beckinsale has been posing wearing stripy, woollen socks and a sultry pout, it has been reported.

According to the Mirror, the star was posing for Mean magazine and chose an unusual outfit, matching a bright orange blouse and rolling on above-the-knee stripy socks .

The newspaper claims that Kate made the fun socks look extremely sexy .

However, an interview with the star of Underworld revealed that despite her near-perfect body and elegant cheekbones, as a child Kate believed she was unsightly.

She remarked: "I was monumentally ugly until I was 15. I still have that mindset."

Despite her comments, the red-top confessed that her "socks appeal" had certainly hit the mark with its reporters!

Kate was recently spotted by the reporters of online blog clad in opaque black tights matched with shorts and boots.

However, the hard-to-please fashion reporter suggested the heeled boots should have been replaced with a chunkier platform.

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Lily Allen's "walk of shame"

Lily Allen's "walk of shame"
Lily Allen has been spotted wearing the same clothes two nights in a row, a social solecism picked up on by more than one celebrity blog.

A reporter for online fashion blog snapped Lily's "walk of shame" as the tired-looking starlet headed home to change.

However, the blog acknowledged that when she emerged from her home a few hours later to head to a restaurant, the singer once again looked "fantastic".

It noted: "Her simple black dress and tuxedo jacket both looked fantastic teamed with opaque black tights and simple pumps. And I especially like her oversized sequinned bag," before quipping that all the outfit needed was an extra eight-hours sleep.

Poor Lily's outfits are often reported on, which could be considered a compliment to her excellent dress sense.

Recently, the Daily Mail suggested that the singer is cultivating a more glamorous and adult look, stepping out in tailored suits and stockings.

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"Klepto cat" stealing socks

"Klepto cat" stealing socks
A cat with a kleptomaniac tendency has been stealing socks from his neighbour's homes, it has been reported.

Canadian moggy Tut has been carting home a number of thieved possessions, including socks, toys and mittens, newspaper the Intelligencer has noted.

His embarrassed owners plan to showcase the cat's collection later this year and encourage their neighbours to come and reclaim the items so deftly stolen by the "cat burglar".

Owner Jim Bremner told the newspaper: "Since November he has been bringing home ... socks, mitts, stuffed toys. He brought home a toy moose that still had a price tag on it."

Perhaps Mr Bremner should visit the Yahoo! Answers site for some suggestions on containing his cat's criminal habits.

One owner explained that her cat used to steal socks until they gave her one of her own and that now she proudly carries it wherever she goes, despite it being reduced to bare threads!

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Stay stylish 'while dressing down'

Stay stylish 'while dressing down'
It is possible to look glamorous and sexy even when going for a more casual look, a style guru has asserted.

Fashion expert Laura Robinson made her comments to the Mirror, claiming that sometimes people need to dress more casually but that they could still look the business.

She suggested camisoles under skirts combined with a wrap cardigan as one way to "ooze style" without too much effort.

Other chic but everyday tactics include matching jeans with a sparkly top and a pair of heels, Ms Robinson continued.

"Add accessories such as bags and bracelets for a quick way to glam up. Bright scarves, jackets or tights can add life to everyday outfits," she added.

Flamboyant tights are fun and they are certainly fashionable at the moment.

Recently, news resource the Seattle Times suggested that women indulging in bold colours for their hosiery consider matching it with classic flats.

It added that the look was perfected when the shoes continued the patterned tights' colour or print in some way.

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'Colour blocking trend' sweeps globe

'Colour blocking trend' sweeps globe
There is a current trend in the world of the fashion-conscious for colour blocking, it has been reported.

Such a look involves using large chunks of abstract colour incorporated into an outfit, allowing a touch of brightness into even the most sophisticated wardrobe, fashion director Gregg Andrews told the Canadian Press.

The use of vivid shades can add to the daringness of bright colours without making the wearer look too floral, he explained.

Dress designer Lisa Perry suggested that fashion fanatics consider matching bright green tights with nude-coloured fishnet stockings.

However, she warned: "Colour goes with your personality. You have to feel comfortable being looked at. What you want to hear is 'you look so great,' not 'I love the dress."

Online fashion guide Dressed and Pressed suggests that patterned tights or hosiery and socks in bright colours can be a great way of colour blocking and adding an unusual touch to an ensemble.

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'Sock-less and sole-less' for spiritual cause

'Sock-less and sole-less' for spiritual cause
With a frosty spring causing most people to wrap their feet in the warmest socks they can find, one spiritual leader has chosen to go barefoot to remind himself to be humble, it has been reported.

Shropshire vicar Stephen Lowe has eschewed socks and shoes for the last six months, claiming he has discovered there is a "spiritual meaning" to keeping his feet uncovered, the Daily Mail reports.

"Each step is different as the foot meets warm or cold, hard or soft, sharp or smooth surfaces so I have become more prepared to take the rough with the smooth in life," he told the newspaper.

Fortunately for his parishioners, the vicar does not require them to follow his example at least when it comes to footwear.

Whether it is spiritual or otherwise, he is not alone in his barefoot choice. Artists including Henry Rollins and Shakira frequently perform with nothing on their toes.

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Denise 'in control' at awards ceremony

Denise 'in control' at awards ceremony
Control tights are a valuable asset for women of all ages, however, they are not always something people want to show off.

Following the Royal Television Society Awards, Carol McGriffin and Denise Welch - they of Loose Women lunchtime fame - were clearly feeling a little playful.

The Sun reports that Carol cheekily raised her skirt and flashed the assembled paparazzi - and her co-host shortly followed suit.

However, the red-top gleefully proclaimed that when poor Denise did so, it quickly became apparent that, unlike her friend's elegant lace undies, she was clad in thigh-shaping control tights.

Such tights can be a useful asset in the battle to fit a certain skirt or to create the perfect silhouette when slinking about in a dress to die for.

Online shopping advice resource Celebrity Lingerie explains that control tights can help create a "very beautiful" shape, usually flattening the tummy and firming the backside.

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"Sock-gate" shame for threadbare foot

"Sock-gate" shame for threadbare foot
Politicians are often seen as fair targets by the world's press and recently, the shocking affair of "sock-gate" has been unveiled by one local newspaper.

The Peterborough Evening Telegraph snapped health secretary Alan Johnson as he removed his shoes on a hospital tour in order to be measured.

However, the newspaper noted that as the minister kicked off his shoes, the assembled crowds saw that his black socks were threadbare, with one toe poking its way through accusingly.

While many people simply discard their holey socks, a forum hosted by MoneySavingExpert highlighted the many potential uses for such legwear.

Its members suggested old socks can be useful to wax the car with, as slip-on dusters and even to protect walls from marks when leaning ladders against them.

DIY-ers can simply slip the old socks over the ladder tops to protect paint or wallpaper from scuffing.

Perhaps if Mr Johnson considered the many additional uses socks offer once they are past their best, he would be less unwilling to part with his threadbare footwear.

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Colourful men's socks 'suddenly stylish'

Colourful men's socks 'suddenly stylish'
This season's fashion offerings have thrown open a "wide array of colours" in men's socks, an expert has asserted.

Grooming guru Lois Fenton, writing for online resource the Commercial Appeal, remarked that fashion currently allows gents to wear bright "fanciful" socks.

This look particularly works when the socks match the colour of the shirt in an outfit, she continued.

"New socks are arriving to fine men's clothing shops this season in a wide array of colours, ranging from cream and bright yellow to navy, and including all manner of soft pastels, even argyles," Mr Fenton explained.

It is not just such online style resources which recognise the importance of considering socks when assembling an outfit.

Web-based job application advice guide suggests that men attending interviews should ensure their socks are calf-length and match the colour of their suit.

Furthermore, it urges candidates to wear a conservative silk or silk-blend tie as this makes a smaller knot.

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Cold weather brings long socks into style

Cold weather brings long socks into style
Fashionable British females should invest in a pair of long socks or ribbed tights while the cold weather lasts, a style publication urges.

According to Elle UK magazine, as the cold weather is likely to continue, ladies should ensure their wardrobes contain three things - crop trousers (this season's must-have item), socks or hosiery and strappy heals and a designer t-shirt matched with a blazer.

It suggests that when the summer finally begins to toast Britain's chilly shores, women can think again about ditching their tights or socks.

The BBC's Guide to Life, the Universe and Everything suggests that even in the very bitter cold, few people are willing to don the long underwear so popular in the show Little House on the Prairie.

It remarks that one way to stay warm without long, unwieldy undergarments is to wear tights underneath trousers, providing warmth without bulk.

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Kate Moss reveals more than she means to

Kate Moss reveals more than she means to
Opaque tights may not be the fabric of choice for most when it comes to covering up but they helped spare Kate Moss' blushes, it has been reported.

The model recently left her house in a glamorous outfit made up of a stripy tunic dress, tuxedo jacket and boots, all in black and white, the Daily Mail explained.

Unfortunately for the style icon, her mini skirt rode up, leaving her black tights alone to protect her modesty and providing the newspaper's waiting paparazzo with a choice snap of her "tiny derriere".

Perhaps Kate should have ventured out in one of her own range of dresses.

Recently the Mirror reviewed the model's summer wardrobe offerings for Topshop and flagged up a rather stunning vintage black beaded dress as being a particularly must-have outfit.

It added that the dress would be perfect matched with "killer heels" and would be "ideal with bare legs or a pair of opaque black tights".

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David Cameron and the bag of socks

David Cameron and the bag of socks
David Cameron was recently questioned over the contents of his bicycle bag and had to confess that it contained his pants and socks.

It cannot be easy being the leader of the opposition on a normal day but to add to the pressure, the Daily Mirror recently sent one of its journalists cycling after him as he rode to work.

Intrepid newshound Julie McCaffrey bravely biked after the Tory boss, remarking on his "strong thighs" and questioning him on the contents of his bag.

"Er... my pants and socks. I always have clean shirts in the office," Mr Cameron responded.

He is not the only politician to have been fielding questions over his legwear recently.

Alan Johnson, the health secretary, was recently photographed by Peterborough newspaper the Evening Telegraph sporting a very undistinguished hole in his sock through which his big toe was making a break for freedom.

The publication urged Mr Johnson to take the time to purchase a new pair of socks.

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Tights 'transform tired outfits'

Tights 'transform tired outfits'
Hosiery can utterly transform an outfit, meaning a good pair of tights is an important economic investment, an expert has suggested.

Reporter Katy Smail, writing for publication MyFashionLife, made her comments after attending several of the autumn/winter catwalks, which she described as a "feast for the legs".

However, she said the stylistic offerings displayed at the various fashion events have curbed her enthusiasm for block-coloured tights.

Now, Ms Smail admits she is "lusting after" patterned tights to give her "lace-spun and romantic legs".

Despite her new-found enthusiasm, the fashion reporter admitted she is not quite ready for some of the bolder hosiery looks being sported by the world's fashionistas.

"There was the modern take on fishnets at Rodarte which, although an excellent accessory for 'slasher movie' chic, were not quite enough to coax my fishnets out of the dressing up box," she added.

However, not everybody loves every look and fishnet tights do have their fans.

UKTV Style's website recently highlighted that many of the country's favourite celebrities have been wearing some fairly extreme legwear and remarked that wide fishnet tights can make an outfit really "turn heads".

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Brits, balls of socks and sport

Brits, balls of socks and sport
Could British football talent levels be falling because the country is too wealthy?

An article in the Independent has suggested that the proliferation of computer games and indoors entertainments has limited the number of children playing football out on the streets.

This means that nations which lack the glut of home entertainment Britain is used to could be raising a generation of superior sportsmen and women.

Reporter Glenn Moore questioned: "Does not a Brazilian starlet burst from the impoverished, crime-ridden favela shanties every week? Did Cristiano Ronaldo not grow up in a barrio in Madeira, kicking around a ball made of socks?"

Although a ball of socks may not have been the main reason Ronaldo shot to footie fame, it is worth noting that socks play an important role for any would-be sportsman or woman.

Recently, a letter to the Sock Shop Stylist questioned what socks are best to wear to the gym.

"Your feet go through a lot during a workout, therefore socks are an important part of your gym kit," the guru responded.

The stylist added that it is a good idea to use socks designed for sports to protect feet from overheating.

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Duffy in bright red 'school socks'

Duffy in bright red 'school socks'
Welsh songstress Duffy has been spotted sporting some unusual bright red patterned socks.

Fashion resource described the legwear as being red reincarnations of those knee-high holey white socks youngsters wear to school.

However, it noted that the quilted coat-clad Duffy was filming a video for her new single and expressed admiration for her bold new quirky style.

"And - duh! - it's not a granny coat and school socks but a v chic homage to quirky sixties style," the Bridget Jones-esque reporter continued.

The celebrity fashion blog spends considerable page space documenting the legwear of the world's favourite celebs.

It recently highlighted that troubled Britney Spears wore the same torn fishnet tights for two days in a row, satirically suggesting her hosiery choice could be considered a "cry for help".

The publication is not always so scathing, however. Recently it praised the legwear choice of Paris Hilton, who donned an elegant silver dress combined with startlingly bright tights.

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