Land of the three

Published: 04th March 2008

Land of the three
America may be a land of opportunity and ingenuity but it is hard to know if the newly unveiled Throx counts as a breakthrough invention.

Edwin Heaven won the Reader's Digest Magazine's Best Innovation In America when he began selling socks in threes (Throx), which could be considered fairly damning for the rest of the country's entrepreneurs.

His company now markets Throx as an innovative solution to the global issue of missing socks, after-all "if tyres come with a spare, why not socks"?

"Just as an apple landed on the head of Newton ... a sock is lost by writer-director Edwin Heaven and ... today we have Throx," the firm boasts.

This is not the first time legwear has prompted such innovation.

Earlier this year, a team of top scientists created a self-cleaning fabric and provoked worldwide speculation that the dawn of the auto-cleansing sock could be nigh.

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