There's gold in them there socks...

Published: 19th March 2015

There's gold in them there socks...

A man could briefly claim to possess probably the most expensive socks in all of Russia - worth over £116,000.

But Bagaudin Estermirov's brush with the three novelty socks with a difference came to no good. They landed him with a suspended jail sentence.

Estermirov, from Far East Russia's Amur region, found the black-hued jersey socks in a roadside bush in Zeya and noticed they were far heavier than usual.

That's because they were weighed down with 18 blocks of gold, according to the news agency Interfax. Each one weighed around 8kg (1st 3lb) and their worth in rubles was valued at a total of 10.5 million (£116,184).

Estermirov got into trouble after ferreting them away under his car seat, rather than reporting the find to police. Law enforcers rumbled him and on Tuesday he pleaded guilty to illegally possessing the precious metal.

District court officials sentenced him to a suspended two-year jail term. Russian state coffers are now in possession of the gold.

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