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Potential princess 'looks good in opaque tights'

Potential princess 'looks good in opaque tights'
Posh and pretty Kate Middleton is treading a careful line between dressing for a club and keeping her dignity, it has been reported.

The long-term girlfriend of Prince William was seen leaving fashionable London haunt Boujis in the wee hours recently, the Daily Mail noted.

However, despite a night's hard partying, the potential princess still looked fresh and well made up.

"She also managed to walk the fine line between looking fashionable and keeping her dignity, by teaming a youthful thigh-high dress with modest black opaque tights," the newspaper added.

Recently, the Guardian newspaper suggested that, while Kate looks good, she is not yet a style icon or in the same league as Kate Moss.

However, it added that her skirts are never too high above the knee unless she is clad in opaque tights.

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Christina describes fishnet faux pas

Christina describes fishnet faux pas
Christina Aguilera has admitted that her high heels have occasionally caused hosiery horrors. The Spanish songstress told the Times newspaper of her many "wardrobe malfunctions" onstage, including one incident with a pair of fishnet tights.

She was performing a move where she was to sexily slide from a table.

Christina admitted: "Somehow my high heel got stuck in my fishnet tights and I fell flat on the floor. I sat there, with a bruised butt and a tear in my pantyhose."

The superstar added that when touring, she usually has around 20 costume changes for each show, meaning everything has to be fastened with Velcro.

Online resource ThinkFashion states that Christina often sports a "femme fatale" look, chooses dramatic outfits and regularly takes fashion risks as she evolves a signature style.

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Socks and sandals 'a light-hearted look'

Socks and sandals 'a light-hearted look'
Wearing socks with sandals can create a young and light-hearted look but it is certainly not for everyone, a commentator has warned.

A blogger known as Poster Girl made her comments through online resource Fashion Trend, noting that not everyone is ready for the socks and sandals combo but those who are can wear bright, bold colours and be confident they look hot.

However, she suggested that to avoid looking like overgrown schoolgirls, women tone down the rest of their outfits and avoid wearing pleated skirts or Peter Pan collars.

Furthermore, Poster Girl added, choice of shoe is important as it is hard to imagine delicate, strappy stilettos working with this look.

"I'd stick to heftier shoes such as wedges, stacked heels, or sculptural heels," she urged, adding: "If you're brave enough to try this trend, remember it's all about having fun and showing off that legwear and footwear."

Recently, Erin Weinger, writing for the Los Angeles Times, praised the socks and sandals style but warned that it could be difficult for people to successfully pair suitable legwear with their strappy shoes.

She recommended the fashion conscious make sure they do not wear socks in the same colour as their footwear.

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Tights 'useful in work outfits'

Tights 'useful in work outfits'
Tights can make up a useful portion of the modern office outfit, it has been suggested. According to creative consultant Cheah Wei Chun, black tights and a pair of tailored loose-fitting shorts can allow people to feel comfortable and stylish as they go about their business.

This is particularly true in the case in forward-thinking industries such as advertising, where formality and the norms of traditional office attire are less strictly adhered to, Mr Wei Chun told the Star Online recently.

A government department or an office that demands certain outfits be worn might not be the place to try out a combination of tights and shorts but generally these kinds of fashion ideas are useful for 21st century professionals, he added.

Meanwhile, tights have been the common denominator at a recent event at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York when it hosted a celebration of fashion and superheroes.

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Tights feature in Scottish Fashion Awards

Tights feature in Scottish Fashion Awards
The Scottish Fashion Awards will this year see a number of new innovations, not least of which will be a number of hand-embellished tights.

The designers will showcase their talents at the annual awards that were set up by the entrepreneur Tess Hartmann in 2006.

Famous Scottish designers like Christopher Kane and Jonathon Saunders will be revealing their new creations - as will a raft of up-and-coming new artists, reports the Times.

This year it will take place at Stirling Castle on June 29th.

Dolly Jones, editor of, told the site: "Fashion weeks are springing up all over the world. They find the best in the world and celebrate each region. Scotland has these huge talents who can operate on the world stage. Why not celebrate where they're from?"

Christina Aguilera has also announced numerous wardrobe mishaps concerning her on-stage antics. In one instance she managed to get her high-heels caught in the leg of her fishnet tights and fell off a table bruising her behind.

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Sheer tights comeback 'just in time'

Sheer tights comeback 'just in time'
As the sun finally emerges from its cloudy cocoon, women across the country are beginning to panic about their summer wardrobes, it has been suggested.

Fashion reporter Hannah Betts made her comments in an article for the Daily Telegraph, noting that many women are unwilling to bare their legs so early in the year.

However, with the right pair of tights, women can still feel ready for the sun, she continued.

"Bright opaques or leggings will appear more summery than the ubiquitous black. Alternatively, sheer hosiery is back in vogue, but is really only an option for the lithe-limbed," Ms Betts advised.

Recently, online fashion resource WhoWhatWear asserted that finally, after years of being forgotten about in the "proverbial sock drawer" sheer tights have made a sudden comeback.

This, it noted, is despite years of everyone favouring opaque tights.

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Bare legs 'not suitable for the office'

Bare legs 'not suitable for the office'
Despite the smouldering sun, women should resist the urge to wear sexy skimpy skirts and tops to work, it has been suggested.

Business etiquette expert and author Barbara Pachter explained that sometimes the sun encourages women to bare more flesh than may be appropriate at the office.

However, it is easy to dress in a feminine way while presenting a professional and competent appearance, she continued.

Stockings or tights are also important, Ms Pachter stated.

"Women can get away without them when wearing slacks. A skirt without stockings is just too sexy a look," she warned.

Last year, style guide YouLookFab suggested that when pondering baring legs for the office, women should remember that modesty is the best look within a professional environment, meaning hosiery is a must.

However, the blog added that tights should not be limited to "boring beige", noting that women could choose colourful or patterned tights to add a fun angle to their look.

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In sockness and in health: Big day grooming

In sockness and in health: Big day grooming
Men musing marriage may not have to worry about their clothes as much as the bride and bridesmaids but they should ensure they are well-groomed, an expert has commented.

Holly Quartaro, fashion stylist at Galleria Dallas, made her comments to, urging men to ensure they obey the "three major don'ts".

These include not wearing short socks, a belt or two many accessories.

"Don't wear socks that are too short. They should come up over the calves so that no skin is exposed when you sit down and cross your legs," she explained.

So important are the right pair of socks to a man's outfit on his big day that online resource Bride & Groom urges couples to add them to their "wedding emergency kit" - a collection of the items which could be overlooked or forgotten.

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May 9th: Lost Sock Memorial Day

May 9th: Lost Sock Memorial Day
Today is an important event in the global calendar, as across the planet people recognise Lost Sock Memorial Day.

Bloggers from across the world have picked up on this important event, with many posting information about socks they have lost and swapping rumours of where their legwear could have gone.

Cynthia Pearson of Point Breeze told local newspaper the Pittsburgh Live that she lives in hope that her missing socks will return.

"I was just thinking how pitiful it is that they're all alone, that they're all wallflowers in this missing mate sock drawer. They should join a singles club or something," she suggested.

The website Holiday Insights carries information on how to recognise memorial days and the traditions surrounding them.

It recommends that to commemorate Lost Sock Memorial Day, hopeful people collect their single socks and spent a few minutes searching for their mates.

Should they be unsuccessful, the resource recommends taking a few moments to remember the lost socks before binning their useless mates.

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Girls Aloud don fishnets and bodices

Girls Aloud don fishnets and bodices
Girls Aloud have donned raunchy black corsets matched with black fishnet tights as they wowed the crowds at a recent Glasgow gig.

Playing the city's SECC venue, the girls wore black bodices and backless bustiers, causing the Daily Mail to quip "the XXX Factor".

"Teamed with saucy fishnet tights and cascading hair extensions Cheryl appeared to be in her element as she wowed the sell-out crowd," it stated.

According to the newspaper, the combination of fishnet legwear and bustiers made the quintet look like Las Vegas showgirls.

However, the girl group may want to consider the fishnet faux-pas committed by Christina Aguilera as they perform dance moves on their tour.

The singer told the Times that she once caught her feet in her fishnet stockings, causing her to topple in front of thousands of fans.

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Micro fishnet tights 'warm but subtle'

Micro fishnet tights 'warm but subtle'
Despite the recent weekend of sun, May can still have a few colder days up its sleeve and it has been suggested that many women are unsure of the most suitable hosiery to wear.

A fashion adviser known as Pres, writing for the SoStyled blog, remarked that when choosing tights and outfits, it is important that they look appropriate to the season but are also suitable for the weather.

This, she acknowledged, can be a tricky balance to perfect and selecting an appropriate pair of tights is an important part of the look.

Pres suggested that micro fishnet tights could be a useful addition to a spring-time outfit, particularly on a chilly night.

"They aren't as warm as heavy tights but they do replicate the warmth of nylons, approximately," she advised.

However, women who follow the fashion advice offered at the SoStyled blog may want to be wary of wearing fishnets to the office.

A recent debate erupted on the Legal Week website after it emerged that management had banned staff from wearing such tights to work as it was too much of a "distraction"!

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Compression socks complimented as athletic aid

Compression socks complimented as athletic aid
Compression socks could really help improve the wearers performance in sports and other athletic activities, it has been suggested.

Lee Nessel, writing for the Coloradoan, explained that the socks use graduated pressure to help encourage blood flow back to the heart and lungs.

This, he continued, means freshly oxygenated blood returns more speedily to the legs.

"Wearers described less muscle fatigue due to reduced vibration, less time needed for recovery, said the clothing aids circulation, keeps muscles warm [and] reduces leg pain," Mr Nessel stated.

Such socks were designed to help people with circulation problems, he added.

Compression Socks- such as those made by Levante- have been designed to relieve aching legs and to reduce swelling.

Graduated compression can help prevent blood remaining in the leg, which is a particular problem for people who have to remain standing or sitting for extended periods.

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Unusual legwear for "creative cocktail" look

Unusual legwear for "creative cocktail" look
Interesting tights could be the key to the newly-developed dress code "creative cocktail", a fashion expert has suggested.

Style guru LaMont Jones made his comments in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, in response to a query from a woman about how she should dress for a work party which set out the dress code.

He suggested that the term means "polished but not overly dressy, unexpected but not inappropriate, witty but not self-aggrandisingly over-the-top," adding that unusual hosiery could be a great way of completing such a look.

A woman attending such an event may want to don some brightly-coloured peep-toe shoes and a straw hat, he added.

Given the recent developments in fashion, it is possible to wear bright tights as well as peep-toe shoes.

A number of fashion commentators have announced that tights with peep-toe shoes and even stockings and sandals have become an unusual yet stylish legwear look this year.

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Socks and the city

Socks and the city
Fans of the iconic show Sex and the City may want to invest in some over-the-knee socks or pattered tights to get that Carrie Bradshaw look, it has been suggested.

The Mirror's style writer has urged fashion conscious women to stock up on floral-patterned dresses and feathers to adopt the New York vixen's look.

However, those sharing her mono-mania for shoe-designer Manolo may want to consider their legwear, it suggested.

"She wears them with an array of over-the-knee socks and patterned tights. Don't attempt the knee socks if you're over 30 but the tights are a godsend for anyone with pasty legs," the newspaper noted.

In an early episode of Sex and the City, Carrie ended up being mugged and famously pleaded with the thief to take her ring, her watch and her Fendi baguette but to spare her pair of Manolo Blahniks.

He did not.

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Jockeys admit wearing tights underneath

Jockeys admit wearing tights underneath
Jockeys are known for many things but the latest revelation by redtop the Liverpool Echo could change their public reputation for ever.

The newspaper's intrepid reporter Nick Peet has revealed the sportsmen's "saucy secret", namely that beneath those professional looking jodhpurs, they are all wearing hosiery.

He made the discovery while touring Aintree last week but was reassured that male jockeys wear them to keep them warm and comfortable.

"One jockey ... was actually sporting a bright red pair last Friday - with titillating holes running down the outside of each leg and diamantes along the seams," the sports commentator revealed.

However, far from being shy about legwear, one jockey recently told the BBC that pulling a pair of tights on over his boxer shorts helps keep him warm.

Paul Hanagan, a professional rider from North Yorkshire, explained that hosiery is the best choice as it is so lightweight.

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Choosing tights 'a tricky affair'

Choosing tights 'a tricky affair'
Working out the best pair of tights for each outfit can be a difficult business, an online fashion resource has warned.

Option Lorna, a style blog, has warned women not to assume that just because the sun is out, they can ditch their hosiery.

The website noted that some jobs and events require legs to be covered - and that some women simply prefer to keep their legs covered up.

As a rule of thumb, Option Lorna recommended that opaque tights are the most suitable for the day, while sheer can be an attractive evening choice.

"Never, ever wear a seamed toe -or worse - a reinforced seamed toe with an open-toed shoe or sandal ... It just doesn't look very attractive in whatever the situation," the blog post warned.

Recently, a troubled tights wearer asked Yahoo! Answers how to wear tights with strappy sandals.

The respondents urged her to go for the look as it is extremely fashionable at the moment - but to avoid reinforced toes at all costs!

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'Just add vinegar' for long-lasting legwear

'Just add vinegar' for long-lasting legwear
To make tights super-strong and long-lasting, add a tablespoon of vinegar to the water when washing, a web-based hippy has suggested.

Abi Silvester, writing for, recommends that women whose legwear frequently tears or ladders raid the condiments cupboard for help.

In an article exploring the lesser-known benefits of vinegar, she urged eco-conscious consumers to remember vinegar is so much more than "a humble flavouring" and actually helps coughs, removes stubborn stains and relieves sunburn.

Ms Silvester explained: "For longer-lasting, ladder-free tights, add one tablespoon of vinegar to the rinse water when washing - and hey presto - you've got super-strong tights!"

Women who do not want to drench their clothes in a dressing usually reserved for chips may take heart from the news earlier this year that ladder-proof tights could soon be in the shops.

Professor Leibler and colleagues at the Industrial Physics and Chemistry Higher Educational Institution in Paris announced that they had created a rubbery material which can re-bond if it has been torn.

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Vivienne Westwood: Hosiery creates elegance

Vivienne Westwood: Hosiery creates elegance
Tights are perfect for women looking to glam up their outfits as they "flatter and protect" their legs, a fashion designer has commented.

Vivienne Westwood made her comments to the Edinburgh Evening News, noting that hosiery choices add elegance to ensembles.

However, she added that Doc Marten boots are such an icon in their own right that they do not require the additional chic bestowed by stockings, meaning a simple pair of punky fishnet tights is all the boots need to set them off to perfection.

"Dr Martens are such a classic that there is no need to add anything to them, they are perfect as they are. The tights are used purely for that element of glamour," the designer added.

The company notes that its famous boots were first launched as a working man's footwear but quickly became a must-have for rebellious teenagers and social dissidents.

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Socks snapped at Snapper set

Socks snapped at Snapper set
Joss Stone has been spotted on the set of her new film Snappers wearing bright pink stripy socks.

Online fashion and celebrity resource snapped a picture of the singer-turned-actress wearing the fun socks and chatting to an Elton John impersonator.

Joss told reporters: "There are things in the film that are going to really push the boundaries," although admittedly she may have been discussing the rumoured lesbian kiss rather than the patterned socks.

However, whatever the opinion of these style bloggers, it seems likely that stripy socks will enjoy a revival as the buzz for the Sex and the City film consumes the UK.

Recently, the Mirror urged women seeking to gain the Carrie Bradshaw look to invest in fun, over-the-knee socks and patterned legwear, as well as floral patterns and feathers.

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Selecting socks for sports 'seriously important'

Selecting socks for sports 'seriously important'
Everyone knows it is very important to select a good pair of shoes for going running or jogging but it is also important to select appropriate sport socks, an expert has urged.

Ruth Gorman, writing for the Belfast Telegraph, explained that picking up three pairs of black socks for £1.50 is not going to provide adequate support for those going running.

Furthermore, "sock technology" has dramatically increased over recent years, she continued.

Sports socks now contain anti-blister design factors, protective padding and other elements designed to reduce the risk of injury, the reporter noted.

"According to the professionals we should give as much thought when choosing our socks as we do our running shoes," Ms Gorman added.

Recently, sock commentator Lee Nessel, writing for the Coloradoan, suggested that compression socks can help athletes by encouraging blood flow back up the trunk of the body and towards the heart and lungs.

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Had-it hosiery 'can be used for hair care'

Had-it hosiery 'can be used for hair care'
It can be very depressing when a much-loved pair of brightly coloured or patterned tights finally ladder but one thrifty shopper has come up with a solution.

Carol, writing for online resource Thrifty Fun, explained that one use for such had-it hosiery is to transform the stockings or tights into a headband.

This allows the fashionable but frugal to take advantage of the current fashion for headbands holding hair back from the face, she enthused.

Furthermore, using stretchy stockings in this way prevents those dents plastic hair bands can leave in a person's head, Carol continued.

"Cut off a leg and cut the foot part off. Wrap around your head, stretching so you have some tension to hold it in place once it's on. Then cut to desired length," the frugal fashionista explained.

The website has many tips, including recommending women store their tights in old toilet paper tubes – to prevent them from tangling or getting caught and running.

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A brief history of socks

A brief history of socks
Dads have been receiving socks for Fathers Day for many years but the foot garment has been around for considerably longer, a commentator has remarked.

A blogger known only as Samantha made her comments through the online resource InvestorSpot, noting that the very first socks would not have been as popular with Dads as fun socks are today.

"They were the skins of animals that were placed over the feet and tied up at the ankles. Thankfully for Dad, socks were improved upon over the years," she explained.

Later on, people discovered that matted animal fur meant insulated feet and socks became a little softer, Samantha continued.

At one point, possessing socks was a sign of prosperity, she added.

Recently, online gift advice resource The Boutique Beat suggested that fathers are likely to appreciate small, thoughtful gifts such as socks, mouse-mats and sunglasses – especially if presents are personalised.

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Fun socks and tights 'enter fashion limelight'

Fun socks and tights 'enter fashion limelight'
This season is so all about ankles and legs darling, if one fashion commentator is to be believed.

Fashion fan Gill Hart made her comments in an article for Suite101, noting that hot hosiery and colourful legwear is the look to love this year.

"Celebrities are going crazy for legwear this season, from brightly-coloured opaque tights, to patterned print leggings, to knee-high socks," she enthused.

One unusual style which is likely to be a big hit this year is wearing over-the-knee fun socks on top of tights, for a "sexy schoolgirl" look, Ms Hart continued.

Currently, there is a real trend for slightly outlandish patterned tights, she added.

Recently, the Sun newspaper suggested that the over-the-knee socks and "killer heels" looked favoured by Sex and the City's Carrie show her "kooky" fashion sense.

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Warms socks and wellies for Emmerdale wedding

Warms socks and wellies for Emmerdale wedding
Most brides give very little thought to their wedding legwear, perhaps assuming that their pins will be clad in luxury silk stockings or finest hosiery, but one on-screen bride plumped for thick warm socks.

Charlie Hardwick, the actress behind Emmerdale landlady Val, has admitted to the Daily Record that for her wedding day scenes, far from top-quality tights, she was wearing warm socks and boots.

"Under my gorgeous specially made dress, I was wearing wellies, a lovely pair of long johns and a thick pair of socks," she told the publication.

Despite such warm precautions, the shoot was still cold, meaning she came close to being her own 'something blue', the actor quipped.

However, Charlie's fictional wedding was not as wild as some.

A recent ceremony in Derbyshire saw the groom abseil down the church steeple and the bride arrive by canoe when one adventure-loving couple recently tied the knot.

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Nicky Hilton 'uses tights and accessories to show personality'

Nicky Hilton 'uses tights and accessories to show personality'
Celebrity and would-be designer Nicky Hilton has spoken of how her accessories, such as brightly-coloured tights, show off her personality.

The younger sister of Paris, Nicky has expressed little interest in a show-biz career, instead concentrating on her passion for fashion and design, the Korea Times reports.

She told the publication that she loves to accessorise with different items and mixing vintage style with contemporary design.

"I love wearing platforms and coloured tights ... My personality and attitude are reflected in my clothes, classic and sophisticated with an edge," the heiress enthused.

Nicky made her comments while visiting Korea to launch her clothing line in Asia.

Earlier this month, Female First reported that the young designer first moved into fashion design when she was 17, helping create a range of handbags.

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Brits in bright socks 'under festival mud'

Brits in bright socks 'under festival mud'
When attending muddy music festivals, raincoat-clad Brits still often wear dashes of colour, such as fun socks, it has been suggested,

Hadley Freeman, writing for the Guardian, suggested that most apparel seen at UK music events is practical and drab - a way of coping with the relentless rain.

She suggested that British cheer expresses itself through small flashes of bright colour.

"This can be seen in the self-pleasing dashes of colour, often hidden beneath the otherwise cerebrally sober and monotone outfits," Ms Freeman continued, giving as examples two festival-goers wearing grey with "fire engine-red socks" and stripy socks.

Earlier this month, a fire crew had to be called out to the Hay festival in Powys to pump water from the muddy field, which was rapidly transforming into a lake.

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"Ooze" appeal with stockings and tights

"Ooze" appeal with stockings and tights
Women wanting to "ooze sex appeal" should invest in a pair of stockings, it has been suggested.

Online resource iAfrica acknowledged that it can be hard to start wearing summer clothes after cuddling up in jumpers for the winter but recommended women wear brightly coloured dresses and pull on some fun legwear.

"Ooze sex appeal with rich, sumptuous stockings. [They are] available in different colours and patterns [so] get playful or co-coordinated but do discard those footless tights," the resource added.

It is important, though, that stylish women do not allow themselves to become "dowdy" because they are used to their winter outfits, it concluded.

Recently, Amber Sumrall, writing for the Student Printz, suggested that using stockings and tights to accessorise could make an outfit more personalised.

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Sock Exchange: Sorting solo socks

Sock Exchange: Sorting solo socks
In a world where socks frequently vanish, leaving their lonely partners to a lifetime of being abandoned at the back of the sock drawer, one man has made matching legwear his career.

Bill Bobsley runs the world's only Sock Exchange, explaining to the Independent that he was driven to it after the inexplicable disappearance of socks.

He told the newspaper that sometimes it seems that a pair goes into the washing machine, only to emerge as two different socks – often of widely different lengths and even patterns.

In fact, Mr Bobsley added, sometimes socks will appear which bear someone else's name completely.

Cue the Sock Exchange, where pairs are matched up and rehomed.

"People bring us their socks, factories send us their unwanted socks, jumble sales send us their leftovers ... We have brought a lot of people a lot of happiness," the sock sorter boasted.

Earlier this month, the sock-loving world recognised Lost Sock Memorial Day, a time to remember departed legwear and perhaps even make an effort at matching up a few sole socks.

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Legwear recommendations for long-legged lady

Legwear recommendations for long-legged lady
A long-legged lady has written to the Times expressing her frustration at being unable to find pyjama trousers which fit her pins.

However, Lucia van der Post recommended the troubled teenager invest in cashmere socks to keep herself snug as she lazes on the sofa with her cats.

"Let me recommend some cashmere socks to bridge the gap between pyjama trousers and and your chilly feet. Cashmere socks are a great comfort," she enthused.

However, she reassured the shopper that there are longer trousers out there, even in pyjamas.

Previously, the fashion reporter and style adviser has urged women to wear "dashing" tights as these always appear to be more fashionable.

She recommended women consider combining dark hosiery with a light dress for an "on trend" look.

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Short-suits slammed over sock concerns

Short-suits slammed over sock concerns
There has not been a massive take-up of shorts-suits for men and one reporter has explained that many are concerned about what to do with their socks if they go for the new look.

Shorts-suits are what they sound like, a smart business suit matched with shorts rather than trousers and it has left many blokes perplexed as to what legwear is appropriate to the style.

Journalist Robert Colvile bared his knees, strengthened his resolve and donned one of the outfits for a stroll around London, reporting to the Daily Telegraph that it was a difficult assignment.

He admitted that many men have expressed concern.

"Most of the men I talk to focus on the thorny issue of the socks - should they be knee-length, pulled up, or simply absent?"

However, women are more concerned at the prospect of men baring their legs at all, Mr Colvile added.

The Independent scathed that even at their best, British men do not have the best fashion sense but that the warmer weather can make their taste "particularly frightening".

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