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Sock odours? Use alcohol, say thespians

Sock odours? Use alcohol, say thespians
Dodgy smells are a major problem in the theatre circuit, yet one method is regularly used which is able to get the whiffs out of socks, tights and other popular outfit parts.

According to, vodka is regularly mixed with water and then sprayed onto the offending articles of footwear and other costumes, removing the previously offensive odours.

This alcoholic treat is not the only one used on stage, with the substance also applied under microphone tape on the face to prevent it from falling off mid-speech.

If, however, clothes such as socks actually need to look dirty and smelly, baby powder is liberally applied to give the essence of grubbiness.

In recent legwear news, it was established that the best trend to follow this season is that of printed leggings, with FabSugar UK stating that catwalks around the world are going crazy for them.

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Camilla needs 'modern-day makeover'

Camilla needs 'modern-day makeover'
Camilla Parker-Bowles is too far behind the times, according to a famous fashionista, with the Duchess of Cornwall being lined up for a glamorous makeover.

Writing for the Daily Mail, Joan Collins stated that she intended to give a royal makeover by testing ideas out on a Camilla lookalike, with her final results in full being published in Hello! magazine.

After consulting the catwalks, leggings came up top, with the body double looking great in a polo-neck sweater and light leggings combination akin to that paraded by famous designer Alexander McQueen.

Joan added that by cutting her hair shorter and colouring it with honeyblonde tones would lift her face and give her a more positive look.

The Daily Mail today reported on the meeting between Joan Collins and the hosiery-loving Lily Allen, stating that Joan rebuffed Lily's showbiz kiss as she didn't do such things with people she doesn't know.

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Kim Kardashian shows her assets in leggings

Kim Kardashian shows her assets in leggings
Kim Kardashian, the celebrity socialite, has been spotted in yet another outfit that dazzled onlookers, highlighting the natural assets which she is too happy to share.

Known for her ties to celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Kelly Osbourne and former Playboy playmate Holly Madison, Kim attended a roller disco party with glittery wet-look leggings, showing off her often-celebrated derriere.

Hooking up with her sister Khloe as well as Kelly, the beauty went out of her way to mimic the fashions of yesteryear, pairing the leggings with knee-high leg warmers, a leotard and a sassy leather jacket.

Kim Kardashian's name may ring bells with many people as the star's father, the late Robert Kardashian, is best-known for his friendship and subsequent courtroom defence of OJ Simpson, which is one of the most hotly-contested verdicts in the history of modern law.

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Clothes Show: Three new style classes have emerged

Clothes Show: Three new style classes have emerged
Style is no longer defined by money anymore, one major event has stated, with fashion being defined into three specific categories.

According to the organisers of the upcoming Clothes Show in London, the new upper class is those who can mix their styles, designers and ranges to create their own looks, using stockings and tights to great potential.

The middle class is clothing from the high street and other designers, lacking individuality yet subscribing to cutting edge trends in hosiery.

Last but not least is the new working class - comfort - with clothes seen as a practicality, such as big relaxing socks.

Gavin Brown, the managing director of Haymarket Exhibitions, stated that people are no longer "pigeon-holed" into categories based on background, with us now having a say in how we want others to perceive us through fashion.

He added: "Class is no longer important and during this economic downturn the amount of money we have isn't either. Instead, the way we choose to dress is now a real indication of the sort of person we are."

The Clothes Show takes place at ExCeL in London between May 29th and 31st.

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Odd socks dished out in effort to stop closure

Odd socks dished out in effort to stop closure
Socks are coming to the rescue for a small village school in Wales, the Border Counties Advertiser has announced.

In a clever play on the Save Our Community School anagram Socs, pupils from Ysgol Pontfadog in the Ceiriog Valley have clubbed together with parents and locals to hang their odd socks out to dry, with a long line of hosiery now adorning the school gates.

It is hoped that these concerns will be taken into account when the Wrexham County Borough Council considers the case in June.

Socs committee chairman Jools Payne stated that job losses and already struggling businesses will compound already existing problems for the area.

She added: "The Socs campaign sends a strong message to Wrexham CBC that people in this community will not stand idly by and let them alter the very fabric of the Ceiriog Valley by closing a school that provides pupils with an excellent education on the basis of an unsound argument."

Socks are known to get smelly at times, with thespians using vodka mixed with water to get rid of whiffs from their costumes and legwear, according to

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Sassy Rihanna steps out in PVC stockings

Sassy Rihanna steps out in PVC stockings
Rihanna, the R&B singer known for her smash hit Umbrella, stepped out this week in a pair of the edgiest stockings that many photographers will have seen in New York for a long time.

The Daily Mail picked up on the trend which the diva was seemingly pioneering as she left her hotel in the American city on Tuesday, showing off her legs through the diamond-holed hosiery, which looked like a perfect cross between fishnet stockings and wet-look leggings.

Her public appearance follows her announcement that she is holding off on performing in the near future as she is not quite ready following an alleged assault by her ex-partner and rapper Chris Brown.

The singer was seen partying in New York with fellow legwear lover Katy Perry in Manhattan later that evening, coinciding with Chris' birthday, which was a low-key affair for the hip-hop artist who spent time with family in Virginia.

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Songbird sock strangeness seen at airport

Songbird sock strangeness seen at airport
Sometimes, smugglers will go to great lengths to ensure their precious cargo is neither harmed nor seen when shifting past border patrols and airport security guards.

However, one Sony Dong, a 46-year-old Vietnamese man travelling from his home country to Los Angeles, was found with no less than 12 of the little creatures strapped to his socks.

Then again, it was hardly surprising that he was caught, given the clearly-visible feathers from underneath his trouser legs as well as the bird droppings on his shoes.

Had his hosiery heist been successful, Mr Dong stood to gain a lot of money, with the birds having a resale value of over £200 in the US, being bought for a mere fraction of that in Vietnam.

Socks may hopefully be coming to the rescue for another good cause, with people hanging their legwear on the gates of Ysgol Pontfadog in the Ceiriog Valley of Wales in a bid to save their school, the Border Counties Advertiser reported.

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Hampshire sock fans called upon

Hampshire sock fans called upon
Silly Sock Day is nearly one month away in Hampshire, with hosiery being the one demand of a local charity hoping to raise money for a good cause.

The county's division of the Autistic Society is calling upon residents and schools to swap their boring legwear for something a lot more interesting such as fun socks, in turn attracting attention to the thousands of people across the UK which are affected by the condition, the Southern Daily Echo reports.

On June 19th, schools, families and businesses will be out in force to wear anything on their feet providing it is stripy, crazy or novelty socks.

The charity is also putting on a fundraiser in Hedge End, running the event for the best part of the day with special drinks, refreshments and entertainment to sock it to autism.

Socks are also being used to show support for another good cause, the Border Counties Advertiser revealed, with the Save Our Community School campaign using the hosiery to highlight the amount of people dedicated to keeping Ysgol Pontfadog in the Ceiriog Valley from closing.

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Alesha struts her stuff in sexy leggings

Alesha struts her stuff in sexy leggings
Alesha Dixon was a sight for sore eyes this weekend, strutting on stage in a great outfit which showed exactly what cracking legwear can do for an outfit.

The singer, who was attending BBC Radio One's Big Weekend, paired a statement vest top with a mind-blowing pair of red leggings to show a sexy yet glamorous side to proceedings at the Swindon gig.

Alesha also wore a pair of glittery heels as well as some matching red love-heart earrings to accentuate the colour scheme as well as give off a distinctive 1980s look.

She was joined with a whole host of other stars over the weekend, with Lily Allen and Dizzee Rascal also performing at the Wiltshire-based bash alongside a host of DJs from the famous radio station.

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Men's leggings 'always a questionable trend'

Men's leggings 'always a questionable trend'
There are a number of bold fashion statements in today's market, though one in particular has caused arguments galore with certain individuals: male leggings, or meggings, it is stated.

Jeffrey Thompson, working for the Seattle Men's and Women's Fashion Examiner, stated that designers like to cross the line, though one trend hasn't quite become as freely available as he had hoped.

He explained that he had bought some shiny leggings for himself not so long ago, priding himself on a trend which is easy to pull off so long as the wearer has confidence.

Mr Thompson concluded: "So get out there and support the trend. Show everyone your confidence and try it out before you completely throw it out the window. Who knows, you may love them!"

One famous face donning a pair of leggings last week was Victoria Beckham, who dazzled shoppers and photographers in Macy's as she appeared to promote her new Giorgio Armani campaign for underwear.

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Victoria Beckham dons great leggings to promote Armani ad

Victoria Beckham dons great leggings to promote Armani ad
As part of her new underwear advertisement for Emporio Armani, former Spice Girl and fashion-a-holic Victoria Beckham has been in New York to show off her latest look.

The famous wife of footballer David Beckham stepped out in style too, pairing a great structured blazer with some sexy yet smart velvet leggings as she posed alongside the huge printed ad in the ultimate department store of the US, Macy's.

It follows her major deal with the company which she signed last year on a contract until 2012, following a large amount of praise from Giorgio Armani himself.

She joins David as a major personality for the brand, which is synonymous with anyone wanting to dress well.

Unlike Giorgio, Lily Allen has registered a particular dislike for the Beckhams recently, stating that the pair are "sickening".

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Peaches harnesses hosiery twice in a week

Peaches harnesses hosiery twice in a week
Peaches is at it again, with the daughter of Sir Bob Geldof posing for cameras everywhere this week in a number of legwear-led outfits.

Last week, Ms Geldof posed for Ultimo lingerie, showing off her great body to prove that girls do not need to be stick-thin to get away with posing in such skimpy outfits.

"I'd rather young girls were looking at a normal body like mine rather than an anorexic model," she said at the shoot.

To top the look off, she even donned a pair of knee-high socks along with sailor-esque lingerie, showing her elaborate tattoos at the same time.

Yet that was not enough for Peaches, who then headed to Carnaby Street for a bash with Pam Hogg at her new outlet, with Peaches pairing a space-age jumpsuit with great black opaque tights to complete the look.

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Dita rolls on stockings for charity shoot

Dita rolls on stockings for charity shoot
Burlesque favourite Dita Von Teese is now one of the faces of fashion's fight against AIDS, designing a shirt for a new charity range at H&M.

The beauty was still being herself, however, by pairing up her skinny-fit t-shirt with a corset, fishnet stockings and matching gloves, cutting a wonderful shape on the new promotional campaign.

A number of other famous faces joined the hosiery fan in her campaign against the terrible disease, including Katy Perry, American Boy singer Estelle and German rock band Tokio Hotel, spreading the word in a number of major markets on behalf of the clothing company.

Each design, which was created by the individual stars modelling them, contains a slogan highlighting the need for people to engage in safe sex and avoid getting the condition.

Last month, as part of another fashion push, Dita Von Teese started a line of undergarments for world-famous company Wonderbra.

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Leggings can have 'slimming effect'

Leggings can have 'slimming effect'
Summer is here and yet many are unwilling to wear the clothes they want due to hang-ups about their own body.

However, Lisa Butcher, an established fashion designer, explained that there are many tips and tricks people can adopt to hide any unsightly things, with leggings topping the list, the Mirror reported.

She recommended that by pairing oversized T-shirts and tunic tops with leggings, consumers can cover up any more defined curves that a girl may want to forget about.

This is easily done by taking a size larger than the usual for any tops and then teaming them with leggings.

However, adding medium-to-short sleeves can cover the much-maligned bingo wings, Ms Butcher added, with a long shirt also slightly concealing any extra room on the thighs.

Lisa Butcher originally worked as a supermodel, gaining fame in 1987 at the age of 14 after winning a competition with Elle magazine, making her the face of fashion for that year.

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Want to be fashionable in summer? Get leggy

Want to be fashionable in summer? Get leggy
With miniskirts, shorts and other small pieces of clothing adorning the catwalks of the world this summer, legwear trends are set to follow to enhance these trends.

Heather Toskan, a fashionista writing for the Edmonton Sun, said that by wearing tights under shorts during the daytime, a person can accessorise to put across any look they want, "from fun to funky".

She continued: "Try a high-waisted denim short with floral print tights and platform shoes for the club.

"Spin a sexy pin-up vibe by pairing black, high-waisted booty shorts with back-seamed, Cuban-heeled tights and shiny pumps."

Until then, people may want to pair hosiery exampling bright colours and patterns with peep-toe shoes or strappy sandals to rock a good look before the sun shines properly, Ms Toskan added.

Leggings may want to be the choice of many this summer, with fashion designer Lisa Butcher telling the Mirror that they have a particularly slimming effect.

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Dodgy dealings land croupier sock thief in trouble

Dodgy dealings land croupier sock thief in trouble
Pulling your socks up in the workplace is something many people do, but one used them to hide casino chips in before taking the money home each night.

Wayne Wagner, a 38-year-old croupier at the Grosvenor Victoria Casino, would hand the sock-based chips to an accomplice who would cash in his so-called winnings, with the pair splitting them down the middle.

Had it not been for one of the many eagle-eyed bosses at the upper-class betting palace, then Mr Wagner's six-year-old legwear habit would have likely continued.

Last October, the man was jailed for 15 months and ordered to pay £36,000 after admitting the theft of £69,000, though Grosvenor has served a writ on his shoulders now, naming him as responsible for the loss of £250,000 to £350,000.

The venue where the dangerous dealings took place is found on Edgware Road, providing live sports, poker rooms and restaurants inside.

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Tights 'perfect for slimming effect'

Tights 'perfect for slimming effect'
Following years of being sad at over 18 stone, Louisa McCleod has spoken of her healthy regime which saw her shed eight stone in five years.

Sadly, the svelte 35-year-old community care nurse from Motherwell has a little difficulty with her choice of clothes, though the Daily Mirror was able to dispense its advice via fashion mogul Erica Davies.

She said: "There are lots of tricks to make your legs look slimmer but the easiest by far is pulling on a pair of tights.

"Louise was adamant she didn't want her calves on show so this is a great option for her."

It was also explained that leggings helped her lose the weight, being harnessed underneath her tracksuit bottoms to prevent chafing as she strolled her way to victory.

Leggings are also great for giving a slimming effect when worn, according to the Daily Mirror's Lisa Butcher, who vouched for the legwear as a great way to accentuate the curves with a splash of colour.

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Drew Barrymore goes for strange look with leggings

Drew Barrymore goes for strange look with leggings
Drew Barrymore has been in the public eye a lot for her fancy dresses in recent months, yet the actress went for a strictly comfortable look this week in Los Angeles.

The Hollywood A-lister turned up to a studio in the city wearing a relatively spartan outfit, pairing a blank white American Apparel t-shirt with funky printed leggings and white plastic glasses.

A strange pair of sandals sat on Drew's feet to complete the laid-back look, with the star avoiding the fashion faux-pas of wearing socks underneath them.

However, Drew's relaxed fashion style may not be that great, with the Daily Mail tearing into her bed-head hairstyle while she sat courtside at a National Basketball Association playoff game between the LA Lakers and the Denver Nuggets.

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Pink leggings on display in charity fun run

Pink leggings on display in charity fun run
Cancer Research's Race for Life took place at Kemble Airfield in the south-west of England this month, with pink being the colour of choice for over 1,400 women taking part.

The Gloucestershire Echo, which sponsored the event, reported how the five-kilometre course aimed to raise £92,000 from those who took part, with the pink clothing on show extending to leggings, knee-highsocks and stockings.

Natasha Russell, the event manager for Race for Life in the Cotswolds, said: "The atmosphere has been unbelievable.

"Almost all the ladies who come to do the race have had their lives affected by cancer in some way, either experiencing it themselves or through a loved one."

Ms Russell added that the spirit among the legwear-loving runners was "so upbeat" and the run made a huge difference.

The Race for Life has a number of celebrities taking part too, including comedienne and presenter Amy Lame and runner Paula Radcliffe.

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Fresh socks 'give energy boost'

Fresh socks 'give energy boost'
If you are feeling a little exhausted, stressed or annoyed come lunchtime, you may want to give your feet a bit of a treat, one leading weblog states.

According to Zen Habits, changing socks as a means of refreshment is an "amazing trick" that can really reinvigorate people by the time it reaches midday.

The blog explained that people will feel remarkably fresh after adopting this strategy, adding that individuals who are more active in their job are perhaps those who will benefit from it the most, perhaps swapping knee-high hiking socks to a pair of luxury socks when winding down in the afternoon.

Other methods of keeping cool and relaxed during the day include having a small piece of dark chocolate, which contains caffeine for a small boost, while brighter-coloured clothing can also make a person feel happier.

Legwear can also contribute to a person being stylish this summer, with the Edmonton Sun's Heather Toskan recommending that women turn to fashion tights and shorts in the sun.

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Sock Puppet Theatre hits Tyne and Wear

Sock Puppet Theatre hits Tyne and Wear
People are more than happy to shell out a lot of money to see a pair of socks, it has been reported.

The tour currently being made by the Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre is a roaring success, according to the Shields Gazette, which explained the popularity of the show as it heads to Tyne and Wear's Customs House for a performance for families.

The show's performer and creator Kev Sutherland, who is known for his work as a cartoonist with the Beano, explained several of the sketches while in character, including one where the socks perform Romeo and Juliet, with one thinking it's a comedy and the other believes it to be a drama.

Commenting on their success, the left sock said: "We have the market for falsetto, slightly sweary sock comedy all to ourselves.

"We used to just perform to adults but we've tailored our show so it's suitable for children over 12."

The Customs House is a premier arts centre in South Tyneside, attracting high-quality acts from around the country to develop the cultural side of the north-east.

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Socks the cat gets 500,000 Twitter followers

Socks the cat gets 500,000 Twitter followers
One lucky cat has over 500,000 fans online, gaining a huge following on Twitter for his daily ramblings.

Socks, or Sockington to a number of his fans, is gaining a lot of popularity on the internet following a burst of interest in late 2008 which led to a Socks website being set up at the end of December 2008.

His inane yet clever observations are the brainchild of his owner, Jason Scott, who presumably types up Socks' comments as and when he makes them.

One of the most recent posts made by Socks explained: "lick lick lick lick lick lick lick lick lick lick lick lick lick lick lick lick lick lick OK CLEAN wait missed a spot lick lick lick".

The following day, he added: "Watching everybody from the top of the bookshelf I AM LIKE AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL except frankly I don't care how many times you guys collide."

It adds a more off-the-wall popular addition to Twitter, which is currently dominated by celebrities including Stephen Fry, Charlie Brooker and Britney Spears.

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London socks it to 'em in fashion stakes

London socks it to 'em in fashion stakes
London is the UK's most stylish city and is also the place where the most eclectic tastes can be found, according to a new poll.

Those living in the capital have the best sense when it comes to socks, clothes and jewellery, the Clothes Show London reveals.

Meanwhile, people further north are more open to trying new trends when it comes to their legwear, with Birmingham said to be the city with the most invention.

Scots in Glasgow love labels the most, while Liverpudlians are the biggest fans of shoes - and accompanying socks, tights and other accessories.

"These findings give a fascinating insight into how fashion and style in the UK differs across its major cities and demonstrates the ongoing enthusiasm and adventure with which Britons see their own style," comments Gavin Brown, managing director of the show.

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Button skirts 'perfect with tights'

Button skirts 'perfect with tights'
Trends from the 1980s are on their way up, with one in particular - the button-through skirt - attracting attention from one fashion follower.

FabSugar UK revealed that it currently has its eyes on the item of clothing, made famous by the leading lady of Clueless, Alicia Silverstone.

However, it is not a perfect look on colder days without tights, the magazine asserted, adding that the hosiery accessory would make for a particularly sexy look from those who adopted it.

Should the wearer be feeling particularly brave, FabSugar even recommended they look into wearing knee-highsocks and a crop top with their button-through suit, in turn going all out for the 1980s look.

This week, Clothes Show London revealed that stylistas in the capital have the best sense of fashion, particularly when it comes to accessories such as socks and tights.

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Shorter hemlines 'saved by leggings'

Shorter hemlines 'saved by leggings'
A recent image of Sienna Miller wearing a high dress in London has caused one fashion commentator to pose the question: can hemlines be too short?

'No' was Sara Davis' answer - providing the fashionista in question invests in a pair of funky leggings to make the overall look a lot more modest.

Writing for the Examiner, the Los Angeles-based clothing expert explained that while many people believe the hosiery trend to be on its way out, the summer is bringing a renaissance.

Ms Davis added that the "onslaught" of brighter colours and prints on leggings can add a touch of class to any outfit, particularly that of Sienna, who donned a "classic choice for summer wear": a white dress with flowing sleeves, an empire waist and a bubble hem.

Sienna Miller was recently spotted at the Chelsea Flower Show, posing for the press in a long black jacket and stockings.

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Like leggings? Try... jeggings

Like leggings? Try... jeggings
Many women love their legwear, which is why a new term - jeggings - may be commonly used in the near future, it has been reported.

The hybrid hosiery emerged last week when fashion chain Warehouse previewed a collection it hopes will spread a trend among fashionistas everywhere, combining jeans and leggings to make a new look for summer, the Irish Independent revealed.

It is hoped the new look will be perfect for those people unwilling to invest in the ever-popular skinny jeans, which are known to be unforgiving on a girl's pins.

When paired with a long jumper, it is hoped the leggings will look similar to drainpipe jeans, though maternity audiences are also covered by the seamless, elasticated properties, the newspaper added.

Earlier this month, Jeffrey Thompson of the Examiner offered some explanation for the new fashion trend of meggings - male leggings - which are becoming increasingly popular with fashion-conscious American men.

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Chelsea beat Everton ... in fashion wag stakes

Chelsea beat Everton ... in fashion wag stakes
Wags who are currently dating Chelsea players will still be the winners this weekend regardless of the result, with one fashion expert identifying their clothes as better than the Everton girls.

The Clothes Show found that Cheryl Cole, Carly Zucker and Terry Poole - the partners of Ashley Cole, Joe Cole and John Terry respectfully - are the top three fashionistas, known for their fine choices in everything from dresses to tights and stockings.

Emily Jagielka was named as the fourth best-dressed wag, which may be a consolation for their household given that husband Phil is unable to play the final due to a knee ligament injury.

Gavin Brown, the managing director of Clothes Show London, said it was perfect to be sharing the weekend with the FA Cup hopefuls.

He continued: "Visitors to Clothes Show London will be able to experience some serious fashion, shopping and pampering, with the men entertained by the football - it'll be the ultimate girl's day out and both Chelsea and Everton wags are invited to join us."

This week, conducted a poll to find out who was the ultimate cheerleader, with blokes across the country naming Cheryl Cole as their top choice.

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Katy Perry gets risque makeover

Katy Perry gets risque makeover
Daring musician Katy Perry threw herself into a new photoshoot modelled on 1950s bondage stylings, with legwear forming a major part of her darker look.

The singer, best known for her chart-topping hit I Kissed a Girl, wore a range of very sexy black outfits which she paired with a particularly sharp black haircut, only injecting colour into her look with blood-red lipstick.

However, it was the legs which completed the look, in one instance wearing patterned lace stockings and pairing leggings with high heels for another pose.

Her look mimicked another legwear-loving star, Dita Von Teese, who is regularly pictured in similarly alternative costumes.

Earlier this month, Katy did a special performance in Vienna, emerging from a giant oyster shell in a look similar to Botticelli's famous painting, the Birth of Venus.

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