Robin Hood drops tights

Published: 12th May 2010

Robin Hood drops tights
Director Ridley Scott and actor Russell Crowe's new interpretation of the story of England's favourite tax-dodging hero looks like serving up a few shocks to audiences.

People familiar with the usual 'rob-from-the-rich' take on the popular story may be surprised by the film's plot, which tells the story of Robin prior to his outlaw status.

But perhaps most shockingly, there's not a pair of tights in sight.

Crowe says he's not worried about following a template for Robin Hood and asks whether "Errol Flynn in baggy green woollen tights," is any more appropriate than the new slant.

Previous incarnations of Sherwood Forest's merry men have made great play on the image of a band of outlaws dressed like women.

While Errol Flynn may have defined the role with his green tights, the 1993 spoof film 'Robin Hood: Men In Tights' made great fun of men looking "like sissies."

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Posted by Roger Palin

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