Smart socks to track performance

Published: 06th May 2015

Smart socks to track performance

Runners can track their every step by strapping on an ever-growing range of smart technology clothing - and this list now includes socks .

The special socks are the brainchild of the boffins at Sensoria Fitness. They feature inbuilt sensors that monitor distance and speed, plus measure overall performance using the data gathered from a run.

There are three sensors in total, found in the heel and toe areas. Each one collects information about the wearer's form, distance, pace, descent, ascent, altitude, foot contact time, steps and cadence.

All of this is sent in real-time updates to the user's smartphone app via a lightweight Bluetooth-enabled anklet.

The socks also have the ability to coach a runner - stopping them striking their heel as they run, for instance, which can cause injury - as well as notifying them when trainers might need to be replaced.

Market research firm Gartner predicts that smart clothing could grow from just 10,000 units sold in 2013 to as many as 26 million in 2016 - and socks could spearhead this trend towards wearable tech.

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