What to wear in the summer office

Published: 19th May 2015

What to wear in the summer office

Summer's nearly here and that means a rise in both the temperature and our stress levels over what to wear in the office.

Colder weather naturally restricts choice, but June's approach poses questions such as: do I ditch my tights for bare legs?

Well a lot could depend shade. If your pins are whiter than a Quaker's conscience, then perhaps the best advice is to keep them under wraps until you have topped up your tan.

Tone is everything, so much depends on the kind of office environment you work in.

For example, bank workers should guard against raising their hemlines above the knee, while creatives - such as those in the advertising or design world - will risk shorts, T-shirts or jeans.

Glamour magazine reckons bikinis the ultimate no-no, regardless of where you earn your corn, unless it contains a Celine label.

If in doubt, use your manager as a fashion barometer. If they come in wearing a megaphone-loud Hawaiian shirt and shorts then you can safely assume that prudence isn't the order of the day.

Conversely, if the temperature dial outside says 30C and your boss's attire is still starchier than a big potato, then maybe you should reconsider your plan to dress outrageously.

Flip-flops, buttock-revealing shorts, vests, spaghetti-strapped tops, billowing or hippie-type shirt dresses and crop tops should be given a wide berth.

Shirts with non-revealing shorts, more conventional shirt dresses and light, airy, flowery-patterned long dresses should be just fine.

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