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The Body tells stocking secret

The Body tells stocking secret
Elle, the Body, Macpherson has told of how she can feel empowered through the use of legwear.

The Australian model, famous for her work on magazine covers and catwalks around the world in the late 1980s and early 1990s, told of how she gained the confidence she desired - through sexy stockings and hidden hosiery.

"When I was younger I used to wear stockings and suspenders under boys' jeans," she told Style magazine.

"It's a little secret. Lingerie can engender confidence."

Elle Macpherson is currently in charge of her own line of lingerie - Intimates - which she promotes in a way she hopes will mirror the style she believes the clothing captures - using a secretive yet sumptuous method online and in advertising.

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Leggings are 'here to stay'

Leggings are 'here to stay'
An online fashion magazine has sung the praises of the legwear revolution this autumn, adding that people should not worry about investing in the trend as it is "here to stay".

Clutch Magazine stated that above all, the so-called "trend" was not so much that as a "fashion necessity", with coloured and printed legwear being popular with many style circles since 2007.

It continued: "So, for those who have not spiced up your wardrobe with some colour, then coloured socks, leggings or tights might be worth a try."

Clutch added that good colours to choose included emerald green, chilli red, mustard yellow and gloss pink, with the range matching most clothes in a wardrobe.

The only person shirking trendy tights is Russell Crowe, who this week revealed that his new Robin Hood adaptation Nottingham was to be factually accurate... and tights were not invented at the time.

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Stocking-mad Posh matches clothing with cars

Stocking-mad Posh matches clothing with cars
Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham has extended her ever-growing love for legwear this week after admitting that she was a huge fan of stockings.

Citing the flagship film of Liza Minnelli, Victoria detailed her love of sexy tights and said: "I am partial to slicked-back hair and fishnets a la Cabaret."

However, style comes at a price for Posh, as she and David then pick the car that best suits her legwear look to become "effortlessly coordinated".

She added: "It depends on what I'm wearing. Sometimes a little crazy, mismatched done right can be very cool."

After the news got out over Posh's heel-less boots this week, it was revealed by shoe maker MBT that injuries to feet caused by wearing high heels cost £29 million a year to fix.

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Autumn is 'all about the boot'

Autumn is 'all about the boot'
Fashion fanciers may want to go to the back of their wardrobe this season to dig out their old footwear, it has been noted, as boots are back in this autumn.

America's News-Leader of Springfield, Missouri highlighted the chic that boots of all shapes and sizes radiated, with colours such as grey, cranberry, purple, black and brown all being popular.

"The style is across the board," said retailer Kyle Kranes, who also noted the use of legwear in tandem with boots as a must-have.

He continued: "The big trend with any of them is tucking your pants into them or wearing them with leggings and dresses, or wearing short shorts with leggings."

This week, firefighters were filling their boots with money to raise funds for the upcoming firework display, according to the Vernon Morning Star.

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Lily Cole embraces socks... and nothing else

Lily Cole embraces socks... and nothing else
In a racy shoot for Frances Playboy magazine, Marks & Spencer model Lily Cole has used socks to a distinct advantage by enhancing the impact of her front cover shot.

The supermodel cuddled a giant teddy bear in the feature, which was noted as taking inspiration from the cover of French musician Serge Gainsborough's 1971 album Histoire de Melody Nelson, except that jeans were traded for white hosiery.

Explaining the reasons as to why she did the photoshoot for the famous magazine in just her socks, Lily said: "Nudity has always existed in art, and I think that, given the right conditions, it doesn't necessarily "debase" any more than it celebrates or represents the human body."

It was reported today that 20-year-old Lily was starting a course at Cambridge University in history of art.

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Tights can be 'gym buddy'

Tights can be 'gym buddy'
A reporter for a national newspaper has found a healthy way to use old tights as an opportunity to drive oneself towards a comfortable and free fitness kick.

Peta Bee noted that many people could now not afford the gym and that this could lead, in effect, to an unfit nation.

As part of a three-stage advice column in the Times which recommended the use of baked bean tins and shopping bags for the upper body, she noted that hosiery could also be harnessed.

Called the "sixty-denier row", Ms Bee uses tights as a resistance aid, sitting on the floor with knees slightly bent and tights under both feet. With palms facing inward, grabbing the tights and with elbows kept close to the body, people should make rowing motions, holding each movement for two seconds, doing it 30 times.

Another person getting great exercise in tights is 14-year-old Matthew Leonardi, the first American boy invited to join Russia' Bolshoi Ballet School in Moscow.

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Autumn and winter hosiery revealed

Autumn and winter hosiery revealed
A recent report by a fashion website has highlighted the vast array of choices that legwear lovers have over the course of the next few months.

Opaque tights were the top of the chart, with StyleFrizz noting that there wasn't any question about the tights' continuing appeal.

It said: "The only thing new is they receive a touch of sheer. Sheer, glossy, shiny black tights are the new it of this fall's hosiery drawer."

Other styles of a fashionable nature according to the site included coloured and patterned tights, grey legwear and fishnet stockings.

A recent report for the Pittsburgh Tribune Review noted that fashion could be made fun through the use of fishnets this winter after interviewing InStyle editor Sydne Bolden Long.

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Attenborough tells of tights trickery

Attenborough tells of tights trickery
Broadcaster Sir David Attenborough dropped in to talk to Salford University attendees studying wildlife documentary production to launch the course with some fun facts.

The wildlife veteran, who famously interacted with gorillas directly as part of his BBC shows, told of how he combined custard powder and silk tights to imitate the sound of polar bears rolling around in the snow.

Sir David used the hosiery trick to produce a more moving experience for the viewer while not interfering with the animals during filming.

He told the assembled masses: "Is the use of custard powder wholly irresponsible?

"Actually I'd argue it is wholly responsible. Polar bears are dangerous animals and to have sound with vision creates atmosphere and impact."

Sir David's most recent programme for the BBC was Life in Cold Blood, where he explained the lives of reptiles and amphibians.

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Tights are right for Happy sculpture

Tights are right for Happy sculpture
Using the unlikely combination of tights and mohair from old stuffed toys, artist Michele Rashman has replicated her friend and hero Shaun Ryder in a new sculpture estimated to be worth £20,000.

The artist said that she based the creation on one of the Happy Mondays singer's most recent lines from the album Unkle Dysfunctional, where he refers to himself as a talented dog.

Ms Rashman told the Manchester Evening News: "There is something poignant about him being the performing dog, people see him as a cartoon character but really he is an incredible lyricist, a genius really."

The hosiery-based creation will be on show until Sunday at the Buy Art fair in Manchester.

Shaun Ryder collaborated with Gorillaz on Dare, the band's first number one single in the UK.

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Tights are 'only way to get pins out'

Tights are 'only way to get pins out'
Patterned tights are the way forward for fashion followers across the country in the coming months, it has been asserted.

It was noted, however, that any lovers of the trend ought to get in quickly as opaques will be much more a la mode by the time winter breezes in.

The Sun said that "faithful nudes" were reliable tights, but printed knee-highs were also a top choice.

It added: "From stars to tartan, this season's patterned tights are our fashion heroes.

"In fact, these tights are so exciting you will be trying to sneak them into every outfit."

Last month, Ohio State University's magazine UWeekly said that patterned tights would work particularly well with leather boots or high heels this coming season.

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Stockings 'suit young people'

Stockings 'suit young people'
In a recent report for an Indian-based news provider, the legacy of legwear has been noted as more than just a functional way to deal with cold weather.

Narendra Kumar of, a partner of the Wall Street Journal, told of how stockings were now an accessory and not a leg warmer, with the style now suiting young people in particular.

She said: "I think stockings look great when young people wear them for a not-too-formal night out.

"They can be teamed with a short or knee-length dress, or worn under a short skirt for a dressed-up, layered look."

However, she added that only the brave dared to wear brightly-coloured stockings, with dark colours suiting almost everybody.

Sometimes stockings are used for much more practical things, a report for Deutsche Presse-Agentur noted, with compression stockings particularly helpful in the fight against varicose veins.

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Fern shows off new body in style

Fern shows off new body in style
Presenter of ITV's This Morning, Fern Britton, wowed photographers this week after unveiling her new slimline look after dropping five dress sizes from a 22 to a 12.

In the ongoing changes to her style, Fern has embraced the latest trends, wearing a little black dress with this season's favourite accessory - red tights.

The TV star and face of Ryvita had previously denied that her weight loss was aided by a gastric band, fitted to restrict food intake - but after an emotional admission on her show, the public found out about her surgery.

However, the star looked healthy and happy in her stunning stockings at the Women of the Year Awards, joining such stars as Olympic winners Victoria Pendleton and Nicole Cooke.

The Women of the Year Awards were established in 1955 by Tony Lothian OBE to celebrate the achievements of the female gender.

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Lucky socks give person 'lack of control'

Lucky socks give person 'lack of control'
In a study carried out for Northwestern University in Illinois this month, it was discovered that those who were superstitious were really crying out for order and control in the world.

Professor Adam Galinsky, who led the study, said that "mental gymnastics" such as superstitions were more likely to affect those who desired a grip on their lives, with lucky socks and other legwear being one of the symptoms commonly found in such people.

He continued: "While some misperceptions can be led or lead one astray, they're extremely common and most likely satisfy a deep and enduring psychological need."

According to a recent report for Deseret News in Utah, it was noted that baseball players were more likely to play better with lucky socks for the placebo effect alone.

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Legs 'become exciting' with stockings

Legs 'become exciting' with stockings
Stockings have been given another vote of confidence for the autumn, with patterned pins being particularly popular in the coming months.

A report for the Citizen Times of Asheville asserted that if a person wanted to add colour to their look, the perfect pair of stockings was necessary in completing the look.

It added that the use of graphic designs on hosiery was very much in vogue, as well as plaid-printed tights, noting that stocking up for the winter would not be a bad thing to do.

Speaking to the news resource, legwear lover Kelly Gardner said: "Going into fall, stockings work well with the cute short shorts that were popular this summer.

"I personally like tights with shorts or under a pair of ripped jeans that gives a more textured look."

This month, Victoria Beckham admitted to her love of matching clothing to cars, particularly highlighting her love for fishnet stockings in a "Cabaret" look.

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Healthy feet are 'down to legwear'

Healthy feet are 'down to legwear'
An American writer has highlighted a number of tips for footwear fans who wish to harness the power of comfortable clothing to make their feet look and feel better.

Dierdre Cox Baker highlighted statistics presented by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) which noted the importance of socks to the healthiness of feet.

It was noted that polysynthetic socks gave a way out for moisture trapped in the shoe, meaning that it would not be as prone to causing blisters.

Furthermore, those prone to lower circulation or diabetes may want to look for seamless socks as large lines of stitching can cause irritation.

The APMA added: "Evaluate each sock’s fit, making sure that there is no loose fabric around toes or heels. Conversely, socks that are too tight can decrease circulation and comfort."

Aiming to increase the public's awareness of foot problems, the APMA is the leading organisation for feet in the US.

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Colourful and bold hosiery heralded

Colourful and bold hosiery heralded
Using hosiery as part of an ensemble this year is the way to complement all things fashionable in the coming months, with American style gurus highlighting its impact on all things a la mode.

A report for the Houston Chronicle stated that a range of legwear would provide the wearer with instant chic, with opaque tights in purple, orange, electric blue and yellow very much recommended.

Furthermore, stirrups and leggings are favoured, so long as they are not slouchy in an 80's style.

Tattoo-print hosiery with symbols was also promoted.

Speaking to the news provider, Hosiery Association chief executive officer Sally Kay said: "Most of us need to watch our budgets, and hosiery affords us the opportunity to stay fashionable.

"It's easier to change the look of an outfit by changing the legwear."

Recently, celebrity wife of Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, was spied wearing tight shiny leggings, with Hollyscoop noting that daughter Suri almost looked embarrassed at her choice of legwear.

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LiLo honours Monroe with leggings

LiLo honours Monroe with leggings
Actress and socialite Lindsay Lohan has announced the release of her newest line of leggings, 6126, taking inspiration from one of the world's most famous actresses.

Marilyn Monroe's birthday, June 1st 1926, was the date used to name the hosiery line which Lindsay hopes will replicate the late silver screen beauty's "timeless, confident glam".

The actress announced the new line on her MySpace page, adding that it would premiere in Henri Bendel's store in New York City this week.

She said: "I love to wear leggings, so it should come as no surprise that my first venture into the world of fashion design is with leggings!"

This week, Lindsay Lohan announced her desire to record a duet with soon-to-be divorced singer Madonna, with Madonna adding that she would not pass up the opportunity.

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Tights keep skin warm, hide flaws

Tights keep skin warm, hide flaws
A tights aficionado has given a few tips to those hoping to don an assortment of legwear this autumn, noting its flexibility for different shapes and sizes.

Debra D Bass of the St Louis Post-Dispatch said that the use of solid coloured tights or those with "subtle vertical lines" could make a person's shorter legs look longer and more slender, but as long as a person made sure to let their skirt drop an inch or two below the thigh's widest part.

She added that children could break pretty much any fashion rule in hosiery this autumn, except the main point of staying warm.

Ms Bass continued: "If the pattern is really wild and you're a kid, go for it. If you're an adult, add tall boots and a knee-length skirt to reduce the loudness factor."

One celebrity who cannot get enough of hosiery is Victoria Beckham, who applies lotion under socks before going to bed to keep her feet looking great.

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Mantyhose 'pushed as fashion must'

Mantyhose 'pushed as fashion must'
The newest fashion to hit the streets in hosiery soon may not be for women but men, with "mantyhose" becoming a possible trend if one style guru gets his own way.

Harisnya, a self-confessed tights titan, wears and promotes the legwear for men and set up the organisation e-MANcipate in order to make the item of clothing acceptable for the male demographic.

The British-based website is serious, he added, while promoting the range of benefits tights and hosiery may provide gents in the modern world.

Harisnya said: "Going to work on a cold autumn day in regular trousers with 20 denier hose underneath helps to avoid getting cold.

"Plus you won't ever have to worry about losing or matching your socks."

Earlier this month, the Houston Chronicle said that colourful tights, leggings and socks were the way to go this autumn, with purple, orange, electric blue, yellow and red all hues of choice for budding fashionistas.

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Tights 'great for winter skirts'

Tights 'great for winter skirts'
If wearing a jean skirt is irresistible this Winter, it is imperative that a person wears tights, it has been stated.

Megan Heise, writing for Canadian university newspaper Ubyssey, said that having seen a number of jean skirt faux pas over the last few weeks, a list needed to be compiled to follow fashionably - with tights being central to the trendiness.

She said: "We don't all look naturally sun-kissed during the fall and winter months - myself included.

"Please spare us your white legs and pair your skirt with textured or brightly coloured tights."

Ms Heise added that, unlike many other fashions, leggings were not as suited to the denim skirt as it was slightly more formal than other things, which also means that trainers do not suit the look as well.

According to the New York Times, designer Junya Watanabe made an "appealingly urban" ensemble for the catwalk last week including a denim skirt.

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Autumn has 'five must-haves'

Autumn has 'five must-haves'
A fashion follower has provided legwear lovers with five definitive ways to update their look this autumn.

Shahnaz Khan of WorldNow said that tights were the "easiest and thriftiest way to update any look", with opaque legwear in solid colours noted as a great choice as well as striped or plaid-printed tights, which got top marks for style.

Textured hosiery which used lace and crochet was also more than welcome.

Ms Khan warned: "Be careful not to overdo it though.

"The more of a statement you make on your legs, the simpler your entire outfit should be."

Alongside tights, Ms Khan also noted that scarves, vests, belts and "statement necklaces" were all instrumental in current fashion, with the chunky jewellery being particularly important to customisation.

New Bond girl Olga Kurylenko, who is to star in this autumn's Quantum of Solace, was noted by the Daily Telegraph as wearing statement necklaces throughout the movie.

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SJP reflects Carrie with tights choice

SJP reflects Carrie with tights choice
Sarah Jessica Parker has been noted as mimicking her on-screen persona through her choice of legwear this week when she turned up to a Chanel event.

The star of Sex and the City turned up to the Mobile Launch event wearing clothes not dissimilar to Carrie Bradshaw from the show, with a one-shoulder dress and a cardigan being paired up with two-tone tights - turning opaque at the knee and above.

She joined other stars such as Helena Christensen and Agyeness Deyn, who also paired black tights with their outfits at the fash bash in New York City.

Popular rapper Eve also stepped up the legwear embrace by choosing to wear leggings alongside a sequined outfit.

Earlier this month, designer Patricia Field, who designed the outfits for Carrie Bradshaw on the US hit show, launched a fashion line for Marks & Spencer.

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Interviews: no to bling, yes to matching socks

Interviews: no to bling, yes to matching socks
A fashion guru has highlighted a number of ways to dress to impress for job interviews, noting that socks feature quite prominently in a successful get-up.

Stylist with Visual Therapy Sarah Davidzuk said that for men, rules were a lot simpler, with sharp, crisp suits and easy-on-the-eye ties being important.

Ms Davidzuk told the Wall Street Journal: "Make sure your shoes are shined and your socks match the colour of your shoes - when you cross your legs, they'll see them."

She added that simple jewellery was respected, with bling seen as a way to show off and reflective of personality.

Tights were also noted as an accessory that had to match shoes, but only if the hosiery was grey, black or brown.

It may be in vogue for men to wear tights soon, however, with the e-MANcipate! campaign hoping to encourage more gents to wear legwear as a regular clothing item.

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Bosses urged to help staff afford novelty socks

Bosses urged to help staff afford novelty socks
If businesses let their staff work from home one day a week from now until Christmas, employees could afford to buy loads of novelty socks, strange new analysis shows.

The study conducted by tech specialists Aastra states that commuters with a 50 mile round trip could save enough cash to by 58 pairs of novelty socks for the festive season if their bosses let them work from home once each week.

If they did not need that many pairs of novelty socks, Brits could use their savings to invest in 3,400 fair lights or 1,560 migraine tablets, depending on what sort of Christmas they have.

Earlier this year, a blogger writing for the Affordable Luxuries website said novelty socks make a "great small gift", when paired with a unique card.

She added that easy ideas like this are really useful for busy mothers as they save time and money.

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Wet-look tights 'transform an outfit'

Wet-look tights 'transform an outfit'
Wet-look tights, such as those made from PVC can "instantly" transform a look, says one blogger. A fashionista writing for PopSugar explains she donned a pair of purple wetlook tights because the shade matched a floral print dress she had.

The trend is gradually creeping across the catwalks and the legwear is very flattering to wear, she continues.

"Unlike opaque tights, wet-look tights do not stretch much which means they are not super comfortable," the blogger states, adding: "I also found that the tights looked great with a black t-shirt dress and chunky pirate boots."

Earlier this month, fashion commentator Jo Davison reviewed the hosiery for the South Yorkshire Star, noting Kate Moss has been seen out and about in the shiny legwear.

She said the hosiery trend is not just for really shiny opaque tights, adding the hosiery has a rubbery feel and "incredibly high shine".

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Tights necessary for 'winter-proofing'

Tights necessary for 'winter-proofing'
Tights are important in the look of an outfit this season as they can adapt summer clothes to fit with autumn and winter, it has been suggested.

In a report for FemaleFirst, Jessica Watson said: "Just a couple of new purchases will turn your summer dresses into autumn essentials and you can put the money saved towards your Christmas shopping!"

Furthermore, she stated it was "amazing" just what layering and tights could do to an outfit.

As an example, Ms Watson suggested that strapless tops could be worn over basic white long-sleeved top, with tights added for warmth alongside knitted boots and a wool cardigan to top the look off.

Fashionistas at the Daily Record agreed with these opinions, noting that Stella McCartney and Donna Karan were nuts for knits on catwalks this autumn.

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Sock it to relatives this Christmas

Sock it to relatives this Christmas
Socks can provide a great way to spice up a gift card at Christmas this year, a writer has said.

LaRita Heet of literally thinks outside the box good when addressing novel wrapping solutions, suggesting socks as a warming way of well-wishing in the coming holiday period.

She continued: "Wrap a gift card wrapped inside a fun pair of socks, gloves, or slippers that will keep them guessing - and laughing."

Ms Heet added that a person could "choose from quirky mismatched socks, novelty socks, holiday socks and trendy toe socks" for everyone they knew for a small price.

It was also recommended that for children, filling a wallet with a variety of gift cards for online music and fast food restaurants was a good way to give them freedom of choice and a great present.

Jeremy Simon, also writing for the news provider, added that gift cards remained a popular choice this Christmas despite economic uncertainty.

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Stockings pack 'easy, inexpensive' punch

Stockings pack 'easy, inexpensive' punch
Black tights are not the be all and end all of autumn legwear trends, one fashion expert has noted.

T Magazine's Karla M Martinez, answering a query put forward to her by a reader of the New York Times, said she actively looked forward to ditching her black tights when the weather improves in April.

She added there were always alternatives to the usual cold weather trends.

Ms Martinez said "a cool pair of stockings in an interesting colour or pattern is an easy and, in theory, inexpensive way to punch up your fall wardrobe."

Additionally, she noted cheap tights were available in a variety of hues to allow a multitude of matching outfits.

Last week, Jordan stepped up her game against Paris Hilton by turning up to nightclub Movida in ripped fishnet stockings and clothes more daring than her American socialite pal.

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Autumn 'demands fashion tights and novelty leggings'

Autumn 'demands fashion tights and novelty leggings'
Although the trend is not for the faint-hearted, leggings and tights are a great way to transform an average outfit into one of a fashionista, a style guru has said.

Gill Hart gave her expert guidance in a piece for, commenting that novelty investments were great for people willing to go against a traditionally conservative and discreet season for fashion.

She asserted that although the weather may be cold, there is still no excuse to pass on legwear as it is the season to show off pins to the public.

Ms Hart added: "With labels such as Anna Sui, Dolce and Gabbana, Chanel, Gucci and Miss Sixty giving a nod to the legwear trend on the fall fashion runways, this look has certainly found some 'legs' in more ways than one!"

Earlier this month, Lindsay Lohan released her newest line of leggings, named 6126 after Marilyn Monroe's birthdate.

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Hosiery trend 'comes full circle'

Hosiery trend 'comes full circle'
Hosiery's role in fashion's history is an important one, with old styles coming back into fashion, it has been stated.

With trends from the past and present meeting in the coming months, highlighted the wide array of choice available, with leggings of every colour and patterned tights now fair game in any outfit.

Matching legwear with shirt skirts and boots is most definitely in this season, it added, with thinner sheer hosiery looking better with smaller shoes and thicker tights being more suited to booted ladies.

It added: "In embracing hosiery, you are making a conscience decision to help fuel future designers desires to create beautiful leggings that will continue to change and dictate the direction of fashion."

Daring to be different, Sex and the City's Sarah Jessica Parker donned a pair of two-tone tights to Chanel's recent art installation.

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