Dance craze hands success to fashion firm

Published: 20th October 2014

Dance craze hands success to fashion firm

An American entrepreneur has made $8 million on the back of a craze for "gloving" - where nightclub revellers dance wearing gloves that light up.

Brian Lim had never heard of the trend until his girlfriend introduced him to it on the dance floor of a club in Los Angeles.

But now the 27-year-old has got the moves down to a fine art and his company EmazingLights has been ranked highly in a list of the most exciting up-and-coming new businesses.

Having developed the prototype for his first glove on a shoestring of just $113 , California-based Mr Lim has seen his firm grow to employ 43 workers and boast five stores.

A pair of EmazingLights electronic gloves can cost up to $120 but people wanting to wear something stylish on their hands without having to fork out that much should be able to find what they're looking for in SockShop's top collection .

Mr Lim said the passion generated by the dance floor craze had enabled him to recruit a workforce that really believes in the product.

And he is now hoping that passion will help his brand to go on to become the electronic dance music scene's equivalent of Nike.

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