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Legwear "gone wild"

Legwear "gone wild"
A report for a Pennsylvanian newspaper has noted the importance of legwear this autumn.

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review said that tights and stockings were to make a big comeback, with a wide array of textures, colours and creative patterns available to all who wish to embrace - or rekindle their love for - hosiery of all kinds.

Most notable to trends were metallic tights and fishnet stockings, with the latter being highlighted by Sydne Bolden Long, editor of InStyle magazine.

She said: "When a woman wears fishnets, they give her a feeling of being naughty, because of the fact she can wear them out on the street.

"Fashion should be fun and fishnets make fashion fun."

A report for the Canadian Globe and Mail noted the usefulness of nude fishnet stockings as they were able to easily mask a bruise or scar.

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Hosiery tips passed to consumers

Hosiery tips passed to consumers
An online reporter has highlighted the benefits of hosiery, earmarking the fashion as a valuable statement of one's personality.

Diana Olson of the La Canada Valley Sun said that tights and stockings could reflect the feelings of a person, with pastel colours and lace or flower patterns showing a romantic personality and argyle hosiery designs with sporty shoes revealing a more casual or natural frame of mind.

Ms Olson continued: "In general, match hosiery colour to your shoe colour. Choose one neutral colour for your basic accessories, shoes and handbags, using your hair colour as a guide.

"Hosiery is more than something you put on before your shoes."

Alongside the miniskirt, halter top and skinny jeans, the Chicago Tribune earmarked patterned tights as a fashion fix for autumn.

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Military technology 'could give drier socks'

Military technology 'could give drier socks'
Former military technology has been harnessed by a shoe manufacturer, which could make wearing other footwear more comfortable, it has been reported.

The BBC explained that the process - called "ion-mask" - makes the target fabric hydrophobic, causing water to bead on any surface.

Shoe manufacturer Hi-Tec has signed with the manufacturers - originally on contract with the Ministry of Defence to make clothing impermeable to chemical weapons - and now could stop socks and tights getting wet from the elements, but also allowing legwear to avoid sweat through its breathability.

Ian Robins, of marketing firm P2i, told the BBC: "That's effectively putting a plastic bag inside the shoe. No water gets inside your shoe, but at the same time that reduces the breathability both in terms of sweat and of heat escaping."

This may be good news for many, as the San Fernando Valley Sun noted that sweaty socks could spread athlete's foot.

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Tights of all colours hit the catwalks

Tights of all colours hit the catwalks
A Canadian news provider has sung the praises of leggings, emphasising their upcoming role in the fashion of autumn.

The Montreal Gazette noted that tights and stockings of all colours had hit the catwalks around the globe, with the brightly-coloured hosiery varying wildly from city to city.

It noted that New York was showing off the silky stockings in reds, yellows and blues whereas Alexander McQueen and Gucci were more interested in opaque colours such as black, white and grey.

The news provider said: "Like leggings, opaque tights are the perfect transition item this time of year.

"Pair with boots to wear with jean shorts, tunic dresses, and even a long summer dress - tights will keep you warm and update your look."

Toni Jones of the Sun recently said that pretty dresses would go well with leggings or opaque tights in the coming season.

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Bold designer recommends colourful tights

Bold designer recommends colourful tights
Trina Turk, a Los Angeles-based designer originally from Seattle, told her local newspaper of certain tips to look glamorous during the colder seasons.

In an interview for the Seattle Times, Ms Turk told the city with the highest rainfall in the US that embracing colourful hosiery was a positive thing, with funky tights and electric-coloured leggings at the top of the list - blue and pink in particular.

"Both of those colours work with all shades of gray. We did a lot of coloured tights. Done well, it's really cool and updates things a bit."

Trina's philosophy is to create and embrace "wearable, optimistic fashion" that incorporates many aspects of American sportswear and the "poolside lifestyle".

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Knees and thighs in sock-wearing war

Knees and thighs in sock-wearing war
A fashion blogger has highlighted the miniscule differences between the similar-yet-opposing trends of sock wearing after spotting stars Ashlee Simpson and Rihanna sporting a two-inch difference recently.

Jennifer O'Shea of My Fashion Life noted that Ashlee's school chic in her sock wearing was popular, using the knee-high hosiery to her advantage, with Sarah Jessica Parker adopting similar style in the Sex and the City the Movie - but only depending on ensemble, she adds.

However, Ms O'Shea congratulated Rihanna's thigh-high leggings as "flashing just the right amount of flesh".

She concluded "That crucial couple of inches that leads from knee-high to thigh-high, as my friend says, is the measurement that takes the look from school to sexy."

Famous saxophonist John Alan Fewkes, who passed away recently, was a hosiery manufacturer before going into music, once supplying the Royal Family with socks in 1976.

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Three socks 'make a pair'

Three socks 'make a pair'
A reporter for the Daily Mail has highlighted a way of using maths to one's advantage - by using the logical approach to matching socks.

Rob Eastaway said that if somebody wants to get a pair of socks or leggings out of the draw, they must get three as probability is much more in one's favour when using the "fun and functional" role of maths to find hosiery.

He used the example of three types of socks in a drawer - blue, black and white - and said that to get a pair, one simply has to get four out.

Mr Eastaway added: "With ten types of sock, you need to take out 11. The mathematical formula for this is: if you have N types of sock, you need to remove N+1 socks to guarantee a pair."

Fashion-wise, Georgea Kovanis of the Detroit Free Press said there were few things as comforting as a pair of socks.

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Father's Day: Ties out, socks still in

Father's Day: Ties out, socks still in
An Australian writer has highlighted the increasing lack of men wearing ties into the office, doing away with the idea that the neckwear encourages a better work ethic and thus writes off the staple Father's Day present.

Instead, Darryn King of Career FAQs recommended to anyone buying a Father's Day present to invest in socks.

He continued: "Say what you will about that other beloved Father’s Day gift, the humble pair of socks, but they’re clearly the better option.

"They keep your feet clean, warm and comfortable, ease chafing and stop your sneakers from stinking to high heaven."

New Zealand's Herald recommended to people that if their dad was "fully outfitted" with socks, underpants, golf balls and power tools, there was always a book worth getting them.

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"Lucky socks" improve gaming skills

"Lucky socks" improve gaming skills
The use of rituals and clothing has been noted as a determining factor in becoming more successful in sport - particularly baseball - as the placebo effect changes a person's outlook.

Deseret News reported on the findings of a study by Tom Valeo and Lindsay Beyerstein, two reporters who believe that lucky legwear and superstitious socks has a positive effect on baseball players, who are more affected due to the little control over game-to-game fate.

The news provider continued: "And, say psychologists, if a player believes those socks will improve his performance, chances are he'll play with more confidence (a "placebo effect")."

St Cloud State University's University Chronicle revealed that 3,000-hit batsman Wade Boggs superstitiously ate a chicken before every game, while Craig Biggio of the Houston Astros refused to clean his helmet during each season for 20 years.

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Old socks 'can be reused elsewhere'

Old socks 'can be reused elsewhere'
Environmentally-friendly website Planet Green has offered a range of tips to sock-wearers for extra uses for the piece of clothing after its foot-based life cycle ends.

Writer Natalie Cook highlighted the usefulness of socks as shoe covers, with the hosiery protecting shoes from dust and dirt, especially when packing them in a suitcase.

Items for postage can also be protected, she adds, with the legwear providing cushioning for valuables.

For children, the sock puppet can provide entertainment and save money at the toy shop, while a "sock mat" made from a patchwork of the footwear can add comfort to a carpet.

She concluded: "Socks make the best dust mitts - hands down! Stick your hand in the hole and let the good times roll."

Comedy resource Chortle reported that this year that the Edinburgh Fringe Festival saw a performance by the Return of the Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre.

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CSS lead singer praises leggings

CSS lead singer praises leggings
The lead singer of Cansei de Ser Sexy (CSS), Lovefoxxx, told a national newspaper about her clothing habits, which includes the use of leggings as a major factor.

Hailing from Brazil, Lovefoxxx is hailed for her eclectic sense of fashion and she told the Observer about the way she dresses, noting that leggings have a long life, particularly if someone is willing to invest a little bit more in a pair.

Noting herself not to be a slave to trends, she sang the praises of expensive legwear as she would still have the same pair.

The singer added that her penchant for dressing up for gigs comes from her mother making outfits for her dances when she was eight years old.

Lovefoxxx told the Observer: "Those dancing classes had a big impact on the way I dress up now for a show.

"It was just natural: when you do a performance you wear something special for it."

CSS released their second studio album, Donkey, in July.

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Royal stockings fetch 40 times list price

Royal stockings fetch 40 times list price
A pair of stockings owned by Queen Victoria sparked a battle between bidders as far-flung as Canada, with the tights finally fetching £8,000 - 40 times more than the list price of £200.

David Alcock, the winning bidder, decided that the stockings were perfect for the Ruddington Framework Knitters' Museum in Nottingham - an institution which his father-in-law was a curator for.

Mr Alcock was delighted to secure the tights for the museum and said: "I am over the moon. I was wary that they may go for such a high price but we were fairly determined.

"We were fortunate enough to get them and the family will be really pleased."

The Ruddington Framework Knitters' Museum describes itself as a Victorian "time-capsule" which brings machine knitting history to life.

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New uses for old stockings revealed

New uses for old stockings revealed
A contributor to a green-thinking website has highlighted the usefulness of old stockings adding that the hosiery is a great way to add comfort to the lives of all members of a household.

Thomas La Mance of Prewitt, New Mexico, stated on Mother Earth News that unused nylon stockings were perfect as a filler for worn out or sagging items of furniture around the home.

He said that those wanting to make or boost a washable stuffed toy could use tights as stuffing so that children could enjoy clean teddies, with adults also benefiting from the wadding when tired-looking chairs are rejuvenated with the same material.

Mr La Mance concluded: "Pamper your pet with a mattress stuffed with old nylon stockings.

"It can be washed and dried quickly and does not get lumpy."

Earlier this week, This is Nottingham reported that charity shopping could dig up bargains, including stockings, ties and cardigans.

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Spandex is 'crucial factor' in tights trend

Spandex is 'crucial factor' in tights trend
Writing for A Pretty Mess, a young female blogger has commented on the recent fashion craze of tights.

However, she noted that things have changed since tights and stockings were last truly popular 15 years ago.

She said: "Here's what you need to know about tights 2.0: Spandex is now a crucial factor. With two per cent spandex, tights won't wrinkle or sag. With eight per cent Spandex, they'll make you feel quite Wonder Womanly."

The blogger added that tights will be kept from "puddling" around one's ankles with the addition of the material, with bigger sizes of stockings not being a worry, particularly for small-waisted, long-legged women.

Spandex was invented by scientist Joseph C Shivers at DuPont in 1959.

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Walking 'needs right socks and shoes'

Walking 'needs right socks and shoes'
The correct socks are key to a comfortable and productive walking experience, a blogger for has stated.

Marilyn Noble highlighted the need for "quality walking socks", noting that heat and moisture were a bad mixture when wearing cotton legwear and combined with shear - the motion of one's foot inside the shoe.

She added that cotton socks would give a person a "crop of blisters" within minutes of serious walking.

Ms Noble continued: "Remember the old gym socks you used to wear for everything? They were usually cotton, unpadded, full of seams and slid around on your feet.

"If you still have any of those hanging out in your sock drawer, throw them away!"

Yesterday, presenter Ruth Langsford announced she would be attending a Portsmouth charity walk in aid of World Alzheimer's Awareness Day and encouraged others to join her in the "memory walk".

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Family sock joke benefits troops

Family sock joke benefits troops
A 90-year-old ex-soldier who served with the American army during the Second World War in the Philippines has celebrated his birthday by helping soldiers in the Middle East with his family.

Ohio-born Bob Brown Sr always told his family that he wanted socks for his birthday, so for his most recent festivity, over 100 family members got together to collect more than 150 pairs of the popular legwear to send out to soldiers currently serving with the army.

Mr Brown's daughter, Pam Giarrusso, said: "Being in the military was one of dad's proudest accomplishments.

"He would be pleased to be involved with anything supporting the troops."

Socks for Soldiers was established in California in 2003, predominantly asking for envelopes, body wash, lip balm and toothbrushes to send out to the armed forces.

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Mayoress steps out in fishnets

Mayoress steps out in fishnets
The West Yorkshire town's new mayoress has made an impact on her first day in charge - by turning out to receive her chain and gown in fishnet stockings and knee-high boots.

Angela Johnson, now the mayoress of Luddenden, was formerly the minister for discipline on the village committee and vowed to make a real difference, adding that she was taking the role seriously even though the hosiery was a little different to the norm.

She said of her legwear-centric get-up: "I know most people wouldn't dream of wearing these clothes outside their own bedroom but as an ex-minister for discipline I thought I should dress up for the day."

The Luddenden website noted that each year, the village elects the mayor for fundraising duties to benefit charities around the UK.

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Peaches dons black tights

Peaches dons black tights
A fashion website today was intrigued by the latest step in Peaches Geldof's constantly hectic lifestyle.

Osoyou, a style resource online, noted that the socialite daughter of rocker and former Boomtown Rat Bob met with a mystery man at a London hotel - but not without looking chic in a pair of dark opaque stockings.

Luckily, the site was happier to comment on her fashionable legwear than it was on any possibility of a liaison.

It said: "Looking cute in a tiny floral dress and black opaque tights - well, who isn't wearing black opaque tights right now? I know I am - Peaches was at least still flashing her wedding ring."

The 19-year-old is not always receptive to fashion, however, apparently yawning throughout the London Fashion Week's second day on Monday.

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Hosiery and plus sizes have "love-hate relationship"

Hosiery and plus sizes have "love-hate relationship"
Plus-size women and hosiery are not the best of pals, an advice website has said, but help is at hand for people needing tips on what works and what does not in these situations.

Lifetips noted that control-topped tights are perfect to help smooth out curvy bodies, although such legwear should not compromise comfort for style.

Furthermore, if one is unable to squat in them or if they roll down or hang low, they are not the right size choice.

The lifestyle site added that women should not "get so hung on the number of the size" of legwear they are donning.

It concluded: "In the past, there were limited options for plus-size women, but the hosiery industry has come a long way since that point."

The Irish Independent noted last week that although horizontally-striped hosiery may be seen to make a person look bigger, it may not actually be true after German physicist Hermann von Helmholtz saw it as slimming a figure.

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Back-to-school legwear discussed

Back-to-school legwear discussed
Writing for the Ohio State University website, a female student has highlighted the trends that will become popular this autumn - and it's all about the legwear.

Alexandria O said that there was a range of below-the-knee clothing needed for the colder months, especially ones that could be paired up with "sexy heels", knee-high boots and comfortable shoes.

Firstly, several pairs of black or coloured hosiery were recommended, but in jewel tones.

Black or opaque tights were also noted as great for the winter, with patterned tights also the flavour of the season.

She continued: "Leggings should be completely opaque.

"The most flattering length will hit you just below the knee, which elongates your leg and makes you look taller and slimmer."

Finally, socks in various lengths and colours were noted for their flexibility and comfort.

Some fashion-conscious players in America's National Football League were noted by the New York Times for wearing wristbands up on their elbows or biceps to accentuate their look, many choosing to cut socks up to get a cheap and quick solution.

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Council in sock fiasco

Council in sock fiasco
Due to a "huge act of laziness", a local firm which painted the promenade railings in Blackpool has been lambasted for painting over a sock on the barrier instead of removing it.

The firm, which was not named, was ordered to remove the offending legwear that was tied to the fence and repaint it.

Blackpool council executive director of business services Julian Kearsley said that the hosiery humiliation would not be repeated.

He added: "Residents can be assured that we will be taking action to ensure embarrassing mistakes like this don't occur again in the future."

Another painting mistake in South Africa once involved a stop sign which read SOTP being sprayed onto the road of the Thekweni Municipality, according to IOL.

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Men urged to take care with socks

Men urged to take care with socks
Men. Even if they spend hours perfecting an outfit, they will often overlook that must fundamental of style aspects, the sock, according to one expert.

Fashion designer Trish Joseph made her comments to online New Zealand news source the Herald, calling upon the planet's menfolk to leap up from their computers and empty their sock drawers of any legwear which does not fit.

Then, she continued, ensure all remaining socks complement stylish outfits instead of ruining them and try to remember black socks or patterned socks are a good alternative to white.

"I've seen many guys ruin a great suit with a pair of clunky casual socks in the wrong colour ... and also guys who unknowingly wear white socks with everything," the fashionista scathed.

Recently, a fashion forum published by online resource recommended men stick to black socks when wearing suits but suggested they pick patterned socks or novelty socks to highlight quirky personalities.

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World's biggest sock in production

World's biggest sock in production
A group of knitting enthusiasts have got together to continue the production of the world's largest sock, it has emerged.

The group, based in Louisville, Kentucky, are creating a sock that they hope will beat the current record holder which was created by a sheep farmers association in Austria, measuring in at 16 feet long.

It was noted by the legwear lovers, based in the city's Mew Mew's Yarn Shop, that they planned to make this one twice the size of the central European entry - at over 30 feet.

Julie Daniel, who works on the project, said: "This is one of those things that has started in England, gone around the world.

"I think it's neat to be able to touch something that's taken on a whole life of its own."

Only a small sock was enough to create a stir last week, when council contractors painted over one tied to railings when hired to spruce up Blackpool's North Promenade.

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Princess dons black tights

Princess dons black tights
Looking eager to start her first day at Goldsmiths College in London this week, Princess Beatrice recovered well from the previous night's drinking at a posh Kensington bar.

However, she looked dapper on both occasions, sporting a fashionable choice of legwear on her night out in members club Boujis and the following day on her way to student life.

Beatrice's choice of black tights reflected the popular look this season, where opaque legwear and striking hosiery are all the rage for budding fashionistas.

On her night out, Beatrice and her sister Eugenie were protected by bodyguards, which were revealed earlier this year to cost somewhere in the region of £250,000 a year to keep an eye on the legwear-loving royals.

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Flashers must learn "exi-quette"

Flashers must learn "exi-quette"
Womens insurance website Sheilas Wheels has highlighted the importance of exit etiquette - to those who shirk legwear in favour of short skirts and little black dresses.

A survey by the company and etiquette expert Jean Broke-Smith found that Britney Spears, Jodie Marsh and Paris Hilton were seen as the worst offenders, ignoring the fashionable yet flashing-proof trend of opaque tights and warm leggings.

Ms Broke-Smith told those liberated from legwear to keep their knees together at all times, twisting the body when getting out of a car and perhaps carrying a pashmina or scarf to cover up with when emerging.

The company concluded: "So ladies, there's no excuse - take advice from the etiquette experts and practise, practise, practise to avoid showing a bit more leg than you bargained for."

Flashing chart-topper Britney Spears has had her comeback put on hold to make her upcoming single "as good as possible", it emerged this week.

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Pair plaid skirts with "classy tights"

Pair plaid skirts with "classy tights"
Plaid has returned to the lists of the fashionable with a vengeance, a style commentator notes.

Meredeth McMahon, writing for, explains autumn fashions will contain fun plaid skirts, jackets and ties.

However, she warns women to be wary as short plaid skirts can sometimes look less tartan and more tarty, unless paired with some attractive tights.

"If the skirt is short, wear opaque tights to keep it classy," Ms McMahon recommends.

Her advice comes in the same year that saw bare legs being banned from the august surroundings of Ascot.

The prestigious horse racing event called for ladies to be dressed with the formality appropriate to an event being attended by royalty, meaning tights were in and bare legs out as organisers clamped down on casual dress.

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Posh's glovely approach to bed

Posh's glovely approach to bed
Usually boasting that she sleeps naked, Victoria Beckham told reporters today that she wears socks and gloves in bed in order to keep her skin in great condition.

She listed her beauty trick as part of her top ten beauty tips, which also included not over-plucking eyebrows.

"I put really thick foot lotion on with socks before I go to sleep. I also use thick hand cream with gloves at the same time," Posh said.

She added: "David must think I'm loony."

The 34-year-old former pop starlet revealed her bizarre sleeping ritual soon after stepping out in very expensive legwear - a £3,300 pair of Antonio Berardi-designed knee-high PVC boots, defying gravity by lacking heels.

Manhattan traffic came to a standstill this weekend as New York's Macy's premiered the newest fragrance - Beckham Signature - with the help of Victoria and David Beckham.

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Russell Crowe ditches tights tradition

Russell Crowe ditches tights tradition
New Zealand-born actor Russell Crowe is to do away with tights in his latest film directed by British filmmaker Ridley Scott.

The Kiwi will star in an adaptation of the Robin Hood fable titled Nottingham, in which he is expected to play both the famous character as well as the Sheriff of Nottingham.

However, tights will not be on show as research taken out by the team confirmed that the legwear was not invented in the period, meaning there would be no hosiery-led heroics.

Reports have also suggested that the movie will be a new take on the tale, with the Sheriff being portrayed in a much better light.

Paul Newman, the Hollywood philanthropist who passed away last weekend, was cited by Russell Crowe as an inspiration for him.

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Holey socks purposely released

Holey socks purposely released
A fashion company has released exclusive socks that kick the trend of holey socks being uncool and unhygienic, it has emerged.

SANS has premiered its Hole Sock Collection, which has been linked to the similar style offered by Emilio Cavallini Hosiery, which produced "Stiletto Socks" with a complementary approach to production.

Using organic cotton and available in knee-high and crew sock versions, the socks may appeal to quirky people or those who do not necessarily want socks to keep their feet warm.

Information provider has recommended to those who have holes in their socks against their will to use a round, smooth object such as a lightbulb to give a smooth surface to work with, trimming the ragged edges off without making the hole bigger before darning them.

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