Compression socks 'can suit everyone'

Published: 15th September 2010

Compression socks 'can suit everyone'
The risk of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is something that many people familiar with flying are no doubt aware of.

However, according to compression expert Dr Akbar de Medici, so-called flight socks can benefit anyone engaged in sport or travel, who is pregnant or works in a job that requires them to be seated for long periods of time.

He explained that it is important to read the packet when buying these types of socks, as proper medical-grade compression should not be worn by people with poor circulation, badly controlled diabetes or children.

"A compression sock is basically a tight sock, which should go all the way up to your knee from your foot," added Dr Medici.

"Squeezing your lower limb will affect the way your muscles work and the way your blood flows."

The British Cardiovascular Society recently urged people at a high risk of DVT to wear this form of legwear when flying.

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