Sumptuous and sensationally soft, luxurious angora is a yarn originally made from angora rabbit hair and characterized by a woolly or lofty look. Great for warm feet. Now often simulated by the use of specialty acrylic fibres.

These are again ideal for wear under trousers but stop just above the ankle. They are cooler to wear during the summer months and are available in 15 - 40 denier. They can currently be seen on the catwalks in ‘bright fashion colours’ worn with stilettos.

Socks with arch support usually feature an elasticated section which fits around the arch of your foot and holds in place to provide extra support. Arch support socks are ideal for sports and activities.

Argyle is a multi-coloured knitted diamond pattern against a solid colour background.

Bamboo is 100% naturally grown, without assistance from man and it is 100% sustainable. It thrives naturally without using any pesticides or fertilisers and the fibre is 100% biodegradable. Bamboo also has many features that lend themselves perfectly to socks.

The cross-section of the bamboo fibre is filled with various micro-gaps and micro-holes, ensuring much better moisture absorption and ventilation than other fibres. This means that the bamboo is 2-3 degrees cooler in warm weather and also very warm in cold weather, because of the same micro structure. Bamboo never sticks to the skin, it’s 3-4 times more absorbent than cotton, wicking moisture away from the skin which then evaporates, keeping you naturally drier and more comfortable.

Socks made from bamboo have particular natural anti-bacterial functions, bacteriostasis and deodorisation value. Its test results show over 70% of bacteria perished when incubated on bamboo fibre. In addition, tests by the Japanese Textile Inspection Association found that, even after fifty times of washing, bamboo fabric still possessed these functions. Bamboo allows socks to help keep feet fresher for longer and healthier as the fabric naturally stops bacteria from spreading.

At a microscopic level, bamboo fibre has a round and smooth surface. Because of this, it’s very smooth and sits perfectly next to the skin. Bamboo is also a great choice for sensitive or allergy prone skin, made from fibres that are round and smoother than other fabrics causing less irritation.

Cable is a knitted pattern; usually made up of two vertically intertwined bands, often known as cable knit.

Cashmere is a luxuriously soft, expensive yarn made from the undercoat of the kashmir goat.

Socks with a comfort cuff feature a softer top which grips the leg more gently - enough to keep the sock up but not so much that it digs into the leg, cuts off circulation or leaves any uncomfortable marks.

Cleverly designed to wick moisture away from the foot allowing it to evaporate, Cool Max helps socks keep your feet feel and look cool, dry and fresh wherever and whenever you wear them. Especially effective during exercise and sport.

Cotton is a soft and heat-resistant vegetable fibre used in garments since 3,000 B.C. Absorbs and retains moisture, and is readily washable.

Like other fibres, cotton has several family members. These include both Pima Cotton and Mercerized cotton.

In active sports socks it moves sweat away from the foot, transporting through the sock top or to shoe surfaces where it can evaporate. This is important in strenuous sports use because sweat-soaked socks become hard and matted, ultimately causing discomfort and contributing to the possibility of blistering.

Cotton is the premier fibre in socks and is preferred by many consumers as it has abrasion resistance, excellent shape-keeping resilience and above all, it is a natural fibre.

Cotton lisle is loved for its superior strength and durability. Twisted an extra twist per inch than ordinary yarns in one direction with a second thread twisted at the same rate in the opposite direction, these two strands are then twisted together to create one combined cotton lisle thread.

What is Mercerised Cotton Lisle?
To create mercerised lisle cotton, the yarn is put through the mercerising process (exposing it to a caustic soda solution). This removes any removes any rough fibres giving the yarn a beautiful sheen finish and extra strength.

To ensure the highest quality, Pantherella use the finest quality long staple Egyptian cotton for their classic cotton lisle socks.

Cushioned, is any construction with a terry pile surface on one side and a ribbed or plain knit surface on the other.

In most cushioned athletic socks for example, the terry forms the inside of the foot portion of the sock. Some of the more sophisticated styles feature added layers of cushioning under certain areas of the foot, depending upon the sports activity for which the socks are intended.

Cushion constructions are often used in men's and women's athletic and casual socks of all types. While terry cushioning normally fulfils a functional purpose of reducing shock of running or jumping, the same terry-knitting procedure is followed in producing some novelty sock with a terry or velour outer surface.

Cushion constructions in a sock increases the thermal qualities. The cotton-cushion-soled sock is the most versatile all weather purpose sock.

The denier is the weight and thickness of each filament. The lower the denier number, the sheerer the yarn.

Denier is the term used to describe the thickness of the hosiery. In simple terms, the finer the tight the lower the number, and the thicker or heavier weight the hosiery the higher the number. The denier of the product will determine how the product will look on the leg.

10 denier or less Ultra sheer Extremely elegant, cooler in summer, can give the illusion of bare legs when wearing the correct skin tone
10 to 20 denier Semi sheer Elegant and practical for everyday or evening wear. The most popular denier range, giving even coverage to legs. Stronger than ultra sheer.
25 to 35 denier Semi – opaque Still elegant for dressy occasions, stronger, longer lasting and slightly warmer than sheers.
40 denier or more Opaque Very durable and long lasting. Practical for everyday use. Warmer and ideal for cooler weather. Offers complete cover for the leg.

Nike Dri-FIT fabric has been cleverly developed by specialists Nike. This special fabric wicks away moisture from the skin helping to keep your skin dry and comfortable.

Embroidery is the application of designs or decorative trim by machine or hand sewing.

Socks with handlinked toes are basically seamless.

You really have to experience the comfort to believe it.

We link the toe seam together with a single thread - so you feel no bulkiness.

See what all the fuss is about!

These maintain the sexiness of stockings without the inconvenience of having to wear a suspender belt. Cooler in summer, they have a silicone band at the top of the leg which holds them in place against the skin. Beauty products, talc and body lotions should be avoided when wearing hold-ups, as these lessen the grip between the silicone and the skin, which is key to keeping the product secure and in place. They are available in 15 - 70 denier and also some fashion styles. Hold ups- avoid moisturisers when using our silicone based products. In the event of any irritation please discontinue using them. For those who are allergic to silicone products we offer an alternative, our classic nylon stocking.

These are ideal to wear under trousers as the product stops just below the knee. They are available in 15 - 70 denier and also some fashion styles.

Tights without feet, this hoisery is a great alternative to traditional tights. Often referred to as footless tights or leggings.

Almost all hosiery now has a Lycra content. Hosiery containing Lycra is stronger and fits better on the leg, resulting in increased comfort. The more rows of knitting that contain Lycra the better the result. Lycra is the registered brand name of Du Pont for elastane fibre.

(Also known as pearl cotton) 

Although the mercerising process was devised in 1844 by John Mercer, it was not 1980 when H.A. Lowe improved the process did mercerising become popular.

Mercerising is a treatment that the yarn is put through which gives the yarn an extra strength and gorgeous sheen finish.

The Merino is an economically influential breed of sheep prized for its wool. Merinos are regarded as having some of the finest and softest wool of any sheep.

A pair is an article consisting of two joined or corresponding parts not used separately. For example a pair of trousers or a pair of scissors.

Purista is an exciting new treatment designed to keep your fabrics cleaner and fresher for longer, increasing your comfort and giving you a new, fresh confidence in your clothes.
Your clothes will retain that just washed feeling after a full day at work - no matter how stressful your day has been!

Composed of vertical ridges or 'wales' of varying width ribbed is a traditional sock construction method, popular not only because it has a visual and tactile appeal, but because it gives a sock needed elasticity. The diagonal rib is a design treatment not unlike a herringbone.

The most traditional form of hosiery, with two separate legs worn with a suspender belt to keep the item in place.

The most popular form of hosiery, available in 7 - 100 denier.

The welt of the sock is the top of the sock, more commonly known as the cuff.




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