Back to school checklist

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  • 5x bamboo seamless toe school socks – no surprises for what comes top of our back to school shopping list. Our plant powered pairs use a single thread to create a smooth and comfortable fit for tiny toes.
  • 5 x shirts/polo shirts (look for easy-iron options to save valuable time)
  • 1 x blazer
  • 1 x sensible shoes
  • 2 x trousers/skirts/shorts
  • 2 x ties (to avoid getting into a tangle)
  • 1 x set of hairbands
  • 1 x school coat
  • 1 x hat, scarf and gloves

P.E. kit

  • 1x pair of trainers – your kids’ trainers are usually the only piece of kit through which they can express their tastes to their friends, in other words, a majorly important purchase. Make sure you hold on to receipts after term begins, in case your little ones have a fashion-fickle moment.
  • 1 x kit bag
  • 1 x pair of plimsolls
  • 1 x school P.E. t-shirt
  • 1 x shorts/leggings
  • 1 x sports socks
  • 1 x swim wear
  • 1 x towel
  • 1 x swimming goggles
  • 1 x swimming cap
Back to School


  • 2x handwriting pens – the leap from lead to ink is a rite of passage for kids across the country on their path to becoming a legible writer. Picking up a few handwriting pens will ensure your calligraphers in training aren’t caught short if their idle chewing causes an unwelcome leak.
  • 1 x ink eraser/correction fluid
  • 2 x pencils
  • 1 x pencil sharpener
  • 1 x rubber
  • 1 x ruler
  • 1 x pencil case (another key purchase you should make with your kids)
  • 1 x set of highlighters (try picking up a few different colours)
  • 1x set of colouring pencils
  • 1 x glue stick
  • 1 x scientific calculator
  • 1 x geometry set

Essential luggage

  • Lunch box – another contentious purchase and one you should involve your kids in. You’ll need something that’s easy to clean and sturdy enough to be carried to school for as long as their favourite cartoon character displayed on the box is deemed cool ­– hopefully the whole school year.
  • 1 x backpack/school bag
  • 1 x book bag
  • 1 x water bottle (win brownie points by picking up a themed bottle)

 Don’t forget…

  • Name labels – with so many identical pieces flying around it’s only a matter of time before kids pick up a jumper or cardigan incorrectly thinking it’s theirs. Stock up on stickers, sewed labels and fabric pens to avoid your little ones losing their clothes to their classmates’ confusion.
  • 1 x pack of tissues
  • 1 x sun lotion (look out for long-lasting, water-resistant products with SPF30+)


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