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Green Hosiery

Green is the colour of nature, energy, and vitality, and a pair of green tights can help to freshen up any outfit. If you’re sick of sticking to black, why not go green? Check out our range of women’s green tights in shades of khaki, teal, emerald and more. Whether you’re keeping it soft and subtle, or you want your tights to make a quirky and colourful statement, there’s a shade of green tights to match your mood.

Green tights are the new black tights!

We all know that black tights are a staple, but sometimes it’s nice to opt for something a little brighter. Slip into shades of emerald and olive to switch up your style a little. You can always go back to black, but life’s too short to limit yourself to one colour! You might be surprised with a new go-to green!

Make it evergreen

Green never goes out of style, whether you’re feeling a little wild in a bright shade, or staying smart in bottle green tights, we’ve got you covered. Shop opaque tights or something a little more sheer. If that doesn’t do it for you, we’ve even got pretty patterned tights to give your look an ethereal edge!

All aboard the colourful tights trend!

Don’t be intimidated - styling colourful tights is easier than you think! In the past few years they’ve become a serious on-trend choice, so whether you’re pairing your green tights with a tonal outfit or using them to add a little contrast, you’re going to look good. Green is a super-flattering shade and it’s a great, softer alternative to black. Time to go green and stand out from the crowd - all the cool girls are doing it!

Stay cool (and cosy!) for school

Keep your legs warm and covered but still looking stylish whether you’re out and about with friends or ready for a day in the classroom. If green school tights are part of your uniform, then look no further. We’ve got kids’ green tights for younger girls, and our ladies' opaque tights are great for older girls.




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