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Men's Compression Socks

Compression socks are designed to support circulation and blood flow in your legs and feet, in order to help prevent deep vein thrombosis (DVT), as well as for energising legs which are tired or heavy as a result of long periods of sitting or standing. Compression socks are often worn during travel and sports, and by those who spend large portions of the day sitting or standing. Sports science compression socks can help stabilise and improve muscle efficiency, helping circulation and lactic acid removal. Our compression socks for men are available in a wide range of opacities, colours, styles and sizes.

Compression socks for men

Compression socks for men can be worn for a number of reasons including for travel, sports or for those who spend a long portion of the day sitting or standing. We have a huge range of compression socks for men that are not only fashionable but will promote improved blood flow to your legs.

How do compression socks work?

Many of us suffer health problems with our legs, from mild issues like sore and tired legs after being on our feet all day, to more serious health issues such as varicose veins. Luckily compression socks can help. Compression socks work by gently pushing blood flow up the leg which helps to prevent swelling and blood clots, providing a comfortable softness that supports your legs.

Compression socks for sports

Whether you’re a runner, cyclist or play team sports such as football or rugby, our range of compression sports socks will help promote blood circulation and remove lactic acid in the legs resulting in an enhanced performance and helping to prevent injuries.

Jetting off into the sunset? Grab a pair of compression socks for men

Compression socks are not just for sports, they’ll also come in handy for travel. When you’re confined to tight spaces and don’t have much space to move around, like when you’re on an aeroplane, the veins in your legs have trouble circulating the blood in your body back up to your heart. This can result in post-flight swelling and mean you are more at risk for blood clots. Travel compression socks for men can help combat this by squeezing and stimulating the circulation in your calves and feet.

Shop the range of compression socks for men at SOCKSHOP

Our range of compression socks for men includes socks from expert brands including Thorlos, Atom, HJ Hall and Falke. Whether you need compression socks for sport or travel, we have the pair for you. All of our socks are shipped the same day if purchased before 5pm, Monday to Friday. Shop our range of compression socks for men now.




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