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Our range of plain socks for men has everything from the everyday essentials of classic black socks, navy socks or grey socks to the latest look of brilliant bright socks. Stock up your sock drawer with some beautiful, quality socks, with brands such as Pringle, Farah, Burlington, Pringle of Scotland, Jeep and FiveG. So whatever plain sock you are looking for, check out our extensive range and be sure to find the perfect plain pair of mens socks for you.

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You can’t go wrong with plain socks
Experiencing pattern panic? Don’t know what to wear that won’t clash? they you need plain men’s socks – simple, reliable and as long as you get the colour right, your plain colour socks won’t let you down. So, truthfully, you could go wrong, but much it’s less likely with plain, basic socks. You can get all lengths too, with plain sports crew socks, plain men’s trainer socks and plain shoe liners always popular.

Back in black, or better in brown?
Or maybe best in blue? Of course, men’s plain socks don’t only come in ‘basic’ colours, although you should always have plenty of those ever-useful black socks and of course, grey socks in your sock drawer for everyday wear. As an easy rule, go for a complementary, not contrasting, colour in your plain, single colour smooth or ribbed socks to your plain pants and shoes. The usefulness of plain socks for work and casual wear is why we always have plain multipacks of pairs available.

Bright socks can also be plain socks
Dynamic plain red socks, yellow socks, green socks or other shades can create powerful contrast statements if that’s what you’re going for. Fine gauge socks will look the most intense in colour terms, and as you go through medium gauge to chunky, heavy gauge, colours tend to look more muted. Fine knitted socks have more of a sheen too, like bamboo or mercerised cotton socks, which emphasise the colour of sock.

Solid colour socks go best with patterned pants
Sometimes it’s all just a bit too ‘much’. Generally, a plainly coloured man’s sock actually pairs best with patterned clothes like stripes, herringbone or checks. And that includes varying colour textures like denim. Of course, you can still wear single colour socks with plain trousers, it’s not against the law, but try to select a contrasting - and not a clashing – coloured sock.




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