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Our Gentle Natural Bamboo collection takes extra care of your feet with gentle gripping cuffs, smooth toe seams and, of course, super soft bamboo.

Men's sports and outdoor socks at SOCKSHOP

Whatever activity floats your boat, we have a huge range of general and specialised sports and outdoor socks to suit your specific needs.


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Men’s socks at SOCKSHOP
Men’s socks are more varied than they have ever been. From socks for men in all sorts of fibres, from basic cotton or wool to naturally-derived bamboo and modal, with technically advanced synthetics, and including luxury yarns like cashmere too, there is a man’s sock for every need, and every task. And at SOCKSHOP, we’ve got them all.

Wear the right socks (and left ones too!)
Your feet will thank you if you make sure you wear the right sort of socks for your needs. Get the right thickness, and the right features for why you are wearing them. Men’s socks come in all kinds of lengths, and of course colours, depending on your needs, from knee-high socks for wellingtons and work boots, to low, ankle-high sports trainer socks and the lowest ones, invisible socks. Also called shoe liners, invisible socks sit well below the edge of your shoes for a fashionable sock-less look.

All men’s socks are not the same
Some men’s socks are cushioned for comfort, for insulation and for shock absorption. For men who travel frequently, there are flight socks with circulation-helping light compression, and for serious sportsmen, there are men’s sports socks packed with support and modern performance features including graduated compression and zonal padding. Many socks wick away that manly foot sweat to keep your feet fresh and healthy. Your feet and legs will thank you for putting them in just the right socks.

How many socks??
Pulling on a fresh pair of socks makes a great start and helps you feel better about your day. Men should wear clean socks every day for healthy feet. You can never have too many pairs of socks, and we have the pick of packs, from single pairs to triple packs, sets of four, five or even seven pair sets - a fresh pair of men’s socks for every day of the week!

Fill your boots...
... or fill a Christmas stocking! Giving a man socks for a Christmas present might seem lame, but not with the sheer range of choice at SOCKSHOP. We have single pairs of socks and luxury gift sets, affordable for all pockets. Luxury quality socks and funny, fun festive novelty styles for men too.

Socks aren’t just for Christmas
Socks are easy, useful gifts for all occasions though. There are socks for every conceivable event and holiday. You can get men’s Valentine’s Day socks with hearts, men’s socks with Easter designs, spooky Halloween socks, festive Christmas socks and socks for birthday gifts, themed or even personalised, monogrammed socks — almost literally socks with his name on them!