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Ladies' Knee High Socks

Knee high socks are an essential fashion accessory for everyone. Choose from our wide selection, and wear your long socks pulled up for full-on sophistication or scrunched down for laid-back cool. Longer in length than an ankle high sock, knee high socks come to just below the knee. Our range of ladies' knee high socks features a versatile selection and will add a fresh twist to an old look.


Get your knees out

Knee high socks are one of the best and most versatile additions to any outfit. Opt for the sophisticated long sock to add some glamour and elegance to your outfit, or scrunch those socks down for a cool and breezy look.
Whether you’re off out to brunch, going for a long walk, or simply want to keep your calves warm, our range of knee high socks are all you’ve ever wanted and more.

Why choose our knee high socks?

Our range of knee high socks have been designed with you in mind. Comfortable, fashionable, and extremely versatile, our range of ladies long socks are perfect for all occasions. From patterned styles, to Harry Potter themes and sporting an elegant coloured trim, we’ve got the ideal range of knee high socks for you.

Are you in kneed of some knee high socks?

Do you kneed some new long socks? Are your knees wanting to make an appearance this summer?
Well, not to worry - we’ve got knee high socks for you. Designed to sit on the knee cap or just below, our range of long socks are perfect for every occasion. Shop now and discover the perfect long socks for you.




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