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Men's Bamboo Socks

This selection of men's socks is made from bamboo. As well as being incredibly soft, bamboo has many natural qualities that lend themselves perfectly to socks. Bamboo is 2-3 degrees cooler in warm weather and also very warm in cold weather, because its fibre micro structure is filled with various micro-gaps and micro-holes. Bamboo is also 3-4 times more absorbent than cotton, and wicks away moisture from the skin, keeping feet fresh and dry.

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The biggest choice in bamboo socks for men
Every man needs socks... but not just any socks. Good socks mean high comfort levels, and socks made from bamboo are typically very smooth, soft and breathable. Bamboo men’s socks are usually woven to a fine gauge that is lightweight, easy to wear and great-looking too. Bamboo yarn holds dye well, so brightly coloured, plain or patterned, a man’s bamboo socks can be sure of being good-looking.

Happy skin in socks made of bamboo
Soft, silky and with a great next-to-skin feel, men’s bamboo socks are ever-increasing in popularity, and with good reason. Bamboo rich socks care for your skin health and your comfort in equal measure. The soft, long and gently rounded microscopic staples that make bamboo fibres are non-irritating, so even if a man with very sensitive skin pulls on a pair of bamboo socks he can be sure of itch-free comfort.

Bamboo socks for every use
Because of its fine feel, bamboo formal, office and business socks are always effective, comfortable through long days in close-fitting shoes. The easy-going laidback everyday feel of bamboo is equally ideal for casual socks. And, if you’re an eco-friendly sock wearer, then sustainable bamboo from brands like Thought should definitely be on your shopping list.

Be a sport, wear bamboo
Bamboo makes men’s sports socks even more effective at keeping feet healthy because it is naturally antibacterial, helping prevent foot odour and fungal infections. Bamboo sport socks can keep feet cool, thermo-regulating by reacting heat changes by expanding and contracting its fibres. Bamboo knitted men’s socks absorb moisture really well – up to 30% more than equivalent cotton socks, and are moisture wicking too, so in or out of the gym, sports socks in bamboo keep your feet fresh and dry.

SOCKSHOP the Bamboo Shop
We’ve got lots and lots of bamboo socks at SOCKSHOP with a huge range and choice, whether you need a single pair of men’s bamboo socks, a twin pack, triple pack or a bigger multipack if really love bamboo.  We have gift boxes of bamboo socks too, and themed novelty socks off all seasons and reasons, birthday to Valentines, Halloween to Christmas and festive socks.