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Sheer luxury or everyday essentials for your legs?
It’s tempting to think of tights as a basic of every girl’s wardrobe, but really, with the amount of choice out there (and here at your first choice sock shop, SOCKSHOP), a woman’s collection should range from the simple sheer styles through to the silky, sexy and sometimes sparkly hosiery that makes you feel special. And really, shouldn’t that be every pair you own? Life’s too short to feel down at heel.

Through thick and thin
Our tights and stockings including hold-up styles, start at a barely-there 10 denier, ranging up through transparent 20 and 40, semi-opaque 60 and 80 denier thicknesses right up to fully opaque 100 denier and above. Even thicker than that, we have knitted tights and thermal leggings, such as those from Heat holders, suitable for winter weather, in a range of fibres including nylon, cotton, bamboo and soft merino wool. Not just tights though; we’ve got stockings, hold ups, sheer knee socks,  pop socks and shoe liners in various deniers.

Bigger, taller, brighter
The complete SOCKSHOP range of tights, stockings and hold-ups, of all lengths, covers all colours, from the ever-popular choices of nude, skin tones and black to more esoteric shades like red, white and blue and all kinds of patterns from the ever-popular fishnet and polka dot to far more imaginative designs. Our range also stretches to tights made for the tall and also for those with a fuller figure. These aren’t just ‘bigger’ sizes but are designed to fit longer or wider legs and hips, including added gusset panels. For darker skin tones, we have great leg looks from Pendeza. Our tights also include children’s and girls’ sizes and designs.

Speciality tights and stockings
Many of our tights and stockings fill particular customer requirements. People from all walks of life come to visit us online, and to find products that are perfect for their sometimes very precise requirements. Dancers looking for tights with reinforced feet; people with circulation issues who need helpful compression tights; support tights for everyday tired leg help, and those who want control tights with panels to help smooth the figure. We are always looking out for different types of tights and stockings suitable for everyone’s requirements. Oh yes, we stock the essential - or maybe fun? - extras like suspender belts too - check out Miss Naughty’s range!

Seasonal styles and new sensations
Several of the designer brands that we stock release a whole different collection of stockings and tights for every season. We stock stockings and tights (and popular mock suspender tights too) designed for the fashion runway and made by some of the world’s most famed hosiery producers in countries such as Italy. From these makers, you can find an endless array of colours, patterns, materials like lace and Lurex, and innovative ideas... at all levels of pocket and price.

Brands, brands and more brands
From the classic, everyday looks you rely on to those times when you want your legs to look extra-special, our tights and stockings brands, including SOCKSHOP’S own, have you covered. We stock legwear lines from brands that range from everyone’s favourites Aristoc, Charnos, ELLE and Pretty Polly to designer names like Calvin Klein, FALKE, Jonathan Aston and Levante, or for special occasions, delve into the more luxurious, creative and exotic concepts of Italian hosiery producers Oroblu and Trasparenze.