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Men's Patterned Socks

Get noticed for your suave sense of style in a pair of men's patterned socks. A fantastic way to introduce colour, texture and pattern to your work suit, this range of gorgeous patterned socks are dapper and daring. Choose from argyle socks, striped socks and spotty socks with brands including Pringle, Pringle of Scotland, Burlington, Farah and Jeep.


Why men’s patterned socks?
Why not? A patterned sock is sometimes the only chance a man gets to express his personality, such as with his work or office socks. While a man’s work clothes or everyday suit might have to be very plain and sober, he can introduce a tiny bit of individuality to his look with a pair of spotted socks or striped socks in well-chosen colours. Or why not push the boat out with classic diamond-patterned argyle, checked or even textured knit socks?

Socks of a different stripe
Every man needs one pair - better several - pairs of striped socks in his sock collection. Happily, there are as many colours, sizes and styles of stripe for socks as you could ever need. From the slimmest pinstripe to broad blocks of colour, striped men’s socks can be business-friendly or casual. Thicker knitted men’s socks are often striped to create interest, with sporty rugby stripes in big bands of bold colour. Occasionally, sock stripes run vertically (up and down) rather than the normal, horizontal stripe. These are usually dress socks, with what is known as shadow stripes.

See spots before the eyes
Polka dot socks - also known as spotted socks - can be worn in all but the very most formal of circumstances. You can mix it up by choosing multicolour spots for your socks, or play it safe by just going for a single, contrast colour spotted sock pattern. This size of spot is quite important too - giant size spots on socks are far more obvious than a small, microdot sock pattern. Lucky that we’ve got so many spotted men’s socks to choose from at SOCKSHOP!

When is a pattern a texture?
Some sock producers play with what is considered a plain sock or patterned sock by creating pattern by introducing texture in the knit of the sock. Basket weave, zigzag, chevron and ribbed socks all bring patterning to an-otherwise single colour sock. Other ways to turn plain men’s socks patterned is by using a multicolour or twisted yarn, such as the popular marl ribbed boot socks.

But what about...
... all the other patterns? Good question! We can’t list every single sock pattern, so sit back, grab a coffee and explore our whole range on this website. You might want to look out for things like Fairisle socks, with complex patterns more often seen in jumpers, or tartan plaid checked socks, and of course, all the different novelty sock patterns out there.




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